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Eternal Thief – Chapter 117: Limited Slots Bahasa Indonesia

The man was about to attack Jason when one of the gate guards released his aura and roar loudly, “Shut up, you two retards! Where do you think you’re standing?!”

The short temper man instantly backs down, but he still looks coldly at Jason, “Bastard don’t let me caught you!”

Jason smiles mysteriously at the man and ignored his threat as he also shut up.

Ace saw all this with great interest and couldn’t help but think, ‘Interesting.’

After the brief bout, the line move smoothly but Jason would still spout something random now and then. Yet his new ‘friend’ Javier simply ignore him, but it didn’t shut his mouth.

It was finally Ace’s turn.

“Ten fragment Qi stones.” The guard coldly said.

“What? Didn’t the toll was five just a month ago?” Jason, who was standing behind Javier, exclaims.

Everyone began to rustle because Jason was telling the truth.

“So, what?” The guard scorn and said disdainfully, “If you didn’t have Qi stones then scram to the side.”

Javier simply ignored Jason and give the guards ten fragment Qi stones.

“Heh, your friend might get you killed.” The guard accepts the Qi stones and sarcastically warns Javier.

The guards have already banded them together since Jason was so friendly with Javier.

Javier didn’t pay any attention to the guard and pass the gate.

“Twenty fragment Qi stone.” The guard coldly smiled at Jason as he demands. How could they just let this troublemaker go so easily?

The man behind Jason also smirks, hearing this since he has the bone to pick with him.

Everyone expects a little show because this guy was continuously yapping and they didn’t think he would comply without retort.

But to everyone’s surprise, Jason flips his hand, and twenty fragment Qi stones appeared, and he gives them to the guard with a beaming smile, “Here.”

A hint of surprise appeared on everyone’s face, guards included.

“So, you have some brain after all.” The guards quickly take the Qi stones, “Now, go and don’t cause any trouble or the patrolling guard will throw you out.”

Jason smiled and said nothing as he nodded and enter the city.

“You? Why are you smiling? Twenty fragment Qi stones!” The guard looked at the short temper man, who was laughing joyfully.

That short temper man’s face instantly fell and everyone couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ace watch this little show with his heavenly sense and his lips curled in a smile.

“Little Brother Javier, sorry to keep you waiting.” Jason quickly caught up with Javier as he apologized.

“I wasn’t waiting for you.” Javier coolly said.

“Hehe, don’t be like this. Tell me, are you also here to go to the capital?” Jason inquires.

Javier nodded without looking at him.

“It won’t be easy, you know,” Jason said. “As you can see, there are quite some people and many nobles in Zander County wanted their younger generation to take part in the selection test.”

Javier finally looked at Jason as he asks, “What are you trying to say?”

“Let me tell you, although the death rate in the selection test of the capital is not as high as the actual test. But many nobles would throw their youngsters in it because just to take the selection test is a great honor and they might catch the fancy of a higher noble house.

“But if they pass just the selection test, even by a fluke, the king will instantly grant them noble titles and lands. That’s why even a coward takes this chance just to soar.” Jason said while smiling as they walk in the busy streets of Zander City.

“What is has to do with going to the capital?” Javier question with a plain face.

“It has everything to do with it.” Jason beams, “Do you know how many beast tamers are in the Zander County, who can control the tamed demonic beast?”

Jason didn’t wait for Javier’s answer and said, “Only a hundred, and each flying beast can carry fifty passengers. Now, tell me if the trip to the capital takes two months round trip and the selection test will start in six months, so how many people can go to the capital on these three round trips?”

Javier finally shows a hint of bewilderment as he answers, “15,000 people if the beast can carry fifty at a time.”

Jason’s knowledge surprised Ace and only now he understands the gravity of this situation.

“Hehe, you are right and there are almost five million people live in Zander County. In them, there are over three million people cultivators, and more than fifty- thousand are lesser nobles! Now, do you understand why I said it is difficult to go to the capital!” Jason laughs softly.

Javier wore a grim face as he asked, “Let’s assume the commoners didn’t get a slot in these fifteen thousand slots. Then what about the nobles? They won’t just politely give up on the glory, right? If you just tell is true.”

“Little Brother Javier, you are very sharp.” Jason show a hint of surprise as he profoundly looked at Javier.

Ace scoff in his heart, ‘Does this guy think I’m an idiot?’

“Yes, you are right in Hayden Prefecture. There are six counties and the situation is the same for every one of them. But you underestimate the Beast Calling Organization shrewdness.

“Since there was so much at stake, anyone would be willing to pay any kind of price and that’s what Beast Calling Organization did. Now that the time was short, they’re going to hold different auctions for these slots in every kingdom, and it might be the biggest auctions after the Myriad Pill Flame Auction!

“That’s was also the reason for the toll to increase. These nobles would not sit idly and let this chance to make Qi stones pass. Just imagining the huge amount of Qi stone rolling makes my heart race.” Jason had a passionate expression on his face as his eyes were shimmering with greed for Qi stones.

When Ace hear it was a question of wealth, he wanted to laugh!


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