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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 910: Hell Emperor’s Divine Battle Array Bahasa Indonesia

Alex was beyond surprised when he saw that the skill he had just bought was a Divine grade skill.

He only had 2 Divine grade skills as of yet and those were his cultivation method, the Five Yang Divine Path, and his alchemy skill, the Alchemy God’s Knowledge.

And those were skills that slowly got better as he got stronger. However, he had yet to find a skill that was Divine grade from the very start.

He found it hard to contain his excitement, so he took his spirit stones and book, thanked the person who gave them to him, and walked back to his hotel room.

Alex didn’t even realize when he was back, but he had already locked the door and had pulled out the book.

“Look, Whisker. This is an awesome skill book I just found. Now, all we can hope for is that it isn’t a cultivation method as that would be useless for me,” Alex said.

Whisker, who had been in his robes the entire time helping him see in the Auction house, made some squeaking noises in anticipation.

If Alex said it was a very good skill, then it very likely was.

Alex sat down and looked at the book again and the word ‘Divine’ written on it.

He proceeded to read the title after that.

Hell Emperor’s Divine Battle Array.

“Battle array?” Alex thought. “Like the sword array?” He continued reading further.

Alex frowned when he read a little further. Not from the content; the content wasn’t quite informative yet. Rather, it was the intent of the book that gave him a bit of frustration when he tried reading it.

It was like a million different people’s intents, mixed together in a cacophony that constantly badgered Alex’s mind.

Fortunately, these intents had either worn down in the many years or had simply never been as strong as the one from the Black Stele back in the Tiger sect.

Thus, Alex could easily force his way through the frustration and read the rest of the book.

However, as he read the rest of the book, it only served to be a source of greater frustration for Alex.

The book that he had been so looking forward to learning, the book that he had spent a hundred thousand True spirit stones one, the third Divine grade skill book he had acquired— it turned out that this was a book of battle array used by armies of hundreds or thousands or even more soldiers to fight together.

“Fuck!” he couldn’t help but cuss at the book. “This is useless to me.”

It was such an amazing book too. Every 10 people fighting together could boost each of their cultivation bases by a single realm.

Every 100 people fighting together could boost each of their cultivation bases by 2 entire realms.

Every 1000 people fighting together increased their cultivation base by 3 realms and every 10 thousand people fighting together increased their cultivation base by 4 realms.

The best part was that anyone that was in the array did not need to know the technique. They simply needed to follow the orders set by the user of the technique to gain the advantage.

Alex frowned heavily at first but then sighed in the end. In best case scenario, he could use the technique, and worst-case scenario, he would just sell it again to earn some money.

He shook his head and focused on the aspect of the book that was more important for him right now.

The Intent.

The intent, while not as strong as the intent behind the Black Stele was still quite scary for Alex to deal with.

However, there would be many such Intents inside the Ancient Battlefield, so he decided to prepare himself with this.

There were two ways to challenge the intent of the book.

The easier way with weaker intent was to rewrite the book from memory such that the intent of the owner imprinted onto his mind showed through and he fought him away.

The second way was much harsher and Alex decided to not worry about this method until the first one was done. After all, given how harsh the second method would be, he needed to be sure he could even handle it.

Alex returned to his mind to let Godslayer know that there would be some Intent assaulting his mind very soon and that he shouldn’t worry as much.

So, once Alex was ready, he brought out an empty notebook and started rewriting the book from scratch.

As soon as he did so, he started feeling the slight hints of Intent hurting his mind.

He struggled through it for a bit until the headache reached the point of discomfort and then he went into his mind to fight it off.

You had to fight intent with intent. So, as soon as Alex arrived, he looked to the sky where the intent was invading his mental area and fought against it.

“Go away!” He shouted at the intent, intending to destroy it. To his surprise, it disappeared at once with no hint of it remaining.

“What?” Alex was surprised. Sure this might not have been the intent of one that called himself a god, but it was still full of intents. Was it really that weak, or had he gotten stronger himself?

Intent stemmed from a person’s will. The stronger his will was, the stronger his intent would be.

As such, Alex who had died a hundred times to forge his will to keep himself sane had developed an intent that was strong enough to fight against the one that was attacking him.

Alex returned back outside and continued writing the book. This time around, when the mental pain did hurt him, he willed it away and his intent destroyed the attacking intent.

As such, without much hassle, Alex was able to completely write the book from scratch. This book held no intent anymore and could be read by anyone, so long as they knew the language.

Alex sighed and closed the original book before putting it aside for the moment.

He looked at the new book he had written and showed it to Whisker. “Can you read it?” he asked.

For the purpose of learning Heaven’s Intent, Flame Mastery Scripture, and the Spiritual Weapon skill from the Black Stele, Whisker and Pearl had both learned the Human language.

As such, Whisker could easily read the new technique and read back what it said to Alex.

Alex sat there, listening to Whisker read the book. After a little while, he confirmed that he had written everything correctly, so he asked Whisker to stop.

Whisker did stop reading back to Alex, but he continued reading for himself to the side while Alex moved on to the next method.

Since the last method was so easy, the new method was needed to bring out at least the full strength behind the intent.

For that, Alex needed to do something he wouldn’t have ever thought of doing if he was still back in the Western Continent or hadn’t gone through the 100 deaths to improve his will.

Alex brought out the Human language he had prepared so long ago and started reading it.


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