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‘That’s quite a big number,’ Alex thought. ‘Are the elites that have arrived that desperate to get their hands on this skill?’

Alex wondered if it was a show of wealth, or if they were actually fighting for this technique to be willing to pay so much for it.

The old man at the front started a new round of bidding for a spear artifact, the blade of which was made with 50% Starforged Tungsten, twice compounded, and weighing around 2 Tons.

Alex was quite surprised when the Spear sold for over 130 thousand True Spirit stones, even when the spear clearly was only half forged with 50% Tungsten.

More items continued being sold, a few belonging to him and then even his Invisibility skill was sold.

The next thing being sold was a book as well. Only the old man looked a little confused when he checked the information about the item he was selling.

“Uhh… this… is a book that was found in the Ancient Battlefield at least 2 thousand years ago. It’s… What the hell?” the old man frowned.

“Wait a minute,” he said and turned around to leave.

“What was that?” people started speaking to each other.

“Did they make a mistake?” some people thought.

The old man returned. “Alright, the next item is a weird one, so we will make it a short 1-minute bidding round. Neither the owner nor the auction house understands anything about the book aside from the fact that it came from a corpse in the Ancient battlefield over 2 millennia ago.”

“The reason why we don’t know what this book is about is simple. We don’t know the language the book is written in. I have heard such books appearing in history a few times, but this is my first time seeing one for real,” the old man said.

“Still, this book has intent in it, left behind by its owner, so if nothing, you can train that,” the old man said. “The bid will start at 15 thousand, with a minimum 500 bid increase. Start.”

Alex’s eyes went wide. This couldn’t be happening to him, right? Was he so lucky?

This was the exact thing that had happened to him back in the Scarlet city when he went to his first auction. That was how Alex had acquired Heaven’s Intent in the first place.

Was he going to get another great technique like Heaven’s Intent just like that?

Without even thinking, Alex put in 16 thousand as a bid. While others were contemplating what to do, Alex started bidding.

Seeing a number pop up, a few of the others started getting curious too. So, a few bids as well.

The numbers on the screen flickered continuously as it slowly went up, while the timer by its side went down.

Alex bit a bit more, but slowly the bidding speed came to a halt.

However, there was still some time on the timer. Alex knew that whoever wanted to bid here was biding his time, just like him.

‘I need to put in a large enough bid to outbid everyone,’ he thought.

The time counted down to the final 3 seconds. Alex put his bid in and waited to send it through.

The numbers flickered on the screen to 38 thousand and continued flickering higher as the timer went to 2 seconds.

It flickered once more when it reached 46 thousand and then it reached 1 second.

Then, it reached 0.

The bidding ended, and the final price of the book was up on the screen for everyone to see.

Everyone looked at it with a slight shock on their faces for they hadn’t expected a book that couldn’t even be read to acquire such a massive price.

100 thousand True Spirit stones. That was what the book was bought for, and the one who bought it was numbered 1342.

Alex had won the bid.

‘Phew!’ he thought. Even with bidding 100 thousand True Spirit stones, he wasn’t sure he would have acquired the book.

Would he have won if he bid 75 thousand? Maybe, but Alex bid as high as he thought the book was worth with as little chance of losing the bid as possible.

The old man didn’t dwell on the book for long and moved on, but Alex found it hard to.

Even as various other items and books were sold, Alex simply looked forward to seeing what the book was about.

He remembered a similar situation in which his master had spent 10 True spirit stones to buy Heaven’s Impact. Now, he was spending 100 thousand True spirit stones to buy an item he wasn’t even sure was good.

That was a testament to just how far he had come as a cultivator.

‘People in the Crimson empire, or even just the Western continent itself don’t know just how cheap their stuff is, do they?’ he thought.

While being looted for everything one owned was quite bad, it did also make everything cheap for everyone on the continent.

Alex started paying attention to the auction again and even bid in a few of them. However, for items that were as clear as day on what they did and what one would get, it was impossible for him to outbid the elites on the 2nd floor and the VIP rooms without wasting too much money on something he didn’t even need.

As such, no items that came around were ever successfully bid by him and they always went to someone with millions of True Spirit stones to spare.

Alex was surprised by the number of pills that were sold, but he still felt it right that he didn’t sell any. Until he had a concrete understanding of what was happening in this continent, he would almost never reveal that he was an alchemist.

The day slowly came to an end as the final item, the best item in the entire auction was auctioned off.

It was 5 times compounded battle axe, the main part of which was made entirely of Starforged Tungsten Ore, weighing around 5 tons in total.

Such a small axehead, weighing 5 tons in weight alone would do serious damage to a True realm cultivator even if it just fell on them.

At the hands of someone strong, they could easily kill anyone they wanted as long as they could hit them.

The axe was sold off for 360 thousand True Spirit stones, the largest single transaction of money Alex had ever heard of.

Once the auction was over, the old man left the stage and the lady from before came to bid everyone farewell.

Alex hurriedly went to get his money and item.

The auction house was swift and came to give him what he earned.

Even after the cut, the various things Alex had sold had earned him a total of 956 thousand True spirit stones. That was nearly a million that he had earned.

The items in the 2nd half had someone managed to earn quite a bit more than Alex had realized. He shouldn’t have doubted the Auction house when they said that the 2nd choice always brought more money.

“Whatever,” he thought and brought out the single book he had bought in this auction house.

He flipped to the first page and his mind understood what the letter he was reading said.



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