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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 908: Jin Baiquan Bahasa Indonesia

Without a doubt, the 170 thousand True Spirit stones were the highest sales Alex had ever seen in any auction, whether it was his own sale or someone else’s.

And to think this was only beginning and he had so many more things to sell this time around.

The next set of items came on stage. They were formation techniques that helped easily set up formation flags without having to worry about getting their location correct. The technique helped a lot with that.

The bidding started and Alex was quite curious about it, so he bid a bit as well.

However, there seemed to be more enthusiastic individuals in the crowd that outbid him every time.

His number, 1342, barely stayed on the barrier screen for a second before flicking through to another random number.

In the end, he wasn’t capable of getting that technique.

The next item rolled up, another technique that taught someone a sword attack involving fire.

Given that it was a Heaven-grade technique, Alex didn’t feel the need for that.

Items continued being auctioned off and one by one people bought them.

Every once in a while, there would come a technique, formation plate, talisman, or artifacts that Alex was selling and he would be happy seeing the high bid for each of them.

Alex didn’t simply sell what he had gotten from his spoils, but also many other techniques that he had learned himself.

Not including the Immortal grade techniques, Alex sold every other technique that the people of the Northern Continent would certainly be happy to see.

The only technique that could be sold, but he didn’t was the Winter Moon cultivation method. That was a technique that was provided to him by his master just a day before she had died. He didn’t ever want to give it away. Not if he could help it.

Formations, talismans, techniques, cultivation methods, deeds to lands, artifacts, puppets, ores, and even pills. Everything was being sold in this auction and people spend their money on it like it was the last thing that would ever be sold, anywhere.

The first day passed, and the second day was coming to a close too. One by one, the elites started coming in too, and the people below could hear the sounds of people entering the VIP rooms.

They couldn’t tell who was in there, but they didn’t need to. Rather, then didn’t want to find out at all.

Slowly, the first half of the auction came to an end, and the final item that was sold was his Infinite Heavenly Ice Spear technique.

It sold for a surprising 18 thousand True Spirit stones. If his math was correct, he had made something close to 600 thousand True Spirit stones based on just the first part of the auction.

While he hadn’t put that many items in the second half, based on these proceedings, he still expected to earn close to 200 thousand True Spirit stones.

The ambush in the Demon realm had actually turned out to be a fortune for him.

Once the first half of the auction ended, the atmosphere shifted and the auctioneer changed.

The new auctioneer that arrived was an elderly man that looked to be on his deathbed but walked with a gait that only young men would have.

He arrived in front of the table and spoke. “I hope you are all here. I won’t be waiting for any of you if you haven’t,” he said and brought out the first item.

He pulled the veil from the cage that hid a small green snake inside it, and coiled around in the cage.

It was a baby snake, which would otherwise be normal for the most part, but Alex was surprised to see a few wings on its back, like ones that would only belong to a dragonfly.

“First off, we have a baby Viridescent Dragonsnake,” the old man said in a very unenthusiastic manner. “It hatched only a few days ago and is currently kept inside a cage with a formation that blocks its vision. So, despite having been born, the snake hasn’t seen anyone yet.”

“Thus, you will be able to imprint yourself on the snake. It came from the Demonic beast’s forest and was the offspring of a Saint Foundation realm Viridescent Dragonsnake. The opening bid will be 10 thousand True spirit stones, and every bid must go up by 500 True Spirit stones. You have 5 minutes, start.”

The old man turned around and sat on a chair nearby as he gave no care to who was buying the item or who was selling it.

Quite a few of the people around Alex started complaining about the rude behavior the auctioneer was showing them, but they were quickly shut down by the information that was being passed around to everyone which made them scared to their core.

Alex was quite shocked when he heard them too.

The man standing in front of them, Jin Baiquan, was over 8000 years old and was easily the oldest person in this auction hall. He had a really high cultivation base, but even with that, his life was slowly approaching its end.

That information alone would have made Alex quite amazed about the old man, but when he realized that this was one of the last remaining elders of the Snow Immortal sect from that time, he was beyond shocked.

“So someone did survive that disaster,” Alex thought to himself. ‘Was that why the sect still exists during this time?’

Alex had thought that, but then he learned that the old man had stopped being a member of the sect, so it wasn’t really his influence that had kept the sect going.

‘How has the sect not disbanded yet?’ Alex wondered.

The 10 thousand True spirit stones that were the started bid looked pitiful when the number rose to over 60 thousand in a span of 3 minutes.

In 1 more minute it reached up to 75 thousand and when the bid ended, it climbed as high as 102 thousand True spirit stones.

“Good for you,” the old man said. “Next we have a sword technique.”

Alex was surprised when the old man revealed that the sword technique being sold next was his 21 Sword Array. He hadn’t expected it to be sold this early on, but when he thought about it, that made sense.

While it was an amazing technique that improved its strength quite a bit depending on the swords you were using, but it was still a Heaven-grade technique and thus was most likely not something people would be crazily looking forward to.

This and the Veiled Light technique that made him invisible were the only techniques that were slotted on the 3rd day of the auction, so Alex wondered how much he would be earning.

Alex watched the 21 Sword Array rack up numbers in front of him as everyone and their mother who used a sword started bidding on it.

Even if one didn’t use a sword, just having swords alone was enough to use this technique, making it that more alluring.

The 5 minutes were over, and the bid came to an end. Alex looked at the number in red hovering not far away from him.



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