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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 837: Outside Bahasa Indonesia

The surrounding light dimmed when the black slash flew out of Godslayer’s blood sword.

Space seemed to rend around it as it flew towards the many attacks that were flying in its direction.

They clashed in the center, and the black slash destroyed it all. The Saint experts experienced pure horror as the slash continued toward them without losing any energy.

The saints experienced the attack slowly, but in reality, everything happened in a split second.

The slash went through the crowd of Saints and flew to the distance where it continued to tear up trees until it struck the ground and created a massive explosion of the dust cloud.

The Song Saint remained wide-eyed, and she slowly turned her head towards her body. She realized that her upper body was already beginning to slide off from her lower body around the chest.

She saw herself dying, and then her consciousness faded away.

Many other saints in the back also got cut in half and died instantly. The black slash had cut all of them, but not all were in mortal danger.

Some lost arms, some lost legs, and some even got cut through their torso but managed to survive somehow.

Then, another slash flew at them.

A single saint from the Broken Ravine sect already had an escape talisman in their hand, so they crushed it and were teleported away.

The rest however weren’t as lucky, and despite the millions of techniques they used to save themselves, the deathly slash carved through them all and killed them at once.

Godslayer looked at them and saw that they were all dead. Then it finally showed weakness and buckled to the ground.

“Shit! I ended up using too much power from the kid,” he thought.

Slowly, the black veins all over Alex’s body receded back into his head. The dark eyes slowly turned white until his brown iris was visible.

Then his lean body turned even leaner when Godslayer fully left control of his body and his aura no longer manipulated it.

Alex felt his consciousness return back to his body as a voice remained in his mind.

“Sorry Kid, if I help you anymore, the damage will be irreparable,” Godslayer said as it reeled back into his mind.

“Well, this is a far better state than when I was at last time,” Alex thought to himself.

He brought out some pills to eat, and while they did heal him, they also didn’t work as well as they should have due to the effects overlapping with the pills he had eaten before.

Alex sighed and got up. He checked his Qi and frowned. Godslayer hadn’t hesitated to use his Qi at all.

He had maybe 5% saint Qi remaining and even less True Qi.

“What do I do now?” he thought and looked around. The dead bodies of the Saints laid about him in a view he never thought he would see.

So many dead saints. The Western Continent was rather lacking in Saint realm cultivators, and it had dropped even more now.

Given that most of these saints that came to attack him were from specific houses and sects, rather than from all around the empire, these houses were sure to degrade over time.

He walked over to the dead saints and without hesitation took away the spoils of war. Any storage, armor, weapons, or artifact he could find, he took.

Given that these were some of the strongest folks in the western continent, the artifacts they had were definitely some of the best out there.

Alex looked at one of the severed hands and looked curiously. He had been seeing the battle through Godslayer’s eyes and while he seeing was the old thing he could do, that still let him know that this was Song Shing’s grandmother’s arm.

And she was still holding on to the talisman. Alex pulled the talisman out from her hand, but as he did, the talisman got crushed, and a teleportation power enveloped him.

Alex tried to fight back against it, but the teleportation power of a Saint rank talisman was not something he could fight against.

So, when the silver light disappeared, Alex found himself outside the secret realm, right by the monument.

He was confused for a second and looked around.

Then, he saw a weak and scared Saint realm cultivator drag his half-broken body away from him while moving towards the giant group of people that were doing their best to hold onto the formation that was keeping the black jaguar in check.

“He-He killed them,” the saint realm cultivator shouted. “He killed them all.”

Zhou Tianqiu, the husband-wife pair from the Glory’s Edge sect, the nearly dead sect master of the Broken Ravine sect, the patriarch of the Jin family, and the patriarch of the hand family.

These 6 remaining looked toward the saint cultivator, and then toward Alex in shock.

Did he kill them? No way.

“Where’s the old bloody woman?” the Jin family head spoke.

“Dead, right in front of me,” the saint spoke while dragging his body on the ground. But even as he did, his body was slowly dying.

Alex saw that he had been cut through the stomach near the naval area. This man was no longer a saint. He wasn’t even a cultivator.

Before the man could speak anymore, Alex sent a simple palm strike at the man and obliterated his body.

The shock only grew on the faces of the Saints. The jaguar was no different. He had already stopped attacking to look at Alex in surprise.

‘How did he survive the saints? Let alone kill them,’ the jaguar thought. His mind went through a million scenarios and when he saw Alex’s weak body, the scenarios narrowed down to 1.

‘That sword,’ he thought.

He remembered Alex from that time when he was under the control of the sword. If that was still the case, then he could see how they died.

‘I didn’t know that kid still had the sword,’ he thought.

“Where’s our matriarch?” one of the Song family saints asked.

“And our patriarch,” the Fu family members asked.

The Jin family head realized something. “Where’s my grandson?” he asked.

“And our disciple!” the Glory Edge sect’s dual sect masters realized this too.

Alex couldn’t help but sneer in their direction when he heard that.

“You bastard!” the Jin family’s head left the formation and ran to attack Alex, but Alex had been ready for a surprise attack.

His hand was already on the monument, which activated in the next instant and he vanished.

The next instant, a sword slash filled with Sword Aura landed on the monolith, shaking it a bit. But aside from that, it wasn’t able to deal any other damage to the monolith itself.

The runes on the monolith were carved during the times of war when Immortals coming down to the realm to fight was a common sight.

A mere Saint core had no way of damaging it, even if they wanted to. The old man Jin fumed with anger and was about to enter when he heard a massive sound from behind him.

When the old man turned around, he saw the fragments of the barrier holding the jaguar collapse to the ground.

It was free.


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