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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 836: Death and Darkness Bahasa Indonesia

Darkness grabbed Alex and Death enveloped him.

Black lines appeared all over his body, like wriggling vines that crawled under his skin, giving off black smoke that dropped to the ground. Death aura, albeit not that much, started filling Alex’s body all over.

his body was turning entirely black, with black veins even more prominent.

An eerie smile covered his face while he stared directly at the woman that was still pressing her leg on him.

A hand grabbed the foot and laughter rang out from Alex. “Hehehe! God, eh?”

The Song Saint frowned as fear emerged deep in her. ‘Fear? From someone that’s not even in the Saint realm?’ she thought. But she couldn’t ignore her feelings.

She knew, that if she didn’t kill him right now, it would cause he problems very soon.

“Very well, kid. Die!” She pressed her leg on his chest hard enough to crush the ribs and heart at once.

However, her leg didn’t move even the slightest amount. The hand that grabbed her stopped her from moving at all.

The woman’s eyes went wide and she tried to back away, but the hand that grabbed her still didn’t let go.

She slashed the sword in her hand at Alex’s neck, but Alex caught the blade with his other hand.

Black tendrils flowed up the blood sword and tried to go for the Song saint. But the saint, in what she believed to be a wise choice, let go of the sword before the tendrils reached her.

That was in fact a wise choice. If she hadn’t let go of the sword, she would have been filled with the aura of death and darkness as well, and unless she had a good body constitution or lifeforce like Alex did, she would have died very soon.

Unfortunately for her, she had let go of her sword. In the hands of Godslayer, that was the most unwise decision she could have ever made.

The blood sword slashed in a horizontal arc, leaving a trail of blackness behind it as it cut the woman’s leg from the shin.

The leg that was pushing on him was now severed and the woman fell backward as pain took over her. The place where she was cut was also infected by the death aura.

Alex, or rather Godslayer slowly stood up, his body creaking at the chest from the ribs that were lifting themselves from his lungs.

The eerie smile stayed on Godslayer’s face while his head twisted at a weird angle as he giggled to himself.

“God, hah! Do you think just anyone can become a god?” Godslayer asked while he slowly walked forward.

The woman had already stood up and created a dozen different attacks from her blood while a blood armor appeared on her body.

“The answer was Yes! Anyone can become a god,” Godslayer said.

“Wh-who are you?” the woman asked. By now, she was aware of the fact that it wasn’t Alex she was speaking to. “A nascent soul? Are you the boy’s secret?”

Godslayer didn’t respond to her question and continued saying, “And that is why they are so bad. Anyone and everyone dares call themselves a god, whether they are fit to be one or not.”

He slowly strode forward, while the woman sent all her attacks at him.

“They’re a plague. A true and definite plague in this world. They think that just because they are gods, no one can touch them. Well, that is perhaps why I exist in the first place. To get rid of this plague.”

With a single slash of the sword, every single attack flying at Godslayer was destroyed.

“Oh,” Godslayer looked at his own strength in surprise. “I… no, the kid got strong. Very strong,” he thought. He had been stuck in Alex’s mind for the last 12 years, and as far as he knew, not much time had passed.

But Alex had gone from being in True Disciple 2nd realm to True Emperor 4th realm, which was not just an increase in cultivation, but also an increase in bodily strength.

“Sigh, if I had the power I had back then when this kid took it all, I could’ve fought immortals now. Or at least, I could have gone at least a day fighting saints without this kid’s body dying on me.”

“Tsk. His fault for always stealing away the powers I gather,” Godslayer said, but he was still frustrated.

If Alex died, while he wasn’t in control, he would die as well. Given Alex’s power to take back his control whenever he wanted, Godslayer wasn’t going to bet anything on being in control.

So, if he wanted to keep living, and leave Alex at a point where he wouldn’t die either, he would have to take care of this little plague as quickly as he could.

Godslayer turned his head around and the woman was already gone. Even her cut-off leg was missing.

He looked around with his eerie smile never fading as his head stopped in a certain direction.

“Death is written in your fate. You cannot hide from me at all,” Godslayer spoke and vanished in a ball of darkness.

The Song Saint ran away as fast as she could in any direction she could. She needed to get away from the monster that casually fought off every single attack of her.

She didn’t know how Alex did it, but she knew that he held the nascent soul of a Saint Soul cultivator who was helping her fight him off.

If not for the nascent soul, she would have certainly survived.

As she ran, she saw a group of people rushing towards her. All of them were saints that had entered behind her to look after her, but after getting here, they had lost sight of her.

The old woman didn’t know why they were there, but she was glad they were.

“Do any one of you have an escape talisman?” she asked them.

“What?” the saint experts looked confused.

“DO ANY ONE OF YOU HAVE AN ESCAPE TALISMAN!?!?!” the woman shouted at them so hard that the Saint foundation realm experts had to rely on their cultivation base to not lose focus.

“Yes, yes I do,” one of them said and brought out a talisman from inside his storage bag.

The old woman took the talisman and proceeded to crush it. However, a black slash flew directly at them and cut off her hand. The slash continued and carved a large wound on the Saint expert behind the old woman.

Godslayer’s dark eyes looked happy to see them. “You didn’t think you could leave, did you?”

The old woman felt terror that she didn’t even know she could feel at this point in her life. The jaguar outside was scary, but this… this was something else.

It was as if the god of death himself had come to take her life.

“Kill him!” she shouted, but the saints didn’t know if they should do that. After all, they did come here to stop her from doing exactly that.

However, when they gave the thought even the least bit of time, they knew what had to happen.

Dozens upon dozens of attacks were prepared in the span it took for Godslayer to prepare a single attack.

Once the attacks were prepared, they sent it all flying towards Godslayer.

Godslayer stood there, unmoving as a volley of attacks came his way. Then, he released a slash.

A single black slash.


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