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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 817: Restricted Information Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at the seed in his hand with a curious look. He slowly laid it on the ground in his room and saw the ground crack from the sheer weight of the seed.

“How is it so heavy?” he wondered.

He placed his palm on the seed again and the name floated back, with nothing else.

Seed of the World Tree.

That sounded great, except Alex didn’t know what a World Tree was. He hadn’t ever heard of it before.

However, given the lack of information on the seed, he could only assume that this was one of the three plants that were blessed by God, or its descendants.

The Demonic plants.

Similar to the Divine Devil fruit, or the Spirit Cleansing lily, this was most likely something of a treasure as well.

‘You cultivate with the Spirit Cleansing Lily, and You eat a Divine Devil fruit. What do you do with a seed of a World Tree?’ Alex wondered.

If this was something like the other two, Alex was sure this plant would help him somehow. Only, he couldn’t understand how.

“Do I eat it?” he asked himself as he looked at the hard, brown-shelled seed. “No, that shouldn’t be the case. Then do I cultivate with it?”

Alex found that option more likely. So, he sat next to the giant seed and started cultivating.

Alex took what little Qi had remaining in his body and started moving it around his meridians in a cycle. As he did, a small vacuum was created around his meridians that started pulling in the Qi from outside.

The Qi flowed towards him, however, when it was about to reach him, something else pulled the Qi with an even stronger force and took all the Qi away.

Alex frowned. “What the hell?” He had only just started cultivating and the seed was obstructing it. At first, he wondered if that was how it was supposed to happen, that he was doing the right thing.

However, as half the night passed away and nothing happened, Alex realized that the seed was stealing away all of the Qi he was trying to cultivate.

“Alright, that’s enough,” Alex thought and stopped cultivating. He looked at the seed with an annoyed look as even after 4 hours of cultivation, he had nearly recovered any Qi at all.

“You need to go back with the other seed that I don’t know what to do about,” Ning said and sent the giant seed back into his storage ring.

He sat there annoyed for a few minutes, thinking just what he could possibly do, but once he realized there was nothing he could do at the moment, he let it go and continued cultivating.

Fortunately, after the seed was gone into the ring, it didn’t continue sucking in Qi from outside, or else that would’ve been horrible.

Alex cultivated halfway through the morning to compensate for the time he had wasted last night. After he was done, he decided to leave for the Beast realm.

After letting his mother know about his departure, Alex left and arrived at the northern forest a day later.

Once he arrived at the teleportation platform, he used his Yang Qi to activate it and went in.

The beasts found out he was back the moment he entered, and the jaguar went out to find him.

“You came. I thought you would’ve stayed back a bit longer. Didn’t you say you had quite a few things to do?” the jaguar asked.

“Yeah, I’m done with a lot of things already. There are a few things left, but they can wait. Actually, I’m here early because I needed your help with something,” Alex said.

He brought out the seed and placed it on the floor. The marble on the floor didn’t crack, but that was to be expected of the palace of the White Tiger.

“Do you know what this is?” he asked.

The jaguar looked at the seed curiously and shook his head. He had no idea at all.

“I see. So, apparently, it’s something called the World Tree, or at least it’s a seed of the tree. I wonder if you’ve heard about it,” Alex asked.

“A World Tree? That… I might have heard of it before, I might have not. I can’t remember,” the jaguar said. He was trying his best to remember, but memories from before he reached Saint realm were impossible to remember.

“It might be a demonic plant or a mutant version of it,” Alex helped him remember more.

“Huh? What’s a demonic plant?” the jaguar asked.

Alex narrowed his eyes. “Do you not know what a demonic plant is?” he asked.

“I… think I’ve heard the word Demonic plants, but I don’t know what they are,” the jaguar said.

“Weird,” Alex noted. “They’re similar to the Heavenly beasts in that they were plants blessed by one of the gods.”

“Is that true?” the jaguar’s eyes suddenly widened. It was as if some of the conversations his lord had in the past was starting to make sense to him.

“You really didn’t know?” Alex asked.

“Information regarding anything that was blessed by the gods is heavily restricted. The only reason we even know about the Heavenly beasts is that we are servants to one and have a little of their bloodline or in your case a lot.”

“We would not have told you about the White Tigers had you not had the blood of the White Tiger,” the jaguar said.

“So, you didn’t know about the demonic plants?” Alex asked.

“I knew there was another god, but I didn’t know he had blessed anything. This sort of information… they aren’t shared so easily.”

“You have to be a very important individual, or belong to an important faction to learn this sort of thing,” the jaguar said.

‘More important than someone that is one of the strongest individuals of the continent?’ Alex thought for a second before he realized what the Jaguar was implying.

“You mean… you have to be an immortal to know this thing?” Alex asked.

“Not necessarily,” the jaguar said. “You can be a mortal of an important family and you can learn this stuff. You don’t need to be an immortal. On the contrary, even being an immortal won’t give you the right to learn this information.”

‘Even being an immortal won’t help? Just what the hell is Shen Jing’s background to freely teach me this? He did say he wasn’t born on this continent. Could he from outside of this world?’ Alex thought.

He quickly ignored the thought and focused back on the seed. “So, if you can’t help me with this, will Lady Ren be able to?” he asked.

“That’s… uhh…” the jaguar hesitated.

“What’s wrong? Is she still in closed cultivation?” Alex asked.

“Yeah, yeah, that’s it,” the jaguar said.

Alex didn’t show it, but he did get a little suspicious. ‘Is she dead?’ he wondered. ‘Why is the jaguar acting so suspicious.’

“Well, if she can’t help me then, can you check the library and see if there is anything about the World Tree? If this is a variant, then there must be some information about it,” Alex said.

The jaguar sighed. “Yeah, I guess I can check.”

“Oh, and while you’re doing that, can you look up another tree for me?” Alex asked.

“Sure, what’s it called?” the jaguar asked.

“It’s called the Nine Heavens Yang Tree.”


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