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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 818: Breakingthrough Bahasa Indonesia

The Ning Heavens Yang tree was the tree that gave him his life back. It was the tree at the northern edge of the continent, whose fruit Alex ate to upgrade his body constitution and whose seed he still had in his storage.

He hadn’t thought about the seed for a long time because he didn’t want to let anyone know that he had a seed of a tree this important.

However, he desperately wanted to learn about it, so now that he had some free time, he wanted the jaguar to look it up.

He would go to the library himself and check the books out himself, in fact, he even wanted to do so, but the library was still unavailable to him for some reason.

Alex had asked several times half a year ago as to why that was, but they only gave vague reasons, one of which was he hadn’t received permission to enter yet.

In the end, Alex stopped asking anymore.

While the Jaguar was off to look up information on both of the plants whose seeds he had, Alex went off to meet Pearl.

Pearl was currently fighting and winning against Yao Jia. Yao Jia’s cultivation base had improved a lot over the many years Alex had been gone, but somehow not by much.

She had only reached the end of True King realm and was one step away from entering True Emperor realm.

Comparing that to Pearl who had apparently managed to enter the True Emperor 2nd realm already, Yao Jia was obviously going to lose.

She had likely been spending her days in a room that had a heavy time difference, as such she was spending less time in general in comparison to time outside of those rooms.

It had been nearly 11 years outside, but to her, it had likely only been 2 years at best.

This was why despite being born nearly half a millennia ago, Yao Jia was still less than 65 years old.

The battle between the two similar-sized beasts lasted for a while, which ended with Yao Jia grumbling about the fact that Pearl was able to change his shape so easily.

There were advantages to being able to freely change your body size, especially for beasts who usually fought in close combat.

Since being able to change shape was something only Saint beasts were supposed to do in general, Pearl came off as an anomaly during battle.

“Great fights, both of you,” Alex clapped his hands from the side when the two of them were done fighting.

“Brother! You’re here?” Pearl came up to him and jumped onto his shoulders in his small form.

“Yeah, I had to come quickly for something. How’s your training going? I see you’re ahead of me in cultivation again,” Alex said.

“It’s going great,” Pearl said.

“I’m going to go back to the Tiger sect for a little while. Do you want to come with me?” Alex asked.

Pearl thought for a bit and realized he was a little bored from training all the time. “Yes!” he said excitedly.

“Alright, let’s leave,” Alex said.

“Wait, what about the company? You need to tell my father,” Yao Jia reminded him.

“Uh… I just asked him to help me with something in the library. Can you call the leopard senior?” Alex asked.

“But he just went into closed cultivation. He’s nearing a breakthrough,” Yao Jia said.

Alex couldn’t help but frown. “Then I’ll have to wait until your father is out of the library?” he asked.

“No, not necessarily,” she said. Her spiritual sense broadened to a certain extent and another spiritual sense invaded their area.

Alex looked around with a frown on his face. His spiritual sense widened and he couldn’t help but feel annoyed all of a sudden.

The puma arrived in front of him, with a rather nasty scar on his back.

“I see you are doing fine,” the puma said.

“No thanks to you,” Alex glared at the puma. He still hated it for what it did to him all the way back then.

The puma sighed. “Listen, kid, I’m sorry for what I did back then. I want this problem between us to go away. You already nearly killed me, so you should have had your revenge,” it said.

Alex looked at the long scar along its back, which was likely left behind when Godslayer had taken over his body.

He was still angry, but the scar helped him feel a little better. So, he decided to be better than he wanted to be and forgave the puma.

After that, he went to the teleportation platform on the other side of the underground palace and teleported out to the Crimson Empire.

* * * * * *

Inside a dark dungeon underground, two figures walked side by side.

Little light was available at this location, but Song Shing and his grandmother didn’t have much need for lights as they could see everything clearly even with no light.

Soon, they reached the end of the dungeon that led to an open room that was more brightly lit than anywhere else.

The room was giant, nearly 10 meters wide on all sides. There were also 4 pedestals in the middle of the room, all with edges that slanted towards the center.

“Are we really doing this grandmother?” Song Shing asked. He wanted to be strong, but… was this worth it?

“You don’t have a choice. We have already seen how strong the kid is and in a year, he’ll be stronger. If you want to have him submit to you, you need to be stronger than you are right now,” The old woman said.

“Take your clothes off.

Song Shing took off his red robe without any hesitation and stripped down to nothing. He then moved his hands and the red parts of the robes moved, slowly crawling out of the robe and into his hands.

The congealed blood started flowing again as he quickly turned it into a scythe and cut off all of his long hair.

“Sit there,” the woman said.

Song Shing nodded and sat on the floor, where he was surrounded by the slanted edges of the pedestal.

Each of the pedestals had a Saint formation on them, each of which was meant to suppress the cultivation base of whatever was placed on top.

On top, were 4 different beasts, whose cultivation base felt like it didn’t exist, but it was obvious what they would be.

The old woman lift her right arm and all the blood on the white robe lifted off, turning into 4 different blades which she sent off.

4 different heads rolled to the ground as the headless torso started bleeding profusely.

The pedestal filled with blood, which then dripped from the side directly onto the Song Shing.

Song Shing bathed in the crimson blood of four saint realm beasts as he started to slowly absorb the blood aura through them.

At first, he felt nothing, but soon, the strong blood aura assaulted his body from all directions. It started hurting immediately, but Song Shing handled it the best he could.

The blood aura was strong, but it couldn’t compare to Alex’s blood he had felt.

If he couldn’t even handle this, then there was no point. So, he closed his eyes and focused once again to use his technique.

Over the course of a few hours, he started feeling his naval area go from opaque to translucent to transparent.

He was starting to break through to the saint realm.


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