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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 812: Saints Bahasa Indonesia

The 20 or so people walked into the room, wearing various different robes from the biggest factions of the Luminance empire.

Each of these families and sects was known to be the best of the best.

Helen wanted to take her son away, as Xue Mufan had told her to, but it wasn’t something she could do in front of these seniors.

“Huh? Why is he still unconscious?” the husband from the Glory’s Edge sect spoke up.

“He’s lost all spiritual energy. He needs to rest for a while,” Xue Mufan said.

“Well, feed him a pill or something. We don’t have much time,” the wife from the Glory’s Edge sect said.

“I have suggested that, but his mother doesn’t want him to take a pill,” Xue Mufan said, pointing to Helen who was caught off guard.

“Ye-yes,” she quickly nodded. “Taking too many unnecessary pills will cause pill-poisoning. I don’t want my son to go through that.”

“Please, do feed him a pill and wake him up. We have something to ask him,” one of the gentler-looking elderly men spoke up.

“What is it that you want to ask him?” Helen straightened her back and spoke.

“Do you know how your son is skipping an entire realm to fight people above him?” one of them asked.

“That… I’m afraid I do not know,” Helen said. Alex hadn’t exactly explained to her how it all worked. She knew it had something to do with his body’s constitution, but she wasn’t going to say that in front of these random people.

“You see? That’s why we need your son. We believe with his knowledge, the western continent can reach a height it has never before,” the Jin family’s elder spoke.

“Umm… surely you can wait until my son wakes up, right?” Helen asked.

“Actually, we cannot. We have already left our home for half a month, some of us need to return tonight to overlook all the problems that might have come,” one of the women with blue robes said.

These guys weren’t planning on letting up at all. They were desperate to know Alex’s secret.

The Emperor had already warned them against causing trouble, but these old men and women didn’t think that was what they were doing. As far as they were concerned, they were just politely going to ask Alex to answer the questions.

Once he did, they would leave without any trouble.

Besides, the Emperor kept saying that Alex had a backing that they couldn’t offend at all. But… was that really true? Or was the Emperor trying to keep Alex for himself and not let the other clans and sects improve in worry that it might cause of them to want to have a go at being an Emperor?

That was certainly possible. After all, who exactly in this entire continent could ever make the Emperor feel threatened? There were absolutely none.

The other half of the continent where this Crimson Empire lay was inaccessible, and even if it was, they knew how weak it was. The hegemonies around the southern and western islands were weaker than each of the families here too.

That certainly made the Emperor’s words questionable. Most of them were absolutely sure that the emperor was lying to them.

“Brother Mufan, why are you standing there doing nothing? Feed him a pill already,” Zhou Tianqiu said.

“Please senior, I don’t want my son to eat a pill. He will answer your questions if he wants to after he naturally wakes up from his unconsciousness,” Helen said.

She turned to Xue Mufan and bowed toward him. “Thank you for looking after my son. I will leave with him now,” she said and grabbed Alex’s arms.

However, before she could pull on him, a wave of cultivation aura landed on her, making her unable to move at all.

The lady sect leader of the Glory’s Edge sect spread out her cultivation base to stop Helen from doing anything else. “You can’t leave with him until we’ve gotten our answers,” she said.

“And who’s going to stop her?”

A wave of energy crashed onto the lady, throwing her backward. Her husband immediately went onto the grab her and checked on her.

However, before he could assess what had happened to her, another cultivation aura landed in the room. This time, it landed on all the Saint realm cultivators in the room, including Xue Mufan.

“Who?” the group of saints turned their spiritual sense outside of the room and saw the originator of this cultivation aura walk in.

The Jaguar appeared before them.

Seeing the black beast, with a cultivation base in the high Saint Core realm truly surprised them.

“Who… who are you?” some of the older saints that too were in the Saint Core realm managed to speak up.

“This boy’s guardian,” The jaguar said before turning to Helen. “Grab him, we’re leaving.”

“Yes,” Helen said and quickly used a talisman to form a barrier around him that gently carried him close to her.

As the people watched the two of them quickly left the arena with Alex, leaving them there all alone.

“Sigh, I guess that’s it then. I’m leaving,” the blue-robed woman simply left after learning what she did. She understood these were secrets that she was likely not going to learn about, so she didn’t bother anymore.

“The Emperor was right. He does have a strong backing,” the man in a green robe spoke. “Well, I guess there’s nothing more for me here then.” He too left the area.

“We should leave,” Shangguan Xuan spoke to his sect leader and the two of them left as well.

A few others like the Broken Ravine sect leader and Xue Mufan quickly left as well, as they didn’t see the necessity to keep sitting around.

However, the rest of them really wanted what Alex had.

The husband and wife duo of the Glory’s Edge sect were very curious about Alex’s ability to overcome many realms and fight someone vastly stronger than himself. Even after they knew that the Jaguar was protecting them and the emperor had forbidden them from troubling Alex, they still couldn’t get rid of the idea of becoming stronger.

Han Hongqi tried to get his father to leave, but the old man wouldn’t budge. Given Alex’s body strength, he wanted to learn more about his physique and see if it was better than his own.

The Jin family really only wanted to know more about how one could use something that only Saint Aura provided while having Saint Qi.

The Fu family were certain they were the only ones with the best mental skills and attacks that made use of Spiritual sense and even boasted of having the best of it. However, Alex had proved to them that his spiritual sense was much better than theirs.

The Zhou Family was there to acquire knowledge about Alex’s alchemy. They weren’t really expecting to get an answer, but they had come there hoping. Now that they had learned of Alex’s background a bit and saw that he was protected, they knew that there was no other way to get a hand of his knowledge.

Finally, the Song family matriarch was perhaps the one that wanted Alex the most. She didn’t want him for his skill or his body, however. She wanted him for his blood.

Even here, in this room when Alex wasn’t even hurt or bleeding, using all of her senses, she had managed to learn that her grandson had indeed been telling the truth.

It wasn’t just some random blood that made him lose focus and then lost the match. It was this blood, this vigorous blood that she wanted to get her hands on.

“What do we do now?” Zhou Tainqiu asked.

“I think we back off,’ Han Hongqi said. “The emperor was correct. We cannot offend him.”

“We can’t talk with the kid while the jaguar is still with him at the very least,” the Fu family’s ancestor said.

“Yes, as long as they are together, it will be impossible,” Glory’s Edge’s male sect leader said.

The Song matriarch’s eyes brightened a bit when she heard that. “Yes, it will be impossible as long as they are together. But what about when they’re not?” she asked.

“How do you suggest we separate them?” Zhou Tianqiu asked.

“Not ourselves,” she said. “They will separate on their own in a year, right?”

“In a year?” the Saints’ eyes went wide with understanding. “It’s opening again soon, isn’t it?”

The Song family matriarch’s smile twisted with glee. “We’ll get him there next year, in the Demon Realm.”


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