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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 811: Tournament’s End Bahasa Indonesia

As soon as the crimson wall was gone, Alex sent a simple slash fly behind him towards one of the many formations’ flags and destroyed it so the formation couldn’t be put up again.

While Alex knew it couldn’t be reused without replacing the True spirit stones in the flags, it was still better to just be careful.

As Fu Tao felt the pressure in his own mind from being pushed back by Alex’s spiritual sense, he knew that if he didn’t do anything quickly, he would lose very easily.

He immediately took back his attack and just let it permeate like a spiritual sense. Unless another attack came, his spiritual sense wouldn’t be able to be interfered with.

Unfortunately for him, another attack was coming.

Alex sent out Heaven’s impact directly onto Fu Tao. The crimson-robed man felt his defensive artifact chime a bit to let him know that he was being attacked with a mental attack.

Alex frowned a bit. Heaven’s impact alone isn’t going to do it, is it?’ he thought.

His right hand held the thin sword, while his left hand held a spiritual sword. Neither of the swords could be used to attack with his Qi, but Alex didn’t mind.

With zero hesitation, he dashed forward.

Fu Tao saw marble-like textures appear on Alex’s body as he came close to him. He immediately used his spiritual attack that sent waves of Spiritual energy crashing onto Alex, but Alex didn’t stop at all.

Alex arrived right on top of Fu Tao and swung his sword downward.

Fu Tao moved to his right, but even as he did so, Alex’s other arm came sweeping down at him.

Fu Tao’s eyes told him there was nothing on his hand, but his spiritual sense said otherwise.

The sword passed through Fu Tao but nothing happened to him at all. The mental attack was blocked by the defensive mental artifact that chimed a lot to warn Fu Tao.

The sound of it was nothing Fu Tao had ever heard from someone that wasn’t a saint yet.

Fu Tao realized that between Qi and Spiritual energy, he was better off fighting with Qi. When it came to Spiritual energy, there wasn’t even a contest.

He immediately worked toward making Alex’s spiritual energy empty up before his defensive artifact broke. If he could manage that, Alex would certainly fall unconscious from having no spiritual energy.

Alex’s spiritual energy was already less than half, so he needed to be careful. Every time he swung the spiritual sword and was blocked, he was losing more and more spiritual energy.

He fought against the waves of spiritual energy and teleported next to Fu Tao to hit him with the sword.

Fu Tao activated his movement technique to run to the side, but Alex teleported behind his shadow and appeared next to him.

A palm of yellow energy flew at Fu Tao from close range but between his armor and defensive ability, Alex’s attack was being blocked easily.

As the same time, Alex’s sword struck him from one side while his other sword passed through from another.

A bit of his spiritual energy disappeared the moment his attack was blocked.

Alex jumped back and activated his movement technique too. He arrived next to Fu Tao and swung from one side, then teleported to the other side and swung again.

He flew back, sent a golden fist at him, then used the time to get back and swing his sword again.

Fu Tao wasn’t able to move much between all the attacks he had to defend himself from while also trying to fight against Alex’s own spiritual energy.

Alex felt the energy deplete to a quarter, but even then he jumped back in and fought again.

Time after time, hit after hit, he depleted his own spiritual energy while slowly chipping away at whatever remaining defensive capabilities Fu Tao’s mental artifact had.

His spiritual energy kept lowering in amount between his own attack and Fu Tao’s attacks, however, it wasn’t going to be much longer.

His head started burning with mental pain that came from his spiritual energy lowering to almost nothing, but it was just a little long.

Just a little while longer and… the artifact stopped working.

Alex teleported next to Fu Tao the very second and slashed at his arm. The sword went through the arm, and suddenly Fu Tao’s right arm was numb and barely usable.

Alex kept away his sword and produced another spiritual sword in his right hand as he slashed at Fu Tao’s left hand as that too became too numb to work.

Alex then spun as he landed and swung through Fu Tao’s legs, immediately buckling him to the ground.

Alex finally stopped and looked at Fu Tao through his intense headache. A wave of spiritual energy struck Alex right before he was about to attack, and depleted Alex’s spiritual energy to almost nothing.

Even then, Alex kept going. He used the sword in his hand and swung it down at Fu Tao’s head.

Suddenly, a wave of energy pushed onto Alex, throwing him back as he landed far away.

Alex struggled to get up as his pain didn’t even let him open his eyes, let alone spread his spiritual sense, but he still did as he needed to fight back.

He stumbled to his feet and looked ahead to see his opponent. Fu Tao was still on the ground with a face of shock. However, in front of him was the referee protecting him.

‘Did… did the referee interfere?’ Alex thought when he saw that. If that was the case then…

Relief poured over the anxious Alex as all the fatigue and pain also came along after learning the fact that he had won.

With nothing else to worry about, Alex’s final bit of spiritual energy couldn’t keep him standing at all, and suddenly he fell down to the ground, unconscious.

Fu Tao kept staring blankly. He couldn’t believe that he had just lost. His thoughts drowned as the barrier around the stage disappeared and the cheers of the crowd exploded throughout the arena.

Alex was soon taken to the medical room to treat as soon as possible.

While he was taken away, the next fight took place between Liang Qiu and Guo Chiang.

Helen was worried for her son, but she didn’t know if she was allowed to go or not. She went to talk to one of the staff members, and they immediately let her go in.

Helen arrived next to the sleeping Alex and immediately checked what was wrong with him.

Xue Mufan who was standing next to her was surprised to see that she had Spiritual senses as well.

Helen’s eyes narrowed in confusion as nothing seemed wrong with him. “Senior, Why is my son unconscious? I can’t find anything wrong with him,” she asked.

“Don’t worry, young miss. Your son is fine. He just used up his mental energy and is unconscious,” he said.

“I see,” Helen said. Suddenly, she heard a roar of noise from outside and turned to look curiously.

Xue Mufan turned and smiled. “It seems the young man indeed won the tournament,” he said.

“oh,” Helen said remembering the near-dead young man. She turned to her son and couldn’t help but be proud that he had fought against such monsters out there and managed to end up in third place.

“You should take your son and leave,” Xue Mufan suddenly said.

“Sorry?” Helen was confused.

“Take him and leave. The award ceremony is tomorrow, so it will be fine if you take him,” Xue Mufan said.

“Oh, okay,” Helen said. She didn’t know why she had to take her son when he was perfectly resting here, but she thought it was maybe because the tournament had ended and the arena was closing for the day.

As she prepared to grab onto her son, Xue Mufan’s face immediately soured.

Helen wondered what was happening when she heard footsteps, many of them coming toward them from the hallway

“Take your son home,” Xue Mufan said directly to her mind.

Just then, nearly 20 different individuals, all with cultivation base in the Saint realm, entered the room.

Each and every single one of these was at least a few hundred years old at the youngest. The older ones were certainly over a thousand years old.

Helen recognized some of them as they had talked with her after the talisman competition.

She frowned as she understood that these were the biggest figures of the Luminance empire, and as far as she could tell, they were here for her son.


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