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Alex left the island with the Phoenix fire. While Phoenix fire was good, it wasn’t as helpful for him at the moment since his own Qi could heal him far more effectively.

He did wish to try and learn how to make Phoenix fire, but even with his True Fire Dao, he could see absolutely no way of creating the fire.

He could create a fire that burned blue, purple, red, and orange simultaneously, just like a Phoenix fire would, but it would not have the all-burning trait that the Phoenix fire did and did not heal at all.

Alex wasn’t disappointed by the result, however, as it would be impossible for him to do something that a heavenly beast could only do. He would have been disappointed if he had Phoenix’s blood in him, but since he didn’t, there was still a chance for him to be able to make Phoenix fire just yet.

All he had to do was follow his bond with Scarlet to the Sunborn Sanctuary and see if any of the Phoenixes there were willing to supply him with a bit of blood.

However, that was still a while in the future. For now, he had other things to worry about.

Alex flew through the ocean, searching for another place to stay at. The islands on the eastern side of the wastelands were all spread far apart and going from one to another wasn’t as simple as beasts roaming the ocean very frequently.

Alex had to fight 2 different beasts before he reached an island where he could use Qi again.

As soon as he arrived, he found a place for himself to stay.

This island was one of the bigger ones and had some beasts, but none were strong enough for Alex to fear them.

He jumped onto the crown of a giant tree where he would be staying for the next few days.

Alex brought out the Sun’s womb and the first thing he did was cut up his own arm to fill it with his blood. The Squid core was too good to not use as a Blood beast.

Once he was done filling the cauldron partially with his blood, he proceeded to bring out the four beast corpses that he had placed into his storage ring.

He quickly took out the beast cores from all 4 of them and let the body continue bleeding. Once it fully bled, and the ground where it was placed was muddy with blood, Alex stepped down and started absorbing the blood.

Blood Absorption took a few hours for him to complete. By the end, the blood on the ground was barely producing any aura for him to use.

Once that was done, Alex’s blood became slightly stronger. He went back to the tree and started cultivating his Eyes. He would have to wait a bit longer before he could cultivate his body, or use more blood.

Night fell and halfway through the night, Alex switched back to using the Undying Physique again.

The next day, Alex did the same thing. He gathered a bit of his blood again and went back to cultivating again. He would take some breaks to go around the giant island and find some alchemy ingredients, but mostly he would just cultivate his eyes or his physique.

His Undying Physique had already reached a point where he could heal cut-off limbs, but it still took a few minutes to do so. Anyone that had learned about that would be quite jealous of him, but Alex knew he could go for more, so he wanted more.

He wanted to reach a point where his body parts could regenerate mere moments after being cut.

4 days went by and Alex spent it all doing nothing but the same thing over and over. By now, he had barely any Qi left in his body.

All of his Qi was used up by his Undying Physique as it regenerated his blood quite quickly too. He could’ve restored it by eating a beast core, but he wanted to wait until he had some Qi.

He didn’t want to use the core on himself, but rather use it for Godslayer.

On the 5th day, Alex placed the squid’s beast core into the cauldron that was filled to the brim with blood and activated the technique.

The blood churned as it moved around the cauldron, like waves in the ocean. The power in the blood and the soul in the core fought each other for a good while before the blood aura simply overwhelmed the core.

Then, the core absorbed the blood aura, slowly forming a massive beast that came out of the cauldron.

The Blood Squid that formed from his blood was just as large as the real one, looking down on him at 5 meters of height.

It had all the same features as the real one, and now all Alex had to do was test to see if it has the strength of the real one as well.

A while later when his blood aura was improved again, he called out his blood armor and asked the Squid to hit him.

When the attack did land, Alex noticed that the squid was not as strong as the real one. It was slightly weaker, maybe by half a realm’s worth.

Given how badly he was hurt when fighting that beast, a slightly weaker squid was still quite strong. Alex understood the reason for it being weaker was because his blood aura was weaker than the Squid’s cultivation base.

He was already lucky that the Squid’s core didn’t fail to form a blood beast. After all, cores that were stronger than one’s blood aura had lower and lower chances of forming a blood beast.

“I guess absorbing those blood before starting helped me even if it was just a little,” Alex thought.

Now that he was done with the Squid, he moved on to another beast core. However, he wasn’t planning on making a blood beast out of this one, but rather eating it.

Alex cleaned up the core and quickly swallowed it. As it reached his stomach, he felt the Qi in the core slowly dissolve. However, the Qi was still held together by a spiritual force that was but the remaining will of the beast he had killed.

At the same time, Alex’s mind was assaulted by the same beast, so he went back into his mental space.

A crab-like fish flew in the air, the first beast of the 4 he had killed recently. The beast started fighting back as soon as he got in, the fight was anything but hard.

In the mental space, all one could use was their spiritual energy, and a dead beast’s spiritual energy was rarely as strong. Not to mention, Alex’s own spiritual energy was absurdly stronger than anyone in his own cultivation realm.

Alex beat up the beast enough that its mental strength faded and what little energy had formed its consciousness here dissipated away. Normally, Alex would absorb this energy as it would add to his own mental energy slightly.

However, right now, he needed to let Godslayer absorb this.

He flew next to Godslayer’s body and grabbed it to bring it back. He moved his body around where the beast’s body had dissolved and hoped that worked.

Surprisingly, it did. Godslayer’s body naturally attracted such energy which he absorbed to improve upon. However, the absorption process was too slow.

Alex left the crystal sphere hovering around as it absorbed what was around him. However, after a while, yellow fog emerged from the sea below to consume it all.

“I don’t know if it will do me good leaving it all like that. Seems like a waste,” he said to Godslayer. “Don’t worry, I will be eating more soon to help you.”

Alex came out of his mental space and felt the Qi that was being held back start to flow through his entire body. Most of the Qi found the shortest path to the dantian, but some still make it to all the parts of his body.

“I feel so full,” he thought to himself.

To move his body a little, he called out to the Squid and started fighting with it. At first, he tried fighting without any Blood armor, but soon he realized just how bad an idea it was.

He was getting beat up so hard that it felt worse than when he fought the real thing. At least for the real one, he could attack back. He couldn’t even attack this blood beast for fear of ruining it.

However, as he got beat up, he also healed, which slowly improved his body. It wasn’t long before Alex realized that not only was this a good training session, but it was also a good way to hurt his body before it healed.

As long as he asked the blood squid to hold back a little, it was just the right amount of force to hurt him without going overboard.

He fought with the squid for nearly half a day before he was bloody and blue. He had stopped his Undying physique from working just until now, so when he allowed it again, his body visibly healed at a very fast rate.

Since he had no missing body parts, it took no more than half a minute to fully heal.

However, he had spent quite a bit of Qi while healing, so he had to go cultivate again.

He sat on the crown of the tree once again and took out the 4-veined pill from before as he got ready to cultivate all over again.


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