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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 1032: Fighting the Squid Bahasa Indonesia

Alex teleported behind the squid and slashed it as hard as he could. The Sword aura from his sword struck the beast in closed range as his blood aura did the majority of the damage.

A thin blue line appeared on its back as a few lines of blue blood came out of it. At the same time, the squid’s tentacle moved at an impossible speed and hit Alex.

Alex’s blood armor stopped most of the damage, but he still felt the blow that sent him flying backward.

Alex stopped for a moment and at the same time teleported again. The place where he had been got destroyed by the Squid’s attack.

He arrived somewhere else. Once he found his footing again, he jumped back to fighting the squid.

He arrived in front of the squid and quickly dodged through its 8 arms while stabbing it through its body.

However, it was so strong that Alex’s sword barely went inside at all. A tentacle came flying from the side, so Alex left the sword and jumped back.

At the same time, a thin blood thread was attached to the sword which he yanked on to dislodge the sword.

However, midnight seemed to be stuck quite badly and it would need something else for him to get it out.

More blood poured out of him as he got ready to fight.

“I really do have to use my Dao or this is unwinnable,” he thought.

Suddenly, a vast amount of blue color filled his vision. The water Qi that he was blue to his vision was slowly coming out of the beast’s body and going behind it. At the same time, water flew out of the ocean and created multiple rings around the squid which seemed to be working as a sort of defense.

Alex tried sending a blood bullet toward the beast, but the spinning rings of water quickly destroyed it.

The beast’s tentacle moved again, coming towards him. Since he was looking directly at the beast, his eyes could clearly follow the tentacle’s path toward him.

His blood turned into a sort of dagger that he slowly moved upwards as if trying to cut something that was there. At the same time, space aura gathered around his blade and both the Dao of Space and the Dao of Cutting worked at once.

The powerful blood blade cut right it time as the tentacle arrived and cut the tentacle right through the center.

The tentacle split up vertically into two different halves, and one-half of the tentacle still landed on Alex. He felt the force behind the attack as even his armor found it hard to stop all the pain.

Alex spun through the air, falling onto some bushes near the beach of the island.

At the same time, the beast attacked once more, this time sending a gust of water toward him. The water came at him like a pillar thrown at him.

He managed to dodge at the last moment by teleporting and the beast still attacked him mere moments after he appeared.

The split tentacle slammed at him.

Alex didn’t get a chance to dodge as he had dodged just now. Instead, his blood armor opened up like vines that grabbed onto the beast’s tentacle, latching himself onto it to not get thrown far away.

Alex coughed up blood, but he was right next to the beast. That was all he needed.

Using the moment of surprise, Alex used his True Fire dao to create a ball of fire right in front of the squid’s face.

There was no Qi on this island, so he had to use his own remaining Qi to make the fire far away.

The water rings around the squid immediately got to work to protect itself from the fire, but Alex gave it no chance. He pushed the Qi from inside of him and shouted,


The explosion rang loud as if it were a tribulation lightning coming down to strike someone that the heavens feared.

Alex felt his own explosion send a shockwave back at him as he was sent flying away backward. Trees were uprooted and the ground cleared up.

A massive crater was left at the center of the explosion with both Alex and the squid sent flying to either side.

Alex slowly tried to get up, but his body was too broken to move. He had to wait a few moments. He spread his senses and looked for the beast, only to find it down on the ground like him.

The explosion had truly been very strong and it seemed the squid which was closest had suffered a far worse fate.

One of its tentacles was nowhere to be found, along with 3 of its arms. The front of its face was burnt and charred with blue blood spilling out from some of the burnt locations.

The water rings that were protecting it previously were nowhere to be found at all. They had all been destroyed by the explosion.

Alex found Midnight a few paces away from the squid, which had seemingly fallen off during the explosion.

“Urghh! It’s losing too much blood,” he thought as he tried to get up. “I shouldn’t use the explosion again. I need its blood.”

The squid also moved at the same time, but the wounds on its body were quite severe. So, Alex was quite faster than it.

Alex was still bleeding from many places, but the important parts of his body, mostly his bones had been healed, so he was ready to fight again.

He teleported next to the beast and grabbed midnight before swinging at it.

The beast used what little strength it had to send its barely functioning tentacle at him, which Alex easily cut apart with how weak it was.

Then, he jumped on top of the beast and jammed his sword into one of the open wounds the beast, the only one that he could attack and not have to worry about having his sword stuck.

The squid struggled for a moment but Alex started creating a massive amount of death aura directly into the squid’s body, delaying its regenerative properties a lot.

The squid’s remaining arms tried to grab onto Alex, its Qi trying to use some technique, but it was feeble right now. Suffering from the full brunt of the explosion, the squid was already at death’s door.

The squid wouldn’t die from the death aura itself, but it would be so incredibly sick that if not healed soon and it wound would get worse and worse by the day. At the end, it would die from untreated and unhealed wounds.

That was later in the future though, and Alex neither had the time to think about the future or any will to let the squid go until it was strong in the future.

He jammed the sword deeper into the Squid before carving it open with all the Space and Cutting dao he could use.

The squid’s head was wide open as blood gushed out. Alex quickly took the squid into his storage ring and finally sighed as relief filled him.

“That was a close one,” he thought to himself. If not for the timely explosion, he would’ve lost today’s battle. Had that been the case, he wasn’t sure he could defeat the beast so easily.

“Well, that’s that,” he thought and got up. As he did, he looked away from where he was towards the center of the mountain.

During his battle, he had noticed something up there that had surprised him. However, now that he was thinking about it, it made perfect sense for something like that to be here.

Alex stopped his Qi from being wasted anymore and kept the wounds on his body as he walked towards the center of the island.

When he reached there, in a small cave with an opening at the top, there was a multicolored fire burning at the center.

“There’s Phoenix flames here too, huh? I wonder how it got here,” he thought. He didn’t think it was the tribal folks as they could never come here. So it had to be the cultivators then.

“So that’s why this place doesn’t have any Qi,” he thought. “Thank god I still have some or I wouldn’t be able to leave here at all.”

Alex stayed by the fire as the wounds on his skin slowly healed from being next to the phoenix flames. It was neither as fast nor as painless as when his undying body was healing him, but the fire was still healing him quite well.

Within half an hour, all the wounds on his body was gone and he was fully healed. He moved around a bit to confirm it, and once he was sure he sat back down as he remembered something.

“Does that count as body cultivating?” he wondered. To cultivate one’s body, one needed to get beaten up badly and then heal from it.

Alex had known that, but he had never really thought about body cultivation as it was something that simply happened on its own with Pearl around.

However, with Pearl gone, he was starting to see many things in different light. Body cultivation was one of those very things.

“Wait, I can heal very easily here though,” he thought. “Not only is there fire here, I also have my Undying body to heal me back from any of the wounds.”

As the thought grew in him, he couldn’t help but get more and more excited. “Doesn’t that mean that I can body cultivate easily?”


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