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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 1024: Selling the Pill Bahasa Indonesia

“Are you here to buy my pill or disturb my business?” Alex asked the young man.

“Hehe, of course, I’m here to buy your pill,” the chubby young man said. “860 Spirit stones was it?”

“If you’re going to buy my pill, stop harassing my customer,” Alex said.

“Heh! You’re quite courageous to speak up to me like this. You must be new here so you don’t know about me, do you?” the young man asked.

“No, I don’t. What’s your name?” Alex asked.

The young man was about to proudly answer when Alex lifted his hand to stop him.

“It would be better if you just tell me what backing you have to go around flaunting yourself,” Alex asked.

The young man frowned a little. “My name is Huang Fenrou, that is all you will get, bastard,” he said. “Dammit, you ruined my mood. Now give me my pill so that I may leave this place.”

“Sure,” Alex said. “Right after everyone is done bidding as well.”

The young man looked confused for a second before laughing out loud. “Haha! Do you really think they would bid now that I’m here? Hahaha, you can just try.”

Alex was pissed off now.

“Leave!” he said. “I am not selling to you. Whoever else wants to buy, please start naming your price again.”

However, not a single person started bidding. It seemed they were too scared of the young man.

Alex couldn’t help but sigh. “You don’t have to be scared of him. Just name your price, I will sell it to you,” he said.

However, the people weren’t going to purchase from him now at all.

“You see? They aren’t going to buy from you. Now, sell it to me. I need to go home and break through now,” the young man said.

“I already said I’m not selling to you, just leave,” Alex said.

“Huh? Do you really think I will leave without the pill?” the young man asked in a hateful tone. “I’m leaving with the pill today. Whether you want to get paid or not, that’s your choice.”

“No, you’ll leave without it. I’m done arguing with you,” Alex said. “You three, carry your young master home.”

“Carry me ho—” the young man’s eyes turned white as he fell face-first onto the ground. Nobody noticed what had happened, just that the young man had fallen down.

“Brother Huang!” the people shouted immediately and came to his aid. However, the young man was unconscious and would not wake up for a long time.

“You! What did you do?” the men furiously came towards Alex.

“You three better calm down, or else…” Suddenly his Saint realm aura assaulted them just as they had assaulted his other customers.

The three of them fell to the ground in shock. “No… Saint realm…”

“Leave! This is your last warning,” Alex said as he stood up.

“P-please don’t hurt us,” the men said as they quickly got up and started running away, only remembering a second later to take their young master with them.

‘That’s probably going to come to bite me back somehow. I should think of leaving this place quickly,’ he thought.

“Is there no law here that stops him from doing this?” Alex asked the group of people who were gathered there.

The crowd didn’t speak a word out of fear of angering a Saint realm. Finally, the young man that had come to the shop first spoke up.

“Senior… that young man is from the Huang family. They have too much power to simply be stopped by law. Especially when they aren’t outright hurting people,” the young man said.

“Huang family? That’s a major family of this city?” Alex asked.

“No, not just the city, but rather the entire Southern Continent,” the young man said, surprising Alex a bit.


“They are part of the 10 Sects and Families that are responsible for everything in the Southern Continent. I hear this young man is from the main family line and has been staying in this place for the last couple of years,” the young man said.

“10 families huh? I should learn about them soon,” Alex thought.

He wondered if the Phoenix in this region were reclusive like the Black Tortoise as well. Although, they were at least more outgoing than the Black Tortoise as they had given Phoenix flames to the Wastelands.

“Anyway, let’s continue our bidding. I would like to be done,” Alex said.

The rest of the crowd immediately jumped at the words and started bidding more and more. Finally, the bids stopped around 1040 spirit stones, which was the most they were willing to give.

Alex accepted and took the money from one of the people that were buying. The woman who got the pill happily walked away, while the rest kept asking if he had any more.

“I don’t have any to sell at the moment. That was everything of value I had on me, which is why I sold it. Now that I have some money, I will be making more soon enough and will be selling in the auction that will happen in 8 days.”

“If you want to buy any pills at the time, do so. Not only will I make pills for breaking through, but healing pills, as well as pills that will help someone restore their limbs while in the True realm,” Alex said.

“Restore limbs?”

“Is that possible?”

“Senior said so, then it must be true.”

Alex looked at the people and stood up. “Don’t get your hopes high. I will need to find the right ingredients so they do so in the first place. Anyway, I’m leaving. Make sure to check out the auction if you want any more pills with over 95% harmony,” he said and left.

The crowd talked with each other for a while about what they had just seen, but slowly they had to disperse. A few of the followed Alex, but that was useless anyway.

As he left, Alex sent his spiritual sense back at the young man who had appeared first and spoken to him. “If you want a pill, just gather up some ingredients and find me,” he said. He gave the young man the information about his hotel so that he could find him.

Once that was done, Alex went back to the Alchemy store to buy more ingredients. With over 1000 spirit stones, he was free to use whatever the hell he wanted.

He bought various different ingredients, all True rank for the moment as Saint rank ingredients still cost quite a lot.

Once he was done, Alex returned back to his room and started making some more pills.

He had only finished 2 when he heard a knock on the door. Alex sensed that it was the young man from before and called him in.

The young man had indeed brought some ingredients. As one would do anytime one wanted pills to be made, the young man had brought 3 sets of pills.

“Wait outside, I’ll be done in a bit,” he said and got to work. It didn’t take him very long to make the pill for the young man, but when he went to give him his pills, Alex realized that some trouble had arrived.


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