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Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy – Chapter 1025: Forever Spring Auction House Bahasa Indonesia

Alex looked at 2 Saint realm cultivators that stood outside of his door, alongside the young man that was here to make pills.

“Here, take it,” Alex handed the young man’s pill and let him go. With him and another two Saints here, the young man would definitely be too scared to do anything while they were around.

As soon as the young man left, Alex turned to look at the two people waiting for him. Looking at their clothes, he couldn’t determine anything as it seemed these people didn’t have dedicated clothing if they belonged to a family.

He wondered if only sects and organizations had uniforms in this continent.

“How can I help you two?” Alex asked them.

One of the saints was an older man while the other one was a younger girl.

“Are you the alchemist that sold the miracle pill?” the older man asked in a rather respectful manner.

Alex was a little surprised. “Yes, I am,” he said.

“Was it you then who hit our young master with a mental attack?” the older man asked.

“You’re servants of that young man surnamed Huang?” Alex asked.

“We are nto servants, but relatives of the Huang family,” the older man said. “Our family head wishes to see you. Would you come with us?”

“What if I say no?” Alex asked.

“Then there’s nothing I can do but walk away empty-handed,” the old man said. “But, please reconsider. Our family head wishes to meet you so that you could make a pill for him. He holds no grudge for you attacking his son.”

Alex smiled. “Then you can return. I have no intention of meeting anyone before the auction opens,” he said and closed the door.

The two Saints that remained outside were left confused.

“I told you, we should’ve used force,” the girl finally spoke.

“You can’t always solve things with force, dear child. Why would you want to get on the bad side of an alchemist with such potential?” he asked.

The girl frowned a bit. “What do we do now then?” she asked.

“What else can we do?” the old man asked. “We will go back home and report our failure. The family head was always aware of the chance of failure when he sent us here.”

“Alright,” the girl said. “If he gets angry, I’m blaming it all on you,” the girl said and started walking.

The old man shook his head and followed behind her.

Alex returned back to his room where he was free to start making pills once more. Since there were quite a few days before the auction, he made his pills one at a time, taking as long as he wanted.

In between the pill-making session, he would cultivate his Qi as well as his Undying physique and his Demon eyes.

Unfortunately, he couldn’t improve his mental prowess due to losing the Mask along with everything else.

Between cultivating and making pills, his days went by very quickly before he made the pills.

The items for the auction needed to be provided 3 days prior to the event as they would need to advertise it to attract more bidders.

The pills were simple as he had mentioned to the crowd before. They either healed you or helped you in improving your cultivation, nothing else.

He could’ve gone for the other pills, but since these were the ones that were contested the most, he made them for monetary reasons.

Alex waited 3 more days until the auction was to start.

Auctions in Eastwatch city were frequent, but even so, each one was just as popular as the other. They were monthly events that the entirety of the city as well as the newcomers looked forward to.

Alex walked over to where the auction was being held, at the most popular auction house in the city called the Forever Spring auction house.

It was a massive auction house that held multiple different auctions at once.

People of different financial statuses could pay to go for the auction with better items in it.

These restrictions only fell only on people that weren’t saints yet. Every saint was allowed free access to go for any of the 3 different auctions that were being held.

Alex naturally chose the highest tier, the one where his pills were being sold. Despite being True rank pills, since they were 95% and above pills, people were more than excited to get their hands on the pill so that they could buy it for their family members.

Alex found himself a simple seat in the main hall. There were VIP rooms but they cost a lot of money to book, so there was no chance he was getting to sit there.

Besides, he wasn’t going to buy anything today. He was just here to see just what sort of items got sold in the Southern continent.

Alex watched the hall get filled and any minute now the auction would start.

However, before it could start, one of the staff members walked up to him. “Senior, you are being requested to experience the auction today alongside our guest in room 13,” the girl said.

Alex looked at the girl curiously and turned to look towards the VIP room that had a high viewpoint. Nothing inside could be seen from here, so he turned back towards the girl. “Who exactly is asking for me?” he asked.

The girl hesitated a little. “I’m sorry, senior, but our guest has forbidden me from revealing that information,” she said. “But he said you would know who he was just by the fact that he was requesting for you again on Auction day.”

Alex sighed. “I see,” he said. “He’s calling me to enjoy the auction?”

“Yes, senior,” the girl said.

“Okay then, let’s go,” Alex said and left the seat.

He walked away from the hall and went up a flight of stairs before arriving in front of room 13.

The staff who had brought him here knocked on the door and another staff from inside opened it.

Alex walked without any hesitation into the dark room with only 2 men inside. He recognized neither of the two, but seeing how one was seating on the seat next to the window and another was off to the side, he could guess which one was more important.

“Ah, you’re here,” the man turned around. The man couldn’t be called fit, but he couldn’t be called chubby either.

He had a short beard and mustache, and a head full of hair that flowed down past his shoulders.

“You are family head Huang?” Alex asked.

“I am,” the man said. “What might your name be?”

Alex walked up to the side of the family head and sat on the empty seat that was most likely kept empty for him.

“Yu Ming,” Alex said.

He subtly checked the cultivation of both of the people around him. The servant was in Saint Foundation 5th realm, while the family head Huang was Saint Core 3rd realm.

The man was stronger than Alex whatever angle one looked from. Still, Alex wasn’t phased. He had a lot up his sleeve as well.

“So, why did you call me here, family head?” Alex asked. “It can’t be to punish me for what I did to your son, right?”


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