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But from these 3 words, everyone instantly understood what was happening. Julia’s face turned pale as her body began to shiver in fright. Her eyes instantly turned red as tears filled her eyes. Julia suddenly felt her head was getting heavy. She nearly fell down if Sophie had not supported her body.

“Daughter won’t worry.”

“But Aditya…” Julia felt choked. Even though she bite that bad man, fought with him, and sometimes even punched him, she deeply loved that bad wolf.

“Don’t worry, your man is still alive.” As a 4th-order Adam still can sense Aditya. Even though the cloud of dust was pretending him from seeing anything else.

Her dad’s words worked like medicine. She instantly felt relieved. The burden in her heart instantly disappeared. “Dad, is he alright?” Meanwhile, the little brother of Julia wondered who this man was. He wanted to see the face of the man for whom his dear sister shed tears for.

“I am not sure. But he is alive.” Adam also calmed down a little knowing that bastard was still alive. Sophie also sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Aditya could be seen standing on the ground and breathing heavily.

Huff! Huff!

His upper wear was burned from the shockwave. The shockwave itself was more dangerous than he assumed. Despite protecting his body using mana and his dragon scales, he still suffered some burns and injuries from the shockwave of the attack.

Right before Eddie launched his attack, the dragon king had used one of his passive skill

Blast of Divine Fury!

[All of the host stats except for Mana will be temporarily increased by 50%]

Activating the skill increased Aditya’s stats by 50%. Meaning that his agility which had reached [600+] after activating Lightning dash was further increased by 50%. Before the Great Calamity slash fell on him, he was able to barely dodge the attack using his [900+] agility.

Huff! Huff!

“Even if my stats increase because of my skills, my physical body is simply not strong enough to handle the shockwave of a 4th-order attack.” If Aditya had not used mana to protect his body, his entire body would have exploded in a bloody mist. Even then he still suffered a lot of injuries.

His upper body was burned and was bleeding. He wanted to scream as loud as he can. The pain was just too much.

“Aditya, I know you’re still alive. Since you have pushed me this far. Let’s continue this battle, till we have a real winner.” Eddie sounded super excited as he said those words.

Adam and Sophie instantly frowned hearing Eddie’s voice. Julia also felt hatred for Eddie. “You should him before things get out of hand. He already has destroyed a large part of the castle.”

“No, I say we let them continue. Aditya still can hold his ground against a 4th-order.” Just as Adam said those words, the training ground which was covered with clouds of dust was dispersed by a wave of Crimson red flame.

“What is that?” Sophie felt fear seeing the Crimson red flame. She instinctively pulled Zak and Julia behind her to protect them.

“This is the Crimson flame. The most powerful flame in the whole world. Just how did this kid have the Crimson flame?” Adam never saw the Crimson flame with his eyes but he had heard that this flame was terrifying. The flame’s temperature was even higher than the temperature of magma.

Eddie standing 50 meters away from Aditya saw the wave of Crimson flame rising in the air.

“Hahaha! This is what I am talking about.” Eddie no longer had that calm look on his face. He laughed and behaved like a crazy person. Being trained under Adam, Eddie also was a battle maniac.

Eddie closed his right palm and formed a fist. He then condensed all of his Mana in his right fist and punched the ground that now had become a huge crater. The previous explosion had turned the entire training ground into a giant crater more than 500 meters deep.


“Mom, what is that?” Zak was clearly frightened by the wave of water that rose behind Eddie.

“That bastard, why is he using this kind of attack here?” Even though Adam said these words in anger, he failed to realize that he was also showing an excited smile on his face. He simply couldn’t wait to see how just powerful Aditya.

Great Tsunami!


In just 5 seconds a huge wave of water formed behind Eddie. “Aditya, you better give all in this attack otherwise you will die.”

Eddie stood on the top of the water.


The tsunami was 30 meters tall, taller than the entire castle, and 100 meters wide.

Adam’s face changed as he hurriedly used his mana to protect the soldiers who already had lost consciousness from the previous explosion. Some soldiers who were standing near instantly died from the shockwave, while most of them suffered serious burns.

“Sophie protect the children.” Sophie nodded as she also created a while mana barrier around them. Julia also used her power to create another extra layer of mana barrier. While Zak shrunk down and hid behind his mother’s legs.

“This Crimson King will never back out from a fight.” Two pairs of red Crimson wings appeared on Aditya’s back. He flew 30 meters above the ground as he used Crimson Blaze.


Breaking the ground, the Crimson flame started rising in the air. The Crimson flame wave was 30 meters big and 50 meters wide. Just the high temperature of the flame caused the Castle to start burning. Even though Adam and his family were standing almost 1.9 km away from Aditya, they still can feel the terrifying temperature of those Crimson flames.


Two great forces of nature clashed. When the tsunami hit the Crimson flame, everyone noticed that the temperature of the Crimson flame was so high that just from a single touch, the water was evaporating, turning into mist.

Even though Eddie tried to overcome and defeat Aditya’s flames, his greatest attack was turned into mist which instantly covered half of the city along with the castle and the training ground.

Huff! Huff!

“I am out of mana.” While standing 500 meters deep in the middle of the crater, Eddie looked at the Crimson flame that still looked the same as before. If he had clashed against a normal fire-type cultivator, then he would have won. But what he faced was the strongest flame in the whole world.

Before clouds of dust were covering the training ground but now a thick layer of mist was covering the entire castle and half of the city.

“It looks like Aditya won.” Adam was still shocked. How can a mere mid-2nd-order defeat a beginner 4th-order?

“Eddie, you gave your strongest attack, now allow me to present you my strongest attack.” Hearing the loud voice, everyone raised their heads. Adam with a wave of his hand cleared the mist that was blocking their view.

When the mist was cleared, Eddie nearly lost his consciousness from shock seeing 50 meters big sphere made of Crimson flame rapidly descending toward him. The Crimson orb was 1 km above the sky. Everyone in the city was able to see the crimson orb and was frightened to death.

“What is he doing? This attack…..will destroy the whole city.” Adam felt his throat getting dry. His heart beat wildly. Even he was not sure if he can defend against this kind of attack.

In the middle of the 50 meters giant sphere of Crimson flame, everyone saw a person rapidly descending toward Onard noble house’s castle.

“Just how much mana does this kid has?” The only reason Aditya was able to keep on fighting this long was because of his mana. The black heart provided him with a huge supply of mana.

Eddie bitterly smiled seeing the 50 meters giant Crimson sphere descending toward him. There was no way he can stop or defend against this kind of attack. “I give up. I lose this battle.”


It was as if the entire city had heard those words. A beginner 4th-order surrendering in front of a mid 2nd-order. This kind of thing has never happened. Adam and Sophie were also frightened. If Aditya was this horrifying strong being still being at Mid 2nd-order, how powerful he will become once he reaches 4th-order?

“I win.” Aditya extended his Crimson dragon wings and stopped when he was 500 meters above the ground. The Crimson flame around him started disappearing. From this height, he can see how just big the crater was.

The crater was 500 meters deep and more than 1000 meters wide. In the middle of the crater, Eddie was kneeling on the ground as he stared at Aditya with endless respect and admiration in his eyes.

Meanwhile, Julia treated Walter with a healing pill. When he regained his consciousness, the first thing he saw was Aditya standing 500 meters above the sky and looking down like a true overlord.

“If he is not worthy, then no one else is worthy.”

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