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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 79: Fight to extreme Bahasa Indonesia

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Under Walter’s nervous and concerned gaze, Aditya and Eddie stood opposite facing each other. The soldiers also stopped sparring and moved back to give space for Sir Eddie and Aditya to fight.

“Are you ready?” Eddie asked as his eyes radiated killing intent. He couldn’t wait to beat the hell out of Aditya.

“Yes, I am ready.” Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Aditya’s both arms transformed into dragon claws.

His arms were covered in red Crimson scales that seems to have a unique shine. His fingers turned into a dragon-sharp and long dragon claws. Both of his arms were shining in Crimson light.

‘So he is a dragon.’ Eddie and others realized that the future husband of the princess is actually a dragon. Even Walter also looked very surprised. He did not know that Aditya was a dragon.

‘What kind of dragon is he? He suppressed his bloodline to the extent that I assumed that he was a human.’ Walter wondered as stared at his arms.

Not every dragon had the power to suppress its bloodline. Even beginner 4th order Eddie, couldn’t sense Aditya’s bloodline even though he was only a few meters away from him. Ignoring everyone’s surprised gazes, Aditya took out his Peak 2-star sword that he had enchanted with runes.

“I am ready”


The ground beneath Eddie and Aditya shattered into pieces as they charged at each other.


Everyone heard the clunking sound of sword and greatsword colliding.

Clang! Clang!

After a few clashes, both of them retreated back and waited for the other party to attack. Eddie was a little impressed. Though he suppressed his speed to mid 2nd-order, he did not hold back in using his strength. Each of his strikes was enough to kill a beginner 3rd-order, yet Aditya managed to defend without taking any injuries.

Aditya stared at Eddie. He could feel his arms getting numb. Each strike of the greatsword was filled with power that even a 3rd order would have trouble defending against. If he had not transformed his arms into dragon claws, just the shockwave of their clashes would have cracked his arms bones if not broken his arms bones.


Everyone on the training ground heard the lightning cracking sound that came from Aditya. When they closely looked at his body, they found dark blue lightning was flickering around his body. With each passing second, the blue lightning around his body kept on increasing.

Lightning Dash!


Under everyone’s shocked gaze, Aditya disappeared as they kept hearing lightning cracking sounds. Even Walter rubbed his eyes several times in shock seeing how just Aditya moved. He no longer can see Aditya. The only thing he and others saw was a circle of blue flashes of lightning moving around Eddie.


‘He is fast. His speed is even higher than some Peak 3rd-order.’ At this moment Eddie might look calm outside, but his heart wasn’t calm at all. A mid 2nd-order moving at the speed faster than most Peak 3rd-order is unheard of.

Eddie tightly gripped the black greatsword as he waited for his attack. This battle long had passed the mark of second order.

Aditya moved 10 meters radius around Eddie. At this moment he was moving at the speed of [600+]. With each step he took, the ground beneath him slightly trembled.

‘Here it comes.’ Eddie felt the ground beneath him tremble for a small second. To his shock, the ground itself suddenly turned into magma. But before the magma touched his feet, he had jumped using all of his strength.


The strength of a beginner 4th-order cannot be underestimated. Eddie easily was able to jump 15 meters in the air.

Aditya did not stop running in a circle even though Eddie had jumped in the air. Just as Eddie jumped from the ground, seven red crimson bolts of lightning headed toward him from 7 directions.

Crimson Blink!

The attack took Eddie off guard. After all, he wasn’t prepared for anything like this. He still managed to react in time and block one of the crimson lightning bolts using his black greatsword.


Everyone in the training ground couldn’t believe it. Some of their bodies even trembled in fear. As the dust settled down, they found their teacher and also their commander with several injuries. The Shirt that Eddie was previously wearing was burned. Everyone saw several deep burning marks on his chest, back, shoulders, and on his thighs. The burning mark on his back was the worse, as some part of his flesh was also burned.

“No way, the commander was actually injured by a Mid-2nd-order.”

“This should be impossible.”

“This is in fact impossible. What we’re seeing is not less than a miracle.”

Neither party was holding back. Eddie at first simply wanted to teach William a lesson by using his strength. But who would have thought that the lady Julia’s future husband would be this powerful? Powerful enough to harm a beginner 4th-order.


Aditya appeared 20 meters away from Eddie. ‘To think my Crimson blink can only do this much damage to him shows just how strong a 4th-order really is.’ If Aditya had used the same move against Peak 3rd-order, he was 100% sure that 3rd-order would have instantly died. But Eddie was able to take on his attack only to end up with some 3rd-degree burns.

Eddie did not say a word rather the killing intent in his eyes only increased. A mid 2nd-order managing to land injuries on a beginner 4th order is unheard of. Right now Eddie wanted nothing more than to fight Aditya without holding back at all.

Eddie was the general and also the commander of Lord Adam. He has led troops to many battles and has managed to win all of them. He even forgot how long it has been since the last time he was injured. Now that he finally has found an opponent that could injure him, he wanted to fight. He totally forgot that Aditya was Lord Adam’s guest and most importantly Lady Julia’s husband.

Eddie raised the 1 meters long black greatsword above his head as he began condensing more and more of his mana in his greatsword, causing a faint blue Aura to surround the black greatsword. The faint blue Aura that was surrounding the black great sword started expanding in length.

Aditya, Walter, and other soldiers looked up and were horrified to see a 20 meters long blue transparent energy spiraling around the black greatsword.

“Eddie, stop. You’re going too far.” Walter desperately shouted as he believed that there was no way Aditya could take the attack. This attack would also damage a large of the castle itself.

However, Eddie was deeply immersed in the battle. He does not know how long it has been since he found someone who can give him a good fight.

Great Calamity Slash!

If Walter had the strength, the power, the agility, then he would have rushed to save Aditya from this horrifying attack.

The attack descended on Aditya at lightning speed.


A thunderous sound shook the entire city of Apogale. All the citizens who were sleeping peacefully were instantly awakened by the thunderous roar of heaven. The castle and the areas around the castle began shaking as if some great earthquake had come.

“Young Master.” Walter and all the soldiers were blown away from the shockwave of the attack. If someone looked in the direction of the Onard family castle, then they would see a giant mushroom cloud rising in the air.

The roar of heaven also awakened Julia, Zak, Adam, and his wife Sophie from their sleep. “Did someone attack our Castle?” Adam instantly rushed out of his room while Sophie and Julia hurriedly changed their pajamas before also running out of their rooms.

Meanwhile, the entire training ground which was 5 km big, and a big part of the castle were destroyed by the attack. All the soldiers who were standing at the side were blown away by the explosion of shockwave-like leaves.

The only person who was still standing in the middle of the shockwave was Eddie himself. Dust and pebbles were flying around, making it difficult for him to see anything. He simply stood still as he can still feel that Aditya was still alive.

“What happened here?” Adam, Sophie, Julia, and her little brother Zak arrived near the training ground. The only thing they saw was dust flying everywhere. Because of the dust, no one was able to see what just had happened.

“Walter” Sophie noticed Walter lying next to the wall. His face looked pale. Sophie runs to Walter’s side and hurriedly fed him a healing potion.

Cough! Cough!

Walter coughed out a mouthful of blood.

“What happened here?” Adam asked while barely restraining his killing intent. He has known as the Savage Lion for no reason. Not even the Emperor has the balls to just directly attack his Castle.


“Young master and Eddie…..” Before Walter could finish the rest of the sentence, he lost his consciousness and fell to the ground.

But from these 3 words, everyone instantly understood what was happening. Julia’s face turned pale as her body began to shiver in fright. Her eyes instantly turned red as tears filled her eyes.

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