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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 52: Late stage of the War Bahasa Indonesia


“What just happened?”

“I don’t know. The attack was too fast for us.”

“If it was us in the place of general Oscar, then our bodies would have exploded like a watermelon.”

“Just how much raw strength does one needs to have to make a human explode like a watermelon?”

While the soldiers were stunned by the display of King Aditya’s strength, Aditya didn’t just stop there.

After sending general Oscar flying with a powerful kick, Aditya focused his attention on the Necromancer. Unfortunately for the enemy, since Morgan was a Necromancer, her battle powers lay in her summons and in her spells.


Faster than the wind, the dragon king appeared behind General Morgan. Before she could do anything, with a slash of the Crimson Dragon’s wrath Aditya instantly destroyed thousands of undead summons.


‘He fast. Too fast.’ For the first time, Morgan had seen someone who was this fast.

Undead Domain!

Silently Morgan quickly activated one of her most powerful innate skills. Aditya without realizing that Morgan had activated one of her Necromancer class skills, swung his sword again, releasing a huge wave of Crimson flame that instantly annihilated another 2,000 undead skeletons.

Crimson Blink!

While killing the zombies, Aditya used one of his passive skills to launch a molten bolt at Morgan. The red-orange bolt of lightning headed towards Morgan at super speed.

Knowing that she can’t dodge the lightning bolt in time, Morgan covered her entire body with Mana and took the attack head-on.


“Did it work?” Aditya while slaughtering undead looked at Morgan for a second. The dragon king was left shocked seeing Morgan still standing in her place without taking any damage. Other than the white smoke that was coming off her body, she looked completely fine.

“But how?”

“Now it’s my turn”

Shadow ball!

With Morgan’s two words, more than 20 spheres made out of the darkness appeared behind her. All the spheres were the size of a human head. Under her orders, all 20 spheres shot toward Aditya at very high speed.

Crimson Blaze!

Aditya hurriedly created a Crimson Wall in front of the shadow spheres but he failed to see the arrival of another individual. General Oscar who was previously sent flying with a powerful kick appeared behind Aditya when he was distracted dealing with the shadow balls.

“Time to pay back” Saying that Oscar swung the greatsword aiming to cut the Dragon King in half. At the very last moment, Aditya once again used Crimson Blaze to cover his entire body Crimson Flame in form of defense.


Everyone on the battlefield looked at Aditya with their eyes wide open. Beneath that Crimson red robe, the Dragon King was wearing Peak 2-star armors that has been enchanted by rune magic.

“What?” Oscar’s face turned ugly. It was not just Peak 2-star armor, but also Crimson dragon scales were covering Aditya’s entire body from his neck.

“You thought I had left my body unprotected? How foolish!” Ever since his fight with general Darren, Aditya always has made sure to wear Peak 2-star armors. He realized that in order to face off the 3rd-order generals, his natural defense wasn’t enough. So before coming here, he took extra time to increase his defense. He had enchant his armors in a way that his Crimson Flames won’t melt down his armors.

Crimson Blink!

Ahh! Once again Oscar was sent flying faster than a cannonball. This time a red-orange bolt of lightning hit his chest which instantly damaged the silver armor that he was wearing.

Lightning Dash!

As blue lightning flickered around Aditya, he once again disappeared from his position. “I will deal with you first” It was like Aditya had teleported behind Morgan but in reality, he just moved too fast.

“I don’t think so” Aditya’s eyes widened when he felt his mana being suppressed to some extent. Before he could realize what he happening, he and everyone on the battlefield were further shocked when Morgan grabbed the Crimson Dragon Wrath sword that Aditya aimed at her throat.


“But how?”

“Morgan is not a body cultivator so her raw strength shouldn’t be that high. But then how did she grab His majesty’s incoming attack?” Even Aditya inwardly had the same question as others.

‘What is happening? Is this one of her Necromancer skills?’ Aditya couldn’t understand how Morgen blocked his attack. Even when he attacked her molten bolt, she was able to take on his attack and managed to remain undamaged.

‘It’s not only my mana that is being suppressed. But also my strength and agility also have dropped.’ Aditya gritted his teeth in frustration. This was the first time he had found himself in this kind of situation.

“Unfortunately, it’s time to die.” Even if Morgan respected Aditya deeply, she wasn’t going to hesitate in trying to kill Aditya. On the battlefield, there was no room for mercy toward enemies.

Under Morgan’s orders, the remaining of her undead surrounded Aditya while she silently cast one of her spells.

Shadow Wave of Death!

Aditya noticed Morgan’s entire body seems to be glowing in the darkness. It was like an extra layer of darkness was surrounding her body. ‘What is happening?’

However, he didn’t get time to think as the undead skeletons began attacking from all directions. ‘First I will have to get rid of these undead skeletons.’ Aditya waved his hand as a 1-meter wall of Crimson flame covered the ground around Aditya while turning all the skeletons under a certain range to ashes.

‘My mana would have fully suppressed if not for the Black heart. What did she do to me?’ Aditya noticed Morgan was silently chanting another spell.

‘Sh*t! She is going for another curse-type spell.’


Suddenly Aditya started feeling dizzy and light-headed. He fell on his right knee as he coughed out blood. ‘I have to get away from her.’ Whatever spells this Necromancer was using, Aditya realized he was affected as soon as he came near her.

[_Stamina: – 199/209

_Health: – 200/209]

‘She must have done something that slowly draining my stamina and health.’ Without wasting another second, Aditya activated the lightning dash skill and got away from Morgen.


Aditya appeared 100 meters away from Morgan. He noticed that his mana and other stats were no longer suppressed also his stamina and Health also stopped dropping.

‘So She really was using curse-type spells’ Some people in this world specialize in using curse-type spells. Curse spells can be countered by holy magic or Holy attribute artifacts. As a Necromancer, it was Aditya’s mistake to not realize that Morgen also can use curse-type spells.

‘This is why she was able to take on my attacks so easily. She must have used a spell that increases her defense while decreasing the opponents’ attacking powers for a short period of time.’

While Aditya was taking on Morgen, he had momentarily forgotten about a certain person. Oscar who was sent flying with a molten bolt noticed that his opponent Aditya was more focused on fighting Morgan and at this point, King Aditya was practically ignoring him.

“How dare this bastard ignore me.” Oscar angrily rip off the silver armor that he was wearing. From Aditya’s attack, the armor was now useless as it was badly damaged.

Oscar was about to rush to face Aditya again but out of nowhere a black flame hit him.


“Which bast**d dared to attack me off guard?” When the smoke settled down, Oscar finally was able to see the being who just dared to sneak attack him.

“I shall take you on.” The beginner 3rd-order Wyvern, who had submitted himself to Aditya stood towering Oscar. The Wyvern knew that he only needed to buy enough time for his King to finish off the other 3rd-order then his King would have no problem killing this arrogant human.

“You worm!” At this point, Oscar was increasingly getting angrier. His desire was to fight someone stronger. When that strong opponent finally appeared, he was ignored and forced to fight a worm. This has never happened to him before.


“Everyone, don’t stop. Now that his Majesty is here, our victory is almost confirmed.” With three Peak 2nd-order Wyverns constantly attacking the Zulux Dynasty forces, Aditya’s 7 generals and his remaining troops were able to change the tide of the battle. Currently, they were pushing the enemy as the number of enemy troops number rapidly kept on decreasing.

Midnight Lost child!

Just like everyone, Amber was fighting hundreds of the enemy troops alone. Currently, among the 7 captains, she was the strongest. Awakening, the royal fox bloodline has increased her magical power as well as her physical stats.



Nightmare Slash!


As the fox queen kept on slaughtering her enemies without stopping even for a second, suddenly she felt something was wrong. For a moment Amber stopped her killing spree when she felt that all of her mana was rushing back into her heart.

“It looks like she is out of mana.”

“let’s use this chance and kill this B*t*h”

The enemy troops mistakenly assumed that Amber was out of mana seeing her stop. 100 enemy infantry troops rushed at Amber in excitement. Finally, they got a chance to kill one of the 7 generals.

However, when the troops crossed the 10 meters line, they saw a cold smile on Amber’s face which sent chills down their spine.


Before they realized what was happening, a powerful wave of mana was released from Amber’s body. Sensing the rapid increase in Amber’s mana and powers, other generals stopped for a second and looked at Amber with smiles on their faces. Everyone understood what was happening.

Even Aditya who has been attacking Morgen from the distance stopped for a second, realizing what was happening with Amber. “So she is finally breaking through.”

“No way, she broke through.” The troops that previously rushed to kill Amber in excitement now looked at Amber with pale faces as their legs trembled uncontrollably.

Amber opened her eyes as taking a deep breath. “I really have to thank Julia for giving me all those pills.” Amber’s Body cultivation had reached beginner 2nd-order while her magical cultivation had reached Mid 1st order. She was able to progress this fast because of her awakening her bloodline and also because of the pills that Julia made for her.

“I never expected that I would break through in the middle of a battle. Time to die boys.” Amber elegantly took the first few steps. Each time she took a step, the soldiers felt like they were being hypnotized by this fox queen’s beauty. After reaching 2nd order Amber’s charm also increased.

The air around Amber started vibrating strongly. The next second when the soldiers blinked their eyes, Amber had disappeared.


“Where did she go?”

“I don k…..Ahh!”


Now that Amber had reached 2nd-order, she was unstoppable. No soldier can stop her. Along with her illusion magic and her agility, Amber had become the third deadliest force that resulted in the fall of the Zulux Dynasty troops.

Thank for all the gifts and golden tickets!!!!


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