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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 216: Southern Region War [V]; Winner Bahasa Indonesia

The battle continued. Aditya wasn’t interested in seeing millions of troops fight and die. He was more interested in watching the battle of all the powerful fifth-order cultivators. Other factions also felt the same.

It has been 5 minutes since all the fifth-order cultivators have started fighting. So far, none of the fifth-order cultivators have gotten seriously injured. Watching the commanders of the Ageless island and the Mist Ocean, Aditya felt strange.

“These are more are actually having fun. They are not even fighting seriously.”

“If you think about it, the Ageless Islands and the Mist Ocean are neighbors. Even if they have chosen different sides, in the end, they are still allies. Maybe they are not purposely harming each other and are waiting for others to finish the battle.”

“No, if you observe them carefully, it’s more like both of them are holding back and testing each other’s powers.” It was indeed just as Aditya had said. Both commanders almost knew nothing about each other and were testing their powers.

On another part of the battlefield, above the clouds, both cousins’ battle had reached its peak.


A huge explosion took place. Both Albert and Lucas were breathing heavily while staring at each other. Both of them were almost out of mana.

“Even if I die, I will take you out with me.” Saying that a huge Ice spear began to condense in front of Albert. Seeing this Lucas’s eyes flashed in a strange light. No one knew what he was thinking. Instead of preparing something to counter, Lucas stood there doing nothing.

Albert put all of his remaining mana into the ice spear which caused the ice spear to become almost 100 meters big in size.

“With this, everything will be over.” Albert threw the ice spear at Lucas with his full strength. Seeing this Lucas showed a sly grin which made Albert feel something is wrong here.

The next second, on Lucas’s right, a second Lucas appeared. Hundreds of Lucas continued to appear all over the sky, surrounding Albert in the process.

The Frost Dragon stared at hundreds of Lucas in horror as he watched the 100-meter size ice spear going through Lucas without harming him.

“What the hell is this?” Albert, for the first time, felt fear in his heart seeing hundreds of Lucas.

All the Lucas surrounding Albert smiled while spreading their arms. “Let’s just say that this is a trick that I have managed to master.” A golden sword formed in all the hundred Lucas’s hands. Albert had no idea which Lucas was the real one. When he tried to sense Lucas’s Aura, he found that all of Lucas had the same Aura as the original Lucas, and this made it impossible for Albert to find the real Lucas.

“Goodbye, dear Cousin.” Albert who was out of mana and exhausted and was also confused couldn’t dodge the golden sword that severed his dragon head from his body. The next second, Albert felt himself falling down. The Frost Dragon couldn’t feel his body anymore. All of a sudden, his entire body started feeling cold. While losing consciousness he looked at Albert whose face now had turned pale but the mocking smile on his face was still there. A second later, Albert died. When he died, his soul was taken away by a strange force. No one, not even Lucas noticed this. No cultivator in this world can see souls.

Seeing Albert’s body falling down, Lucas finally returned to his human form. As soon as his body changed back to its human form, Lucas quickly wore another set of clothes from his storage ring. Now that Lucas had returned to his human form, others were finally able to see his wounds.

There was a big bite mark on Lucas’s neck. Long claw marks on his stomach and on his back. To stop the bleeding Lucas took healing pills and then waited for his mana to be recovered.

“I should Thank father for giving me this thing.” Lucas looked at the transparent triangular-shaped crystal pendant which now had cracked. This pendant allowed one to use a special skill known as ‘Mirror Images’.

In the final moments, Lucas used this skill to make mirror versions of himself. The most special thing about this skill was the fact that all the mirror images also copied the user’s cultivation of Aura. This made it impossible for Albert to find the real Lucas among hundreds of fake Lucas.

Somewhere, a man sitting on a frost throne looked at the transparent screen before him in silence. This man was the Emperor of the Northern Frost Dragon Empire. No amount of words can describe this man’s handsomeness. Some even called this call an angel as his face and his body were too handsome.

“Your majesty…” The Prime Minister of the Northern Frost Dragon Empire looked at the Emperor in worry. Everyone in the Empire knew how much the Emperor loved his children. But contrary to what the Prime Minister had expected, the Emperor remained calm.

Seeing one of his sons dying, the man showed no emotion on his face. This made the Prime Minister confused.

After a brief moment of silence, the prime minister asked. “Your Majesty, should we send reinforcements?” The Northern frost Dragon empire still had two 5th-order generals. The Prime Minister felt if no reinforcement is sent they might lose this battle which would be a huge loss for their Empire.

“No, Just keep observing. Soon, no one would even care about the Black Dragon King.” Seeing the strange smile on the Emperor’s face, the Prime Minister had goosebumps.

The Emperor got up from his frost throne. “I am going out. Don’t send any reinforcements.” The prime minister couldn’t understand why the Emperor was forbidding him to send any reinforcements. If no reinforcements are sent, then the 5th-order cultivators from the enemy side will join hands and eradicate their troops. Since the Emperor had ordered, as the prime minister he couldn’t really disobey the Emperor.

Just as Albert died, the mid-5th-order guardian who was supposed to protect Albert sensed this. The guardian knew that he was already too late and now he could only try to avenge the prince by killing Prince Lucas.

At some other part of the battlefield, the commander of the Cloud Earth empire had managed to kill the commander of the Storm Empire. After killing Storm Empire’s commander, the commander of the Cloud Earth empire decided to help the Mist ocean since they were fighting on the same side.

Against two 5th-order cultivators, the Ageless Islands’ general couldn’t keep up and ended up dying within a minute or two.

While all these were happening, no one knew how the battle between two Peak 5th-order cultivators was going on. Both Peak 5th-order cultivators can prevent others from spying on their battle.

Below the clouds, by all half of the Wyverns from both sides has either fallen or were seriously injured. While the other half was still engaged in a bloodthirsty fight.

On the ground, the battle was still far from being over.

Both Peak 5th-order cultivators fought for more than 10 minutes. No one knew the result of the battle except for the White Dragon king and the Black Dragon King.

Huff! Huff!

“It looks like I won this fight.”

“Hmph! I am not dead yet. You can only claim your victory over my dead body.”

Above the clouds, both Peak 5th-order cultivators of both Dragon Empires looked seriously injured. Their whole body was a mess. Only they knew how intense this battle was.

“I will remember this debt forever. I will see you again, Kang.” Saying that the elder of the Northern Frost Dragon Empire retreated. While the elder of the Southern Fire Dragon Empire whose name was Kang did not try to chase Charles.

Sensing that Charles had left the battlefield, Kang lowered his guard. And finally started to tend to his wounds.

“The 5th-order cultivators from Ageless Islands and the Storm Empire have been killed. I should hurry before Prince Lucas is killed by the enemy 5th-order cultivators.”

It was just as Kang had thought. Lucas was surrounded by the commanders of Cloud Earth Empire and Mist Ocean. “Prince Lucas, this will be the end of you.”

“Hmph! We will see about that.” Even when being surrounded by multiple 5th-order cultivators, Lucas still had a smile on his face. He was already thinking of how he can escape from this place without getting harmed. His brain was functioning at full speed.

Fortunately, Kang was there to keep the prince of the Southern Fire Dragon Empire safe. Kang moved faster than any 5th-order could react. The agility of the peak 5th order was on another level.


Lucas widened his eyes to find the bodies of the 5th-order commanders exploding into bloody mists.

“Your Majesty, I hope I am not too late.”

“Kang, You’re just in time.” This battle was won by the southern Fire Dragon Empire.

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