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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 215: Southern Region War [IV]; Chaos Bahasa Indonesia

Albert and Lucas retreated 100 meters away. All of a sudden both of their bodies were covered in a transparent white and black layer of energy. Both of their eyes changed. Both Lucas and Albert’s eyes now had a vertical slit. At the same time, their bodies also began to change. Their hands turned into dragon claws. Their legs turned into dragon legs.

Black Dragon scales began to grow over Lucas’s body. While White dragon scales began to cover Albert’s body. Both of their faces started changing. The clothes that both of them wore were torn as their bodies started elongating.

In less than 10 seconds, both Lucas and Albert had turned into an Eastern dragon. Albert turned into a majestic-looking white frost dragon. While Lucas turned into a fierce and dominating Black Fire Dragon. The scales on both of their bodies had a unique glow in them making them look very beautiful.

As soon as both Lucas and Albert took their dragon form which increased their physical stats, both released a powerful roar from their mouth.


Both Lucas and Albert in their dragon forms were around 15 meters long. Each of their dragon claws was 3 meters long and very sharp. Both of their snake-like long bodies that floated in the sky attracted a lot of attention. It was the first time the soldiers had seen two of their princes in Dragon form.

When a human goes back to his Dragon form, the physical stats of that Dragon is increased to a certain extent.

Scene change

“I have to admit both of them look pretty cool.” Saying that Julia looked at Aditya. It was not just Julia, others also stared at Aditya. Everyone in this room knew that Aditya was a divine Dragon but no one had ever seen his dragon form before. In fact, Aditya entered into his dragon form only once or twice in the past before his dragon bloodline evolved into Divine Rank.

“What? I never faced any enemy that can force me to turn myself into a dragon.” Just like Aditya said, when he transformed himself into a dragon, his base stats would be doubled which would make him super powerful. So far the only opponent who was able to push Aditya into using his Inferno Overdrive and other skills that would boost his stats was Ashley.

“You know, I have never seen you in your dragon form.” Julia was indirectly telling Aditya that she wants to see him in his dragon form. Others also wanted the same. But they did not have the courage to say it loud like Julia. Not everyone had the same authority as Julia. Julia was the future Empress of the Istarin Empire and that itself gave her second most authority after Aditya. Not even Watson had this much authority.

“Princess, when the time comes I will show you my dragon form but for now let’s not get distracted.” Hearing Aditya’s words, Julia pouted before snorting.

“Hmph! It’s not like I was interested in seeing you in your dragon form anyway. To me, Eastern dragons are more beautiful.” Aditya felt his right eye twitching hearing the princess’s words.

“What’s so beautiful about these overgrown snakes anyway? They are not even true Dragons? Calling these overgrown snakes a dragon is a disgrace to all True Dragons.” By true Dragons, Aditya meant all the Western Dragons in this world.

When Julia said that Eastern dragons are more beautiful, Aditya felt his pride hurt especially when he was a western Dragon and the Dragon Monarch.

Scene Change___

Meanwhile, Both Black Fire dragon and Frost Dragon stared at each other before charging at each other at full speed. Right now both Albert and Lucas were strong enough to take on Mid 5th-order cultivators. After transforming into a Dragon, their physical stats had increased.


Black Fire Dragon and Frost Dragon’s heads collided. Albert let another roar before moving his head to bit Lucas’s neck. As soon as Albert’s dragon teeth touched The Black fire Dragon’s neck, frost started to form over Lucas’s skin.

Lucas in response moved his tail like a whip. Flames began to spiral around his dragon tail.


Albert was pushed off by Lucas’s tail attack. Then Lucas used a bit of his mana to remove the frost that had formed over his neck.

While Lucas and Albert fought, the armies of that sides had finally arrived and faced each other in the central plains. While all the 5th-order cultivators fought, the vice-commanders who were Peak 4th-order cultivators took the lead and started the great battle.

While the Southern Fire Dragon Empire had bought 2.1 million troops, the Northern Fire Dragon Empire had sent 2.5 million troops.

Both sides placed the archers and the siege weapons at the back while the warrior-type cultivators are put at the front.

Both Dragon Empires had very powerful siege weapons capable of destroying more than ten thousand troops at the same time. In a few minutes, all the cannons and other siege weapons were set up.

[In the name of the Southern Fire Dragon Empire and his Majesty, let’s defeat the enemy and take back our land.]

[In the name of the Northern Frost Dragon empire and the Emperor, let’s defeat the enemy and take back our land.] Both Dragon Empires considered the other Dragon Empire’s land as theirs.


Soldiers from both sides started running at each other. However, it was not easy to run on the layer of thick snow. The soldiers who had magical mounts had a very easy time. Having mounts gave them extra power. Around 300 to 400 meters above the sky, all the Wyverns from both sides also started fighting.

At the same time, hundreds of thousands of archers raised their bows and fired their arrows which began to rain down on the enemy. The cannons from both sides also started firing.

In less than 5 minutes, the entire battlefield was filled with chaos. Each second, many soldiers lost their lives, got injured, and fell into the snow. The snowfield began to get dyed with the fresh red blood of both Dragon empire’s troops.

It was very difficult to move the cannon attacks and the arrows. If one is not careful enough, at any time, an arrow or a siege attack would kill one. The number of soldiers that began to die each second had broken the 1,000 barriers.

Seeing the whole situation of this battlefield, some soldiers who belonged to the Allied Empires and who were bought here to fight on behalf of one of the dragon Empires, couldn’t help but feel regret.


“Dammit, why the hell, are we fighting for another Empire? If I had known that this shit would be this dangerous, I would have stayed home and slept with my wife.”

“I would have done the same. If I die now, then who will look after my wife and my newborn child.”

The soldiers were not told what they were going to be facing. Without giving any chance of refusal they were bought here. As seconds turned into minutes and as the dead body counts on the battlefield started increasing and as the white snow began to turn red, more soldiers started feeling this way.

“In a war, it is the rulers and nobles who gain benefit while it is the common people and soldiers who suffer the most.”

“Brother, we can’t really complain. Compare to other jobs, soldiers get more salary. When we sign up to become a soldier, our lives are already at risk of dying.” Another soldier commented with a bitter smile.

“Hey! Stop complaining. Consider yourselves lucky. Unlike others, we are not fighting at the front line.” The Weak Soldiers were ordered to load the cannon while the strong soldiers were sent to the front line.

“Load the Cannon and prepare to fire.” Two soldiers put a cannonball inside the cannon. The third soldier put a little bit of his mana into the cannon while pointing at the 45-degree angle to the South.


As the canon was fired, a black ball rose hundreds of meters above the sky and then landed at the southern side of the battlefield from where the enemy archers were shooting arrows. Upon being in contact with the ground, the explosive material inside the black ball exploded.


The explosion took out nearly 100s archers and injured many more. Just like this, both Dragon Empires kept on firing cannons and arrows; with the intention of trying to weaken the enemy’s frontline.

At the same time, above the clouds, ten 5th-order cultivators were engaged in a life-and-death battle. As minutes passed, more and more troops fell. Although many forces were observing this battle in secret, everyone failed to notice the white magic circle that covered the whole battlefield.

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