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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 206: In Pursuit of Power Bahasa Indonesia

This passionate kiss with Julia had awakened the suppressed Crimson Flame inside Aditya. Right now his crotch was in pain. His arms were itching. His throat had gone dry as if he had never drunk water for 100 years. The emotions that he was feeling were very difficult to explain in words.

“Julia, I want you.” Saying that the Dragon King went on to Kiss Julia’s neck. When his soft and warm lips touched her neck, Julia felt a bolt of pleasure throughout her body. Without even realizing it, the goddess let out a sweet and seductive moan that only added more fuel to Aditya’s inner Crimson Flames.


Aditya gently kissed her neck and then began to move down while kissing. Aditya treated Julia as if she was the most delicate and precious object in the entire world. Each time, the Dragon Monarch kissed the Goddess, the Goddess felt a bolt of pleasure.

Aditya moved down and started to kiss her collarbone. With each kiss, more heat was being built up inside Julia. The Goddess instinctively wrapped her arms behind his head.


Sitting on Aditya’s lap, the goddess could feel something hot and big. Julia was well-educated enough to know what this thing was.

The goddess had no hesitation or any trace of doubt in her heart. She loved Aditya with her whole heart. That night when Aditya kissed her under the moonlight, from that moment, the goddess had considered Aditya as her man.

Meanwhile while kissing Julia, Aditya’s hands went to touch Julia’s ass cheeks. When he squeezed them, the goddess moaned once again. But this time her moan was louder and sweeter.


Julia’s moans were only increasing Aditya’s desire. Right now he was finding it very hard to keep himself in control. The fire of desire in his body was clouding his judgment. Unable to control himself any longer, while giving soft kisses to Julia’s collarbone, Aditya’s right arm went to touch Julia’s chest. But before his right arm could touch her chest, the right arm stopped in mid-air as he felt someone approaching the throne hall.

A frown appeared on Aditya’s face. Right now he felt like breaking every single bone of that person.


‘Why he is here of all times?’ Aditya felt very frustrated. His Phallus was starting to hurt as well.

Seeing that Aditya has stopped suddenly, Julia looked down only to notice Aditya’s frowning look. Julia got worried for a second thinking that she unknowingly had done something that has made Aditya upset and had even made him frown.

“Is something wrong?” Julia gently asked. Her voice was so gentle that it made Aditya doubt if Julia’s personality had changed.

“Leo Gallagher is here.” Realizing that someone was here to interrupt them, Julia felt annoyed. They were finally about to take their relationship to the next level but someone had to interrupt them at this moment.

Aditya helped Julia get up from his Lap. Aditya wouldn’t have minded if Julia had just kept sitting on his lap but knowing that this wife had a very shy personality, Julia definitely wouldn’t want to be intimate with Aditya in front of anyone. After Julia got up, she instantly noticed the big bulge on Aditya’s pants.

Seeing Julia looking at the crotch, Aditya showed a bitter smile. Unfortunately for him, his flames of desire have to be extinguished for now. Noticing Aditya’s bitter smile, Julia showed a thoughtful reaction before she can say anything the doors of the throne hall were pushed open by a handsome young man.

The young man had blue hair like Aditya. Despite looking 17 or 18 years old young man, he was actually a lot younger. Being a Divine Crimson Dragon’s Dragonian, the young man’s body has grown a lot. The young man had a big mana reserve for someone who was only at 3rd-order.

This boy and his little sister were saved by Aditya and were bought by the Istarin Empire. Since then, Aditya has allowed him and his sister to stay in the Palace.

Leo kneeled before Aditya. “Greetings to his Majesty.”

“Stand up Leo. Leo, it looks like your cultivation has improved again.” It’s almost unbelievable to think that someone so young is already at 3rd-order. If this news got out, then Leo would be called the number one genius of the Dying Isle continent. Fortunately, no information about Leo or anyone who lives in this Palace besides Aditya and Watson was leaked to anyone.

Every Dragonian had very high cultivation speed. In the case of Leo, even before he became a cultivator, he was a talented person. When he became a Dragonian, his cultivation speed only increased. Leo was one of the fastest-growing Dragonians. There is no doubt that in a few years or maybe even sooner than that, Leo might become a 5th-order powerhouse.

“Yes, thanks to the pills that big sister Julia gave me.” From the corner of Aditya’s eyes, he looked at Julia for a brief second before looking at Leo again. This was surprising. The Leo that Aditya remembered was so cold to everyone except his own sister. But now Leo was warm to Julia. He was even thanking Julia. It only made Aditya wonder what happened in these 6 days that changed Leo this much.

“So, what happened? Do you need anything?”

“I want to gain real fighting experience. So I was thinking if I can work with big brother Scott for a while.”

Aditya has never really sent Leo out to experience real battles. This whole time Leo has been building his strength. He has been cultivating. But if he does not get fighting experience, if he does not learns to use his full powers and knows his capabilities, then even if Leo becomes a 5th-order cultivator in the future, he would have no real strength.

Aditya kind of forgot about this fact with all the things keeping him busy. The last few months, Aditya barely got time to take a breath. He was working practically day and night. It was normal for Aditya to forget about one or two things.

Every month, the 6 generals are sent out to various parts of the Empire to exterminate bandits groups or criminals from the Istarin Empire. While the shadow guardian, Nathan, and his whole division worked on finding information on those bandits or thugs. This new system was recently introduced. This method allows the 7 division captains to take out the new recruits to gain experience which is necessary for their future development.

“Why go with Scott? I mean he and his entire division are full of archers and you’re not an archer. Why not go with Henry or Eleanor?” Aditya curiously asked.

“There are several reasons why I want to go with Scott. The first reason is Scott’s ability to spot enemies from a long distance. Also, I want to see what archers do on the battlefield.” Leo’s reasons were not so convincing.

“The truth is, Leo’s sister, Clara, wants to become an archer. Leo wants to learn more about Archer so that he can teach his little sister.” Aditya now understood why Leo was willing to work with Scott.

“If that’s the case you can go with Scott. I will ask Scott to also teach the basics of archery when he has time. Speaking of your little sister, how is she doing these days? It has been a week or two since I last saw her.”

“Thank you for asking your Majesty. My sister has been doing well.” When speaking of his little sister, Leo showed a genuinely happy face. It was as if the frost on his face melts every time he speaks of his sister.

“Leo, I know that you don’t have much talent with the bow. Why don’t I hire a private instructor to teach Clara about archery or Scott could teach Clara when he is free? Even if you managed to learn the basics, you wouldn’t have enough qualifications to teach someone else as you’re not master in bow meaning that you will make mistakes which might be passed down to your sister.” It would be better for Clara to learn Archer from the master.

Leo hesitated for a moment before agreeing with Aditya’s suggestion. “Alright then. I will ask Scott to send one of his best archers from his division to teach Clara.”

After that Aditya asked Leo some other questions which he replied in very brief words. Aditya did not hold Leo any longer. After Leo left, Aditya turned to Julia. “How did Leo change so much?”

“Actually his little sister is the key to opening his frost-cold heart. Give him some more time, I am sure soon he will start smiling. Being the big brother, Leo was forced to mature much earlier. If I or you were in his position, you would be even like him or maybe even worse than him. The reason why he is so passionate about strength is that he wants to protect his sister.”


Aditya understood what Julia was trying to say. Aditya just hopes Leo does lose himself in pursuit of power.

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