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Dragon Monarch System – Chapter 205: “Julia, I want you.” Bahasa Indonesia

“How was everything in my absence?” Aditya has been away from the Istarin Empire for 6 days. Although he knew that nothing major can happen given the measures he has taken in the past, he still asked as he was concerned.

“Your Majesty, you can rest assured. Everything has been going just as you have planned. In fact, with each day, our revenue is only increasing.”

“That’s good. How many soldiers were recruited?” The Istarin Empire needed more soldiers. If the Istarin Empire wanted to become powerful without Aditya, a large number of soldiers were required to do that. These days Julia has been constantly making pills that would help the soldiers to advance to 2nd-order within a few months to one year of cultivation.

One week before Aditya left, soldiers were recruited from all over the Istarin Empires. Even the soldiers who previously worked for the other Kingdoms and Dynasties which has been conquered by Aditya now were working as the Istarin troops.

“Your Majesty, this week, we have recruited more than 30,000 soldiers. All the soldiers are now being trained by the 7 commanders.”

“What about the plan of expanding the training ground?”

“Everything is going according to the plan. The Earth mages are working to expand the training ground as soon as possible which would allow us to train more soldiers at the same time.”

“While I was away, did anyone try to look for me?” Deep down Aditya was fearing that the outer members of The League of Black Tomb were also keeping an eye on him. After seeing how The League of Black Tomb manipulated the Entire Ethereal Empire for their gain, in Aditya’s eyes The League of Black Tomb is a threat that cannot be taken lightly at all.

While it was true that every servant and every royal official that worked in this palace was under a contract that kept their mouth shut, Aditya cannot control the flow of information that goes out of the servant’s and the royal official’s mouths. Some servants and royal officials might say the things that happen in the palace without even realizing that they were leaking valuable information to the enemy.

“No, Your majesty. Just like you have ordered, we have told everyone that you have entered into seclusion.” Hearing Watson’s words, Aditya smiled bitterly. Given how The League of Black Tomb’s outer members was spread everywhere and his interference with their recent plan, by now, the core members of The League of Black Tomb already must know about Aditya and his different identities.

It was not as if Aditya was trying to hide his identity. Before he might have been cautious since he was weak but now he wasn’t afraid. After fighting Ashley, Aditya had gained the confidence of taking down a Peak 5th order. If the enemy sends multiple Peak 5th-order cultivators, the whole story might change.

“Good Job. By the how, how are things at the High Harbor Port city?” Thus the meeting continued for another 2 hours. Julia and Amber felt very bored during these 2 hours. Both girls had nothing to do with politics. After listening to Aditya and Watson’s conversation for 20 minutes, Amber left saying that she was going to see the recruits training.

Julia was left alone. The Goddess of wealth having nothing else to do, decided to read a book. After about 2 hours, Watson ended the meeting with a bow and left the throne hall as he knew that the meeting can take place later, now he needed to give Aditya and Julia some time alone.

After Watson left, the whole throne went silent. For the next 5 minutes, no words were heard in the throne hall. Unable to endure the long silence, Julia stopped reading. After closing the book, the goddess raised her head to find Aditya staring at her while resting his face on his right palm.

“What?” Julia’s cheeks slightly turned red seeing Aditya looking at her so passionately. Her heartbeat rose. It might come as surprising but even though Aditya and she have kissed many times, in times like this, Julia always feels slightly embarrassed. She feels as if she falling for Aditya all over again. Of course, the tsundere Goddess would never admit it.

“What are you looking at?” The tsundere Goddess looked like a cat whose tail has been stepped on. She was looking fierce as if she was ready to pounce on Aditya at any time.

Seeing this Aditya chuckled before answering. “Nothing. I was just looking at the face of my children’s future mother.”

The princess folded her arms under her chest and then snorted. “Hmph! This princess will never bear your children.”

Aditya innocently looked at Julia and asked. “Why? Just a few hours ago, you were blushing when I talked about having a child. Let’s have at least 100 children.”

Hearing Aditya’s words, the goddess widened her eyes in shock. “Are you crazy? There is no way, I would have 100 children. I don’t want to be pregnant for 2200 years.” Ignoring the fact of how difficult it was for a Divine Dragon to impregnate the female partner, giving birth to a dragon baby takes 22 months. If Aditya seriously wanted 100 children, Julia would have to be pregnant for 2200 years. Julia didn’t want to be pregnant for 2200 years.

Julia was confident that in the future she would reach 5th-order or maybe even 6th-order or 7th-order. A 5th-order cultivator can live almost for an uncountable number of years. While 7th-order cultivators were practically immortals. Even if Julia can live that long, the thought of being pregnant for 2200 years was just too crazy in her own opinion.

Maybe these words wouldn’t be crazy to a 7th-order cultivator who has lived for one hundred thousand years or one million years. But to Julia who was only 19 years old, spending 2200 years while being pregnant sounded nothing but crazy.

“My dear wife, my future vision is a long-term plan.” Hearing Aditya’s words, Julia rolled her eyes.

“Hmph! We haven’t even gone beyond ki…kissing and here you’re thinking of having children.” The next moment Aditya disappeared faster than Julia can even react. To Julia, just as she finished saying her sentence and waited for Aditya’s response, she suddenly felt her body being lifted. Before she can understand what was happening, Julia was sitting on Aditya’s lap while facing him.

The goddess’s face turned red when she found herself sitting on Aditya’s lap while looking at his face. The Goddess’s cheeks flushed red seeing those Crimson eyes staring at her. It is impossible for the Julia of the past to think that one day she and her fiance who was good for nothing would come this far and get this close.

“Let me go.” Julia said in a weak tone when feeling Aditya’s arms holding her waist.

“What did you say?” Aditya asked with a smile. He loved teasing Julia. Julia showed this side of her to only Aditya.

As Aditya spoke, he enjoyed the feeling of her soft chest being pressed against his chest. Her whole body was soft and full of fragrance which made him feel addicted. Her waist was slim and soft.

Before Julia can even reply, Aditya bought his face closer to her. Both of their faces were only a few inches away from touching.

“Julia, I love you.” The goddess’s heart nearly melted. Which girl wouldn’t feel moved after saying these three words from the person whom they love?

“I….I don’t love you.” The Goddess struggled a bit. In the end, this was what she could say to Aditya. In the next second, her lips were sealed by his lips.

Without realizing it, Julia wrapped her arms around his neck for a better position while his strong hands held her slim and soft waist. Both of their tongues battled each other while exchanging saliva which tasted very sweet to them. Both of them were lost in their own worlds.

The Kiss went on for a long period of time. After about 20 minutes, Julia couldn’t hold her breath anymore. With a light push, both stopped. When both separated, a string of saliva still connected both of their tongues.

Huff! Huff!

Seeing the Goddess panting while resting her face on his chest, Aditya couldn’t help but lick his lips. Aditya wanted more. He just didn’t want to stop there. As a Divine Dragon, Aditya’s lust was comparable to the lust of an Incubus. If Aditya was not actively suppressing his bloodline, his lust would have gone out of control. Besides suppressing his bloodline, Aditya had to regularly use his hand in the bathroom.

This passionate kiss with Julia had awakened the suppressed Crimson Flame inside Aditya. Right now his crotch was in pain. His arms were itching. His throat had gone dry as if he had never drunk water for 100 years. The emotions that he was feeling were very difficult to explain in words.

“Julia, I want you.” Saying that the Dragon King went on to Kiss Julia’s neck.

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