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Divine Path System – Chapter 881: Fuck It. Let’s Fight. Bahasa Indonesia

Varian wanted to stop Synergy and check their conditions.

Even though only a single strand went to each of the girls, it’s very destructive! What’s more, it’s inside their body and if it attacked, it’d directly destroy their internal organs and might even lead to…

But before Varian could do anything, the aura from Sia and Sarah suddenly rose. Sarah shone with a bright white light while Sia was covered in blinding darkness.

Their divine paths were both at low level 9. Even though Sia and Sarah were quickly progressing in these paths, they were still far away from reaching the next step.

But the moment the strands of sliver energy entered their bodies, the Darkness and Light powers started growing.

From low level 9 all the way to mid level 9 and it didn’t stop. Even after reaching mid level 9, they continued to grow until they were half way through!

Only then did these Divine Paths calm down.

On the other hand, Sarah and Sia’s other two paths received a significant boost and were now closer to reaching the end of low level 9—Only a little distance away from mid level 9.

Sarah and Sia’s auras entered Varian and Varian’s aura started rising. Most of his paths were either late or peak level 8. They all received a boost thanks to the synergetic aura.

But more importantly, a sliver strand also merged into Varian’s aura and the next moment, lightning crackled around him while the temperature dropped.

Originally, the Lightning and Water paths were still far from reaching level 9. Lightning was only at 0/8 and Water was worse, at 20k/25k.

But when the slivers’ power touched them, the Divine paths seemed to be supercharged and raced ahead. Breaking the bottlenecks, Varian’s elemental powers reached level 9 in one fell swoop.

Varian wanted to continue the session for a bit longer but he could no longer ignore the injuries in his left arm. If he left it for a bit longer, he’s afraid to even the bones in his palm will be reduced to dust.

Sarah and Sia understood his intention without any words and stopped Synergy at the same time.

Varian grimaced as he pulled back his hand that was just too bloodied to look at. After pouring a healing potion over it, he muttered ‘Status’.

[Superhuman L8: 8/8 (+1)

Space L8: 6/8 (+1)

[Thanks to Synergy]

Lightning L8: 8/8 (+8)

[The Sliver of Order and Chaos naturally rules over the elements. You just got a strand of its energy.]

Plantae L9: 2k/50k (+1k)

Psychic L8: 3/8 (+3k, +3)

[Sia’s mind path has helped you.)

Macrokinetic L8: 25k/25k (+5k)

[Sia’s mind path has helped you, but not as much as it helped the Psychic path)

Water L8: 8/8

[The Sliver of Order and Chaos naturally rules over the elements. You just got a strand of its energy.]

Time L5: 0/2000 (Advanced from L 2: 0/200)

[Sarah’s experience is very useful. Even though your progress isn’t much, you will not have bottlenecks all the way until level 9, thanks to the shared insights]]

Varian exhaled deeply as he felt the surge of power charging his body. If not for the fact that his hand was hurting like hell, he’d have been laughing.

He still didn’t know how to solve his current predicament but he found the next step in his situation.

‘As long as I can increase my time power to level 8 or level 9, then I can live for at least a month or perhaps even more.’

It was just delaying his death by half month. But one more day alive meant one more opportunity of finding a solution.

So, Varian was deeply happy with the results of Synergy. He even had the urge to ask Sarah to use the time powers on him so that he could start improving right away. But he held back.

His body usually developed resistance if he fought with one person for too long and tried to improve.

This was because when he’s fighting someone and improving, he’s basically taking in their aura, observing the usage of their divine path, and instinctively learning it.

If he does it too much on a single person, he’d reach stagnation.

So, he wanted to ‘reserve’ Sarah until he reached level 7 or level 8. These levels were harder to progress and using Sarah’s help at that time would be more economical.

“Phew,” Varian exhaled deeply and walked to the exit of the cave.

The huge stone covering the exit was removed with a flick of his finger and from the top of the mountain where the cave was located, Varian observed the giant forest below.

The trees came in all colors and sizes and were densely packed. In between these trees roamed countless beasts that constantly fought and killed.

Even from the distance, Varian could feel the strong auras.

Level 7s. Level 8s. Even Level 9s!

What really made him worried was an aura even more powerful than a level 9. It was very faint but he could feel the intensity in that aura.

‘Where the fuck did we land? Sovereign grade beasts? Yeah, no.’ Varian wanted to curse but he quickly accepted his current situation.

“I think we can all try fight a high level 9.” Sarah squinted at the giant forest and said.

Sia was about to say impossible but she noticed a level 9 fluctuation from Varian. Pursing her lips, she said. “Stalemating is the best we can do.”

“If only we had Boo.” Varian clicked his tongue and walked forward. “Come, let’s see what’s the deal with this place.”

Varian’s figure blurred and he disappeared into the dense forest in a blink. Sia and Sarah looked at each other before they followed him.

A few seconds later, a huge roar shook the forest, causing the birds to scramble from the trees.

A giant one-eyed ape-like creature confronted the trio.

For good or bad, the creature was a high level 9.

“ROAR!” The one-eyed ape beat its chest and jumped at them.

“Oh fuck it. Let’s fight.” Varian clenched his fists and punched out.


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