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Divine Path System – Chapter 880: Synergy Bahasa Indonesia

Reading the massive improvements, Varian opened his mouth in surprise. “If I wasn’t this in such a fucked up situation, I would’ve been dancing now.”

Sarah and Sia were discussing any possibilities of saving him. Hearing his words, they immediately turned to him.

“Dance for what?” Sarah asked with a baffled expression.

“For this,” Varian threw a stone into the air and pointed his palm at it. An invisible force emerged from his palm and enveloped the stone.

Sia titled her head in confusion. The stone went up before falling down. There’s nothing special in it. So what was he saying?

On the other hand, Sarah covered her mouth in shock as she stared at the stone as if it was a ghost.

Then, a nervous smile filled her face as she turned to Varian with expectant eyes. “Did you really…?”

“Yep. Though I’m only a level 1 now.” Varian said. Right then, a certain force inside his body crossed a threshold and reached a new height. “Oh wait, I just reached level 2.”

“Time path?” Sia guessed.

Varian nodded.

“Great!” Sia almost lunged at him before controlling herself from touching him at the last moment.

She backed off at a faster speed and coughed before saying with an excited smile. “If you can also use your time powers on it, the strand of death energy will be slowed down further.”

Sarah, however, didn’t speak and covered her forehead.

“I’m only level 2 now. It won’t make a difference even if I’m level 6.” Varian’s words doused Sia’s excitement.

“T-True,” Sia’s shoulders drooped before they straightened and she looked at him with a hopeful gaze. “But can’t we just upgrade your path? Sarah will help you.”

“In moderation, it works. But if I take too much experience from her, too fast, it’ll stop being effective.” Varian said. “Even with my best estimate, I’d need two weeks to reach level 8 in Time path since I’m solely relying on Sarah.”

Sarah proposed. “How about Synergy?”

“We’re still in the basic stages. So, I might get to level 8 a day or two quicker at most.”

“No matter, it’s worth it.” Sarah insisted and Sia nodded.

“One sec.”

Varian checked the outside and realized that they’re in the cave of a hill inside a huge a forest. He closed the cave with a sturdy wall and nodded at the girls.

The Synergy this time began with blood.

Varian endured the breakdown of his hand as he interlocked his fingers with Sia. Their hands were both bloodied and turned only miserable with each passing second.

But the two didn’t want to let go of the other’s hand.

Varian didn’t have the chance to hold Sia’s hand for almost a year. Even though he touched her earlier, it was all under a hurry.

But now, he could clearly feel her hand. The smooth palm, the soft fingers and the supple skin. It brought back memories and made him relax.

Even though the hand soon started bleeding, in Varian’s mind, the sensation remained the same.

An invisible energy rippled from the three and connected.

Varian’s mind went blank as he felt a deep connection to the two girls.

He could ‘feel’ Sarah blaming herself for not being strong. He could ‘feel’ Sia’s burning hatred for the Undead and Abyssals.

He caught a glimpse of a few strong memories and felt his own feelings for them strengthen.

On the other hand, Sia was able to experience Varian’s feelings. He was scared of death, but he was scared of losing them more. He was afraid he’d let them die.

Sia clenched her fists so hard that her fingernails dug into her palm. Sarah bit her lip as she too experienced his emotions.

They also experienced each other’s emotions, but only to a limited extent.

As time passed by, their state in Synergy grew deeper and deeper before they crossed a threshold.

Varian felt everything go blank before he found himself in a world of darkness. In front of him was a vertical partition, with divine views on each side.

On the left, he saw three origins with paths of Mind, Darkness and Gravity.

On the right, he saw three origins with paths of Body, Light, and Time

‘How can I see their origin?’

Varian soon realized that he could not only see the origins but also observe them closely.

What he experienced could only be described as mystical.

In the endless darkness, he saw three origins floating over a beautiful prism-like path.

These paths gave him a feeling like no other. They were the foundation of the existing reality and were akin to signatures by God himself. Perhaps for that very reason, people called them Divine Paths.

Like Varian, Sarah and Sia were also observing Varian’s origin. But they could both feel something else in his divine view.

They felt the breath of a power that seemed as old as the Divine Paths. But that’s the limit of it. They couldn’t see the slivers.

Soon, the origins of the three vibrated before aura and experience began to mix with each other.

Varian felt the experiences of a level 9 in Sia’s and Sarah’s divine paths. The girls on the other hand got to experience the different divine paths of Varian. To a certain extent, they also felt each other’s powers.

Varian’s aura started to rise and all his paths started to progress.

‘Huh? Sliver energy?’

As he was holding hands with Sia, the repulsion continued and strands of sliver energy became tangible.

But surprisingly, Varian realized the repulsion was quickly decreasing. If he let it be, it might disappear now.

Varian was sober all of a sudden and quickly recalled the death scene of his mother. The repulsion that was about to fade away stopped, causing Varian to sigh in relief.

‘I can’t afford to lose this trump card now.’ Varian grabbed the strands of sliver energy to store away for later use.

But something unexpected happened the moment he touched them.

The slivers bloomed like a firework and under the guidance of Synergy, rushed into the bodies of Sarah and Sia.



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