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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 94 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel opened his eyes after he got summoned by Hel, he saw a massive kingdom in front of him and it looked gloomy and empty. He sighed as he decided to walk onto the long bridge to realize that had been followed by zombie-like knights.

“Niflheim, huh?” Mykel said as he looked at how thick the mist was that it covered the top of the castle.

“I never thought I would be able to see a different underworld,” Hera said as she walked past Mykel and looked at the mountains in the distance. “This place is too beautiful for an underworld, Odin should try and make it scarier like our underworld,” she continued as she looked at Mykel.

Mykel walked to the edge of the bridge and saw the river, he saw something massive lurking underneath him. A serpent that was big enough to chew the root of Yggdrasil, the one that could cover the sky with its head with its purpose to devour life, Nidhoggr.

“What are you staring at?” Hera asked as she stood next to him and looked down below into the deep.

“Nidhoggr. I wonder if I can interact with it,” Mykel answered as the presence of Nidhoggr disappeared.

Hera hummed as she looked at the Yggdrasil root. “They have beautiful and terrifying beasts in here. Typhon might get himself new challengers if these beautiful and terrifying beasts came out,” she said as he looked at the mist that covered the river.

While Mykel was amazed by Niflheim, a giant wolf landed in front of him with half of its body already decayed that belonged to Hel, Garm. The cold breath it produced was enough to strike Mykel to the bone even though he already got his [Element Resistance] skill maxed.

“What a cute dog, do you want to be mine?” Hera said as she walked toward the wolf so casually.

Garm roared at Hera with its cold breath that did nothing to her then started to run at her.

“Hmm? Don’t blame me if you fell in love with me,” Hera said and started to chuckle mischievously.

A cold mist was formed in between those two and Garm immediately whimpered as he lowered his head.

“Please don’t, he’s my favorite pet,” Hel appeared from the mist and she looked at Garm that looked scared of her.

“Can I pet your dog?” Hera asked as she walked toward Hel.

“He’s a bit shy, so don’t be too careless because he might bite your arm off,” Hel said calmly with a monotoned voice as she looked at Hera and tried to reach her hand on Garm’s nose.

“Don’t be shy, I won’t hurt you,” Hera said and carefully put her hand on Garm’s nose. She smiled and rubbed his nose so gently that he started to wiggle his tail. “What a good boy,” she said with a gentle smile on her face.

Hel stared at Hera and she looked amazed by her taming skill. Mykel looked at Hel and it reminded him of Nagy who barely speak and only answered straightforwardly.

“Where’s Loki?” Mykel asked and looked at Hel from behind.

“He’s inside with the other Gods and Goddesses,” Hel answered as she turned around to look at Mykel. “Shall we go now?” she asked as she looked at Hera who was busy rubbing Garm’s belly.

“Okay,” Hera answered.

The three of them entered the kingdom with Garm following them from behind. All the dead knights were standing straight when they saw Hel and raised their weapons.

The reason why Mykel in Niflheim was because it was the only place where they could freely talk to each other without any Gods and Goddesses noticing. The only world that looked “boring and unlively” based on the other Gods and Goddesses that made Niflheim the perfect place.

Hel guided them into the castle and immediately they heard people talking quietly from behind a massive steel door in front of them. Hel opened the door and Mykel saw hundreds of Gods and Goddesses sitting at the long tables in the hall.

“Ah! There you are!” Loki said as he stood up from the throne that belonged to Hel.

All the Gods and Goddesses who sat at the tables weren’t lesser Gods and Goddesses, they were famous in mythologies. Charites, Aglaea, Thalia, Persephone, Hypnos, Phobos, Eros, and even Dionysus, one of the Olympian Gods was there.

Mykel looked at them and most of them were Goddesses and he didn’t need a reason why because it was enough to tell him by the look on their eyes. Aphrodite brought all her Nymphomaniac friends with her and it was a bit uncomfortable for Mykel.

Loki smirked and pointed his hands on the throne. “The seat is warm, my liege,”

“No, I’m going to stand here,” Mykel answered because he thought that it wasn’t the time yet and the Gods and Goddesses were judgingly staring at him so he had to be careful. He didn’t want to make a single mistake and blew everything up by listening to Loki’s suggestion.

“I know that we are here to be your allies, but can you at least give us something to convince us?” Dionysus asked while he looked at the empty table in front of him.

Mykel looked at Dionysus and he would be taking a huge role in Mykel’s plan after knowing that he joined the meeting. The God of Wine and Ecstasy, that was he was known for and that alone was enough to tell that many Gods and Goddesses loved him. With him around, it would make things easier for Mykel to gain favor from the other Gods and Goddesses.

“Before I give you all the answers, how about let me give you a welcoming gift?” Mykel said and looked at Hera. “You should be getting the gift that I have prepared by now,” he said as he looked at them.

Mykel already gave her a hundred million Arcana Coins then she distributed them to all of the Gods and Goddesses that attend the meeting. Hera gave each one of them a hundred thousand Arcana Coins and it was enough to make them speechless and dumbfounded.

“Just tell me if you need more,” Mykel said as he looked at Dionysus.

Dionysus hurriedly walked toward Mykel while he rubbed his own hands wreathed in a smile. “I’m sorry if I’m being inappropriate,” he said.

Mykel smirked and shook his head. “Don’t worry,” he said as he personally gave Dionysus a million Arcana Coins. “Let’s have a feast since you’re the best at it,” he continued as he looked at Dionysus who was laughing with disbelief.

“I like you already!” Dionysus said and then he clapped his hands to fill all the empty tables with endless fruits and wine for everyone.

“Now, let’s have a talk,” Mykel said as he put his cigarette in his mouth and lit it up.

Hera tapped on Mykel’s shoulder and then whispered into his ear. “Let me handle these people, I know how to deal with them more than you are,”

“No, I want to gain the favor myself and in my own way,” Mykel whispered back and Hera just chuckled and nodded with understanding then walked back.

Dionysus already had a golden grail in his hand. “So, can you tell us what you want us to do?” he asked.

“What I want is simple,” Mykel answered as he walked toward one of the tables. “I want Nyx to fall to her demise,” he said as he sat on top of the table.

They were enjoying the feast but suddenly went quiet and looked at Mykel weirdly.

“I know that you might think I’m crazy, and I’m aware that Nyx isn’t someone that can be taken care of so lightly,” Mykel explained. “That’s why, I’m going to hunt her descendants first,” he continued as he looked at them.

“You have seen it with your own two eyes, that Nyx, Hades, and Thanatos were plotting something to gain favor to Lucifer,” Mykel said as he plucked a grape on the table. “I’m not asking you to deal with them directly,” he continued as he chewed the grape.

“If you don’t want us to deal with them directly, I don’t think it would make any changes,” Dionysus said as he sat down on the cold stone chair.

“Of course, I know that already,” Mykel answered as he sighed.

All the Gods and Goddesses looked at each other with confusion.

“How many of you have suffered a huge loss after giving all your wealth to your recipients in the other worlds that fall under the demon kings’ hands? Are you not angry knowing that those three were the ones behind all these things? Not to mention those Gods and Goddesses who are in the Tower and Death factions are taking part in it,” Mykel asked as he looked at each one of them.

They all nodded in agreement and Mykel could tell they were all so pissed about it. Mykel waited patiently and listened to their murmurs until all of their anger fumed and filled the air.

“Now that you have a source of income, why don’t you guys turn tides and do exactly how they did it?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised and hands in his pockets.

“So, what you’re trying to say is?” Hypnos asked with his eyes barely opened.

Mykel looked at them. “I want you to use your recipients and kill all the recipients in my world that belong to the Tower and Death Arcanas factions. I will give each head a hundred thousand Arcana Coins as the payment,”

“I will cover all your losses. So, what do you say? ” Mykel asked with a smirk on his face.


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