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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 93 Bahasa Indonesia

“Thank you for accepting our request, Mykel,” Caesar said as he sat down in front of Mykel and Lyneth with Gunnar and the others sitting behind them.

Kastor looked at the ring on Lyneth’s left ring finger, a ring that looked fancy and expensive compared to the ring that he gave her. He looked at how she held Mykel’s hand so tightly that made him look down because he hated it when he saw Lyneth with someone else, especially Mykel.

“It’s just the two of you? Where’s Asmond?” Mykel asked.

“He’s training on his own to gain his skills back, and also he felt guilty about what happened back then so he atoned for his wrongdoings by helping the others in the tower,” Caesar answered as he looked at Jeanne who was having a conversation with Agnez and they both looked close because they were smiling at each other.

“I see, good for him then,” Mykel said as he checked on Asmond’s status screen and he was a bit surprised when he got a few new skills.

“Let’s not waste anyone’s time because I know you guys are quite busy since you have to clear towers to increase your members’ level,” Lyneth said as he looked at them both.

“Yes, the reason why we are here is already mentioned but we will ask it again formally that we want to know what’s inside the eleventh floor and why the notification mentioned Helmga world,” Kastor asked as he looked at Mykel.

“This might shock both of you but the first ten floors are nothing but a trial, and the real thing starts on the eleventh floor. All the thirteen demon kings are here for a reason and that reason is to take our world and make it theirs,” Mykel answered. “We discovered that our world isn’t the only one that got invaded by the demons, but there are at least hundreds of them and those who fell under their palms will become a part of the tower,” he continued and explained it in detail.

Both Kastor and Caesar were shocked when they heard that, they looked at each other and noticed how weak they were if the first ten floors were just a trial and not the real thing.

“I know that you guys are shocked about it, so Lyneth and I agreed to let you the Fraternity pay a visit to the Helmga world that we saved in Azazel tower. I want you to hear and see it with your own two eyes what kind of misfortune that they had to endure,” Mykel said with a serious expression.

“Is it really that bad?” Caesar asked with curiosity written all over his face.

Gunnar and the others started snorting and snickering when they heard his question.

“It’s something that you can’t imagine,” Mykel answered simply as he looked at them both. “You will experience it yourself once you enter a world that was invaded by the demons,” he continued.

“Is that mysterious door that appeared in Azazel tower the door that lead to that Helmga world? How do you enter that door because we have tried to open it and it won’t budge,” Caesar asked.

“This key is how you open the door,” Mykel answered as he showed the key that he took from his pocket. “Only those who hold the key can open it and allow anyone to go straight to Helmga world,” he continues as he put the key back in his pocket.

Caesar hummed while he rubbed his chin with his index finger. “When do you think we can go in there? We are curious about the Helmga world,”

“Gunnar, do you have time to show them around?” Mykel asked as he looked at Gunnar from the corner of his eyes.

“I could but I don’t think I want to waste my time by doing nothing since we are running out of time and we need to get stronger, boss,” Gunnar answered without hesitation.

“Anyone is free and want to guide them to the Helmga world?” Mykel asked and all of them shook their heads because they were thinking the same thing as Gunnar. “I guess I will be your tour guide then,” he said.

Caesar smiled and nodded with understanding. “Thank you, we will inform you of the date so everyone can see the Helmga world,”

“Is there anything else?” Lyneth asked as she looked at her wristwatch.

“No, thank you for your time and we will be leaving now,” Kastor said as he shook his head.

They both left the room and then Gunnar and the others left the room as well since they wanted to clear the tower to farm skill and level.

The moment Gunnar closed the door behind him, Lyneth’s assistant, Erica entered the room. “Mister Mykel, there’s a woman wanting to see you at the receptionist,”

Everyone looked at Erica and then they hurriedly go to the ground floor to look at the woman.

Mykel asked Erica about the woman but she said that the woman was his friend and he didn’t remember having a female friend.

“She has long black curly hair with bright green eyes,” Erica said as she stood in front of Mykel and Lyneth in the lift. The moment Erica described the woman’s appearance, he knew immediately that it was Zherthlsh.

The lift doors opened and Mykel saw Zherthlsh standing at the receptionist with her black dress and black high heels. Gunnar and the boys were exhaling deeply when they saw her from up close while Lyneth furrowed her eyebrows as she stared at Zherthlsh.

“There you are,” Zherthlsh said as she approached Mykel who just got off of the lift.

“Dude, she’s fucking gorgeous holy shit…” Vincze whispered to Sven.

“Rozan, I think I’m in love,” Gunnar said as he moved his head and kept staring at Zherthlsh who was almost as tall as him because of the high heels.

“That woman is a giant in a good way,” Rozan replied. “She can carry me whenever she wants,” he continued as he gulped.

Zherthlsh glanced at them and showed her gorgeous smile at them that was enough to make their hearts pound really fast.

Zherthlsh stood in front of Lyneth that looked small compared to her. “You must be Lyneth,” she said with a smile on her face.

“Yes, and who are you?” Lyneth asked.

“Zeth, Mykel’s friend,” Zherthlsh answered without hesitation. “Can I have a moment with Mykel? There’s something I would like to discuss with him privately,” she asked with a smile on her face.

“Yes, go ahead,” Lyneth answered and nodded her head.

Mykel and Zherthlsh walked outside the building while the others were watching from behind the glass wall. Mykel was staring at him with a straight face and so was Zherthlsh and it was enough to convince them that they had a similarity with each other.

“If Mykel was a spy or secret agent, could it be that she was also one?” Gunnar whispered into Rozan’s ear.

“Oh I don’t care, she can torture me for any kind of information she wants if she really is an agent,” Rozan answered and the others were looking at him weirdly.

The moment Rozan said that Zherthlsh stared at him and smirked as if she heard what he said. It was enough to give him a chill down his spine and immediately regretted what he said.

“What are they talking about? They look so serious,” Sven asked.

“Who knows, why don’t you go out there and eavesdrop on their conversation?” Vincze replied.

“I still want to live,” Sven answered as he shook his head.

While they were watching them from inside the building, Zherthlsh suddenly grabbed Mykel’s collar and she looked angry so suddenly. All of them were shocked and their mouths were wide open because they couldn’t believe what they saw.

Mykel looked so calm and didn’t even look angry at Zherthlsh which was really a surprise for them to watch. Zherthlsh kept grabbing his collar and pulled him closer to him as if she was ready to punch his face, but then her expression changed drastically, and removed her hand from Mykel’s collar.

Zherthlsh squinted her eyes and looked Mykel in the eye. “Don’t mention his name in front of my face,” she said.

“Just think about it, and come back later with your answer,” Mykel said as he fixed his shirt. “I can promise you that I’m not trying to hurt you or trick you. I can promise you that,” he continued and looked at Zherthlsh in the eye.

Zherthlsh stared at him for quite a while and then she left.

Lyneth and the others came out of the building and they immediately approached Mykel.

“That Zeth, is she really your friend? You both look kind of close,” Lyneth asked as she stared at Zeth who walked in the middle of the crowds, and everyone was charmed by her beauty.

“She’s just a friend, that’s all,” Mykel answered.


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