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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 92 Bahasa Indonesia

Everyone was cheering as they held the scrolls in their hands except for Agnez who only smiled and stared at her own chest. Lillith looked at Mykel and he looked back at her then raised his eyebrow and smirked.

“You can bargain with Constellations?! Boss, you’re fucking awesome!” Gunnar shouted as he held the Damascus Steel in his hands.

Mykel walked past Gunnar and just patted his shoulder with a smile on his face. Mykel walked toward Euros and the others who still couldn’t believe that their world was saved.

“Hero Mykel,” Euros said as he stood up with tears in his red eyes.

All of them stood up and looked at Mykel and didn’t know what to do because they wanted to bow their heads down. Unfortunately, knowing Gunnar and the others were with them, they just awkwardly stared at Myke.

Mykel looked at Phirzia and Costrezeir who seemed ready to pounce at him and hug him. He chuckled and opened his arms. “I will allow it, come here,” he said with a smile on his face then both of them ran as fast as they could then hugged Mykel so tightly.

Euros and the others wiped their tears and joined the hug.

“Boss! We want a hug as well!” Gunnar said as he ran at Mykel then the others followed him from behind.

They surrounded Mykel and they looked like a giant ball from above. Mykel just chuckled and shook their heads while he looked at the notifications that Hera and the others sent him. At least a thousand Gods and Goddesses wanted to see him and they were ready to serve him.

“That’s enough, you all are so sweaty,” Mykel said as he shook his head and leaned his head away. All of them walked away as they chuckled and looked at Mykel and wreathed in smiles.

“Thank you, Heroes from another world for saving our beloved world,” Euros said as he put his hand on his chest. “We will always be in your debt and we will welcome you with warmth and gratitude whenever you come to our world,” he continued.

Mykel nodded with understanding. “You can finally breathe with ease, at least for now. So use the opportunity to rebuild your world like how it used to be and we will come to aid when you guys need it,” he said as he looked at every one of them.

They all nodded their heads and then decided to go down on their knees with their weapons in front of them.

“Back then, I said that we have nothing to offer but our pride and respect after you saved us from the demons,” Euros said as he kept lowering his head. “Now that our world has reunited, we will offer you our world, Helmga as proof of our loyalty to you,” he continued and looked at Mykel in the eye with a serious expression.

Gunnar and the others raised their eyebrows and were surprised when they heard.

“Then, I will accept it, gladly,” Mykel answered with a smile on his face. “Protect it with all your life and make it home for the people,” he continued as he nodded up at the vast world in front of him.

“Understood,” All of them said at the same time.

“Alright, it’s time for us to go back to our own world. We will come back soon enough to save the next world and defeat the demon lord,” Mykel said and looked at them.

All of them nodded with understanding and then Mykel with the others entered the portal to go back home.

When they went back to the endless hallway, they saw a door that didn’t exist before. That was the door that will lead whoever opened the door to Helmga world and allowed everyone to enter as long as the door was still open.

“I still have a chill in my arms when they say that they offer their world to prove their loyalty,” Gunnar said as he rubbed his forearm. “Boss, I lost for words to describe how cool you are,” he said as he looked at Mykel who walked in front of them while he smoked his cigarette.

“Shit, I should start calling him boss as well then,” Rozan said as he looked at Mykel, Gerrard, Sven, and Vincze nodded in agreement while they were looking at Rozan.

“By the way, do you think there will be a notification that we saved a world inside a tower? I mean, there’s one when we defeated a demon lord, but this one is also hard to accomplish, you know?” Rozan asked as he looked at the others.

“Well, just wait and see when we exit that gate. If there are a lot of people, then that means the notifications are sent to all the Awakeners,” Agnez answered as she nodded up at the door in front of them.

Mykel stood in front of the gate and smiled. “It seems that we will be the center of the attention,” he said as he watched people crowding outside the tower.

The moment they stepped their foot outside the tower, flashes of cameras were blinding them. People started screaming and cheering for them but they weren’t fazed by the attention since fame was something dangerous and they learned it from Mykel himself.

Lyneth was standing in front of the tower with her bodyguards, her face was wreathed in a smile and she immediately ran toward Mykel and jumped into his arms.

“Congratulations on saving the Helmga world!” Lyneth said.

“Ma’am, we are safe as well by the way,” Gunnar jokingly said and made Lyneth chuckle.

“I’m glad that everyone is okay,” Lyneth replied as she smiled and looked at everyone. “By the way, I came here as soon as I heard about it and I was in the middle of the meeting. So, I have to go back and attend the meeting again,” she said as she stared at Mykel.

“Alright, take care then,” Mykel said as he nodded his head with understanding.

“Oh, also, the Fraternity just contacted me and they want to see you guys to talk about the eleventh floor. I told them that you all are tired and exhausted so I tell them to wait for a few days since I know you guys want to celebrate and rest because it must be hard to save that world,” Lyneth said as he looked at everyone who was holding a block of steel in their arms.

“Ma’am, you’re the best,” Rozan said as he smiled and shook his head.

“Alright, just tell me when you’re home,” Lyneth said as she patted Mykel’s chest. “I will see you guys later, bye,” she continued as she walked backward then left.

“So, where to, boss?” Gunnar asked.

“Let’s go back to the hotel and clean yourself then I will treat you guys in the tavern,” Mykel said as he looked at them.

“Let’s go!” Gunnar said as he walked past Mykel and made a way for them from the crowd.

Mykel came out of the bathroom after a long and refreshing bath. He walked to his wardrobe to put his clothes on but then someone knocked on the door. He opened the door and saw Agnez standing in front of the door and staring him in the eye.

“You said that you won’t let me die since you haven’t tasted my body, how about you fulfill your wish now?” Agnez said as she kept staring Mykel in the eye and then Mykel grabbed her wrist and pulled her inside the room.

Agnez removed her shirt and pants while Mykel pushed her onto the wall and then started to kiss her. She immediately lose her mind because of how rough he treated her and nothing could beat that.

Mykel put his left hand on Agnez’s neck while he kept kissing her and used his right hand to touch her breast and down to her stomach. Agnez couldn’t help but moan in pleasure but then they both stopped moving and making noise and looked at the door next to them.

“It seems that someone is listening to us out there,” Agnez said and held her moan because Mykel kept rubbing his fingers down there.

Mykel removed his fingers from Agnez and walked toward the door, he opened it wide open and saw Jeanne standing in front of the door and was startled when she saw him. Jeanne could see Agnez was naked and leaning on the wall as she stared at her from the corner of her eyes.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I can go back later,” Jeanne said but then Mykel grabbed her wrist and didn’t say a word while he pulled her into the room.

Mykel closed the door and locked it. “Rather than coming back later, why don’t you join us instead? You came here for the same reason as her, right?” he asked as he raised his eyebrows.

Jeanne couldn’t say anything because Mykel was right about it.

“Really? Remove your shirt and pants already then and let’s get on with it because I can’t hold it any longer,” Agnez said as she breathed heavily.


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