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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 87 Bahasa Indonesia

“We are going to clear the fourteenth floor as well, right boss?” Gunnar asked as he looked outside the cathedral where the women were being escorted by the knights.

“Yes, if we can clear the fourteenth floor as fast as this one, we should clear the fifteenth floor as well,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head and looked at Euros. “Are you guys up for it or are you guys going to stay here?” he asked.

Euros and the others stood up after they took care of Helmine’s dead body. “Yes, we are coming but after seeing the demons that we encountered, I think we should be careful,” he said as he looked at the portal.

“That’s right if we encountered fallen heroes here, it can only mean one thing, and that’s we are going to fight more of them on the next floor,” Mykel nodded in agreement. “There’s a higher chance that the fallen heroes on the fourteenth floor are stronger than you guys,” he continued.

“Really? Doesn’t that make things more interesting?” Agnez asked while she stared at the portal. “I think ever since we cleared all the tenth floor, we barely use all of our skills but after hearing that from you, it sounds fun,” she continued and the others were nodding in agreement.

Mykel scoffed and walked past them. “Alright, let’s get going then,” he said and then entered the portal.

They were surprised not because of the Jahne Kingdom, the views, or the demons. They were surprised because the Jahne Kingdom was maintained and there were no damages or any sight of the kingdom being destroyed. Not to mention there were people walking on top of the walls that looked like a guard.

“What’s this? For a kingdom that’s close to the tower, it looks so clean and maintained,” Rozan asked as he looked at his surroundings. “Not to mention, there are people as well,” he continued as he saw people walking on the street from the distance.

“Something isn’t right here,” Phirzia looked at Arvel since he was originally from the Jahne Kingdom.

“That banner, it’s really the Jahne Kingdom…” Arvel said and stared at the banners on the walls.

All of them looked at the walls but then they heard footsteps coming from behind them. “Leave! Leave if you want to live!” An old man wearing a worn-out shirt said. “You don’t want to be like them! Just leave!” he continued as he waved his hands at them as if he wanted them to leave.

The sound of trumpets was being sounded, the old man immediately ran away to save himself. Mykel and the others looked at the walls and saw the gate was slowly opening.

“We have been found out,” Jeanne said with her hand ready on the handle of her sword.

A guy and two women rode the horses, they were approaching Mykel and the others. The three of them had white hair and their skin was so pale that it was as white as a snow.

Euros and the others squinted their eyes and were surprised when they recognized those people’s faces. “They’re the first three heroes of Helmga! Hero Bitria Quiziana, Keir Viscal, and Armata Samus” Arvel said. “But they didn’t look like that,” he continued as he kept staring at those guys.

“The first three heroes?” Gunnar asked as he looked at Arvel.

“Yes, the three of them were the only ones who cleared the twentieth floor. They died on the twenty-first floor and since then, our world suffered a lot because of the breakout. If they didn’t die on the twenty-first floor, our world wouldn’t be like this,” Arvel said as he looked at Gunnar.

“Wait, just the three of them they cleared the twentieth floor?! That’s amazing!” Rozan said as he stared at Arvel with his eyes wide open.

“Yes, they were the real heroes in our world,” Arvel replied as he nodded his head. “You can see from which kingdom they’re if you look at the color of their armor,” he continued.

Bitria wore golden armor and a helmet with two short swords on her back. Keir wore silver armor without a helmet with a spear on his back. Armata wore black armor and a full helmet that covered half of her face with a greatsword on her left waist.

“Let’s greet them,” Mykel said and walked toward the three heroes.

The three of them stared at Mykel and they immediately smiled while they kept riding their horses toward him. Mykel checked their names in the character list and they were all deceased based on the information.

[NAME: Bitria Quiziana

[LEVEL: 30]





[Necromancy (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to take the soul of the target by touching their skin and creating a doppelganger of the target under the User’s control. (Can only be used once a day, and the duration is 10 minutes)]

[NAME: Keir Viscal

[LEVEL: 30]





[Life Drain (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to take the life force of a target by touching their skin and transferring it to the User’s life force. (Can only be used once a day, the longer the drain, the more life force will be taken)]

[NAME: Armata Samus

[LEVEL: 30]





[Nacht (Active) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to send a target in the world of night with the User. When the User is inside the world of night, double all the skills levels and doesn’t consume stamina. (Can only be used once a day the duration is infinite until the User dies or deactivate the skill)]

Mykel shook his head in disbelief because those three weren’t like that in the original story. They were way weaker than that, Nyx, Thanatos, and Hades really wanted Mykel and his team to die on that floor.

Gerrard suddenly released his arrow at Keir, the guy in the middle but he flicked the arrow like it was nothing. All of them were surprised and excited at the same time because the arrow was imbued with wind magic by Rozan.

“So they’re equal or even stronger than the first demon lord, this is going to be fun,” Gunnar said as he punched his palm with a smile on his face.

“Don’t get too careless, they’re stronger than you think,” Mykel said as he stared at Gunnar and the others from the corner of his eyes.

The three of them looked down at Mykel who stood in front of them. Keir got off of his horse then followed by Bitria and Armata, they stood in front of Mykel with smiles on their faces.

“We have heard a lot of things about you, Mykel Alester,” Keir said as he removed his gauntlet on his right hand.

Gunnar and the others were shocked when they said they knew Mykel. Mykel looked at Keir’s hand and raised his eyebrow. “Really? Who gave you the information about me?” he asked.

“Of course, my master, Demon King Azazel himself,” Keir answered and offered his hand for a handshake.

Mykel scoffed and reached out his hand to shake Keir’s hand but Keir immediately retracted his hand and looked at Mykel’s hand because he wore a glove. Mykel smiled and removed the glove on his right hand then offered his hand for the handshake.

Before Keir could touch Mykel’s hand, Mykel lifted his hand and grabbed Keir’s face with his bare hand. He crushed Keir’s skull with his fingers and then slammed his head to the ground so hard that it create an earthquake on the whole fourteenth floor.

Everyone fell down to the ground and they were startled by the shockwave that Mykel produced.

“You think I would fall for your stupid trick?” Mykel stared down at Keir with a huge smile on his face.

Keir’s face was crushed and there was nothing left since it was flattened by the ground. Mykel killed Keir in an instant which surprised Bitria and Armata because a second ago he was still offering his hand for a handshake.

[The Purple Dressed Goddess is clenching her fist and gritting her teeth]

[The Scythe God is slamming the table with frustration]

[The King of the Underworld is rubbing his forehead in disappointment]


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