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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 86 Bahasa Indonesia

“Fallen heroes? If they’re dead, then how can they be standing in front of us?” Gunnar asked while he looked at Euros.

“I don’t know, we have never seen something like this before and they don’t look like a human anymore,” Euros answered as he shook his head.

“They decided to serve a demon lord, that’s why they’re like that,” Mykel said as he puffed the smoke and walked toward them. “Once they served a demon lord, they will gain new skills and made them stronger,” he continued as he looked at the twelve men and women in front of him.

“Hmm, they don’t look that strong to me,” Vincze said.

“Well, since you have finally found a worthy plaything, why don’t you guys pick your enemy?” Mykel asked with a cigarette in his mouth.

“I was fighting that guy over there, you guys choose the others because that guy is mine and I don’t mind if I have to handle all of them on my own,” Agnez said.

“Like hell I would let you take all the fun!” Sven said as he swung his scythe. “I will take the guys since I don’t want to fight a woman,” he said as he looked at Jeanne, Lillith, and Nagy.

“Come on, Costre, let’s help Jeanne and the others deal with those fallen heroes,” Phirzia said as she tapped Costrezeir’s shoulder.

“Yeah, let’s go,” Costrezeir said as they both ran and helped Jeanne and the other ladies dealt with the fallen heroes.

Mykel grabbed Edith’s hand and brought her closer to him because he didn’t want Edith to get targeted by those fallen heroes. They both walked past them so easily but when they got close to the cathedral entrance, he was blocked by dozens of demons.

“Seriously?” Mykel stared at the demons in front of him.

Mykel threw all his throwing knives at the demons and they started to cut off and decapitated all the demons’ heads and bodies. He kept walking and entered the cathedral while his knives did all the work and killed the demons. Edith looked back and saw the knives were flying around and then they went back to Mykel’s side.

“It’s so quiet in here, are we sure that this is where they’re going to have a feast?” Edith asked and her quiet voice echoed throughout the whole hall.

“If it’s not here then why there are fallen heroes guarding the entrance with dozens of demons with them?” Mykel asked back as he looked at the ceiling.

They went deeper and they could hear a faint sound of a baby crying, they both looked to their right where the sound was coming from. Mykel walked in front of Edith while Edith hid behind Mykel’s back, he then opened the door and they were right about it that it was the sound of a baby crying.

It was a long hallway and it was so dark that they barely could see anything but because of the glass windows up high on the wall, they could see with the moonlight.

They both kept walking forward and the sound of a baby crying started to get clearer and louder. Once they reached the end of the hallway, Mykel opened the door and it was quite a view because there was so much dried blood on the floor and on the walls. The place looked like a kitchen and it was big enough to fit hundreds of people inside.

The sound of the baby crying was coming from downstairs, it looked like a food storage room. They both walked down the stairs quietly and ended up in front of a wooden door.

“I don’t like this, Mister Mykel. this reminds me of that place where they did a summoning ritual,” Edith said quietly.

Mykel put his finger in front of his lips while he looked at Edith with a straight face. He opened the door while Edith was taking a peek from behind, and when the door opened, they saw a baby being held upside down and put the baby inside a boiling pot by a demon.

Mykel decapitated the demon’s head with a throwing knife and then he walked inside where hundreds of babies were crying on the table and on the ground. He looked at the babies and they weren’t human babies, they were half demon babies.

“We should save them,” Edith said as she kept holding the back of Mykel’s blazer.

“No, they’re not human babies, they’re half demon babies,” Mykel answered as he turned around and looked at Edith. “Can you go out for a second?” he said as he stared at Edith.

Edith nodded her head and left the room, then Mykel closed the door in front of him. She waited in front of the door and then a heatwave struck her face, she immediately covered her face with her arms. The sound of the babies crying suddenly stopped, she lowered her arms and looked at the door with confusion.

Mykel came out and closed the door behind him. “Let’s leave and find the rest of the demons,” he said as he brought Edith back upstairs.

“Mister Mykel, did you-” Before Edith could finish her sentence, Mykel looked at her and nodded his head.

“You heard about what happened on the twelfth floor? The demons impregnate the women and breed them. The babies were being used as their food source since there’s nothing else they can eat here,” Mykel said as they both went back to the massive hall.

“Does that mean there are women somewhere in this cathedral?” Edith asked while she held Mykel’s right arm.

“Yes, I will ask Agnez and Lillith to find them,” Mykel answered.

“Ah! Boss!” Gunnar’s voice echoed throughout the hall. Agnez smacked his head with her sword and he immediately pursed his lips as he listened to his own voice.

Mykel approached them and looked at Gunnar and the others that looked unscratched. “Find the rest of the demons, and I believe there will be fallen heroes inside so be careful,” he said. “Agnez, Lillith, come with me for a second,” he said as he waved at them and walked to the side.

Agnez and Lillith stood in front of Mykel, he glanced at the rest of them and saw them start to explore the cathedral with Costrezeir guiding them.

“It’s the same in here as well, there are women inside the cathedral, I want you to find them,” Mykel said. “And if you see pregnant women, I want you to kill them because they’re bearing demon babies inside them and they’re already corrupted,” he continued as he looked at both of them.

“So it’s the same as the twelfth floor, anything else?” Agnez asked as she raised her eyebrow.

“No, that’s it,” Mykel said as he shook his head.

Agnez and Lillith left and started to run to catch up on Gunnar and the others.

Mykel and Edith sat down on the wooden bench as they stared at the moonlight. It was just silence until they heard loud bangings sound coming from below them. They both looked at the floor and suddenly the banging sounds stopped.

“Oh? Did they clear it already?” Edith said as she looked at the floor.

Gunnar and the others came back, their faces weren’t looking good and Mykel already knew what kind of food was served on the table. They all sat down and tried to forget what they saw, there was nothing but silence in the hall.

The sounds of footsteps could be heard from the other side of the room, and they all stood up to see naked women running away. All of them were covered with claw marks on their back, stomach, and butt. It was unnecessary for them to ask what happened, Costrezeir stopped them and those women recognized her immediately and fell on their knees while sobbing so loudly.

“Hero Costrezeir! There are two demons that are killing the rest of us!” A woman said as she covered her breast with her right arm and pointed at the door where she came from with her left arm.

“What?! Demons?!” Costrezeir asked and immediately unsheathed her rapiers.

The others were readying their weapons when they heard footsteps from the hallway but then they saw Agnez and Lillith coming out from the hallway. They all sighed with relief while those two were staring at them with confusion.

“Demons!” All the naked women screamed.

“What did you do?” Gunnar asked.

“Hmm? Oh, we killed all the pregnant women since they’re bearing demon babies,” Agnez answered so casually.

They all looked down and then looked at all the women, they helped them leave the cathedral because they didn’t want those women to know that they did the same thing on the twelfth floor.

“Costrezeir, there’s someone that wants to see you,” Agnez said.

Costrezeir turned around and looked at Agnez, and then Agnez moved away and saw a skinny pregnant woman with blonde hair looking down on the floor while she was holding her stomach. “Princess Helmine!” she said as she ran toward the pregnant woman.

Helmine looked at Costrezeir and started to sob. “I don’t want to die, Costrezeir,” she said with her trembling voice.

Before Costrezeir could say anything, Helmine giggled mischievously and then started to scratch Costrezeir’s face with her claws. Mykel looked at Helmine and there was no hope for her since she was already corrupted in the head.

“I’m sorry, Princess Helmine,” Costrezeir said and then stabbed Helmine in the heart.

Helmine was pushed down to the floor while she was still laughing frantically and tried to reach Costrezeir’s face with her hands. They all looked at Helmine until she finally stopped moving then a notification appeared.

[You have cleared the thirteenth floor of Azazel Tower]

[You are the first to clear the thirteenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The red portal to the fourteenth floor is now open!]

[The blue portal to your original world is now open!]


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