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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 74 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel woke up and he had been getting notifications from Aphrodite, she had been wanting him to come back and it was really troublesome to read all the messages she sent to him. Lyneth was still asleep next to him and he didn’t want to wake her up so he left the room quietly.

The news about the failed attempt on clearing the Astaroth tower was the headline since yesterday. It was all because Mykel and his team didn’t join them and was replaced by the best Awakeners from the Guild Association.

Even without Mykel and his team, the Awakeners from the Guild Association was still better than them. It was all thanks to the scrolls that Mykel and his team had gathered from farming secret rooms in the towers. Mykel gave some of the scrolls to those Awakeners and was enough to give them improvement in clearing the towers.

“Good morning,” Lyneth said as she leaned on the door with her eyes barely open while she scratched her messy hair. “When did you come home?” she asked as she sat down next to Mykel and watched the news with him.

“Last night, you were asleep when I got here,” Mykel answered. “How’s the progress on hunting the demonic cult?” he asked and drank his coffee.

“They tried but they found nothing it’s as if the demonic cult suddenly disappeared when you killed the demon lord. I’m not sure though because the government found a few summoning rituals all around the world but they said it was just a drawing and nothing more,” Lyneth said as she rested her head on Mykel’s shoulder. “It was just a bunch of kids messing around,” she continued as she yawned.

Mykel thought that Hades, Thanatos, and Nyx might be the reason for the demonic cult’s disappearance since their scheme was exposed and now they were in a trouble. He wondered when the war between Constellations will start because the tension between the gods and goddesses started to worsen.

“Are you planning on clearing the twelfth floor? I can’t imagine how hard it will be to clear a high floor if the eleventh floor took you three days to just clear it,” Lyneth said as she grabbed Mykel’s coffee on the table.

“I have a plan to go back to the eleventh floor but I’m going there on my own, there’s something that I need to do,” Mykel replied while looking at the time on the wall.

“Alone? why don’t you bring the others with you?” Lyneth asked as she stared at Mykel who walked to the kitchen.

“I will be in there for at least a week, so I can’t bring them with me since they have to clear the Astaroth tower,” Mykel answered while looking at the inside of the fridge. “I’m not trying to clear it, I just want to find more information about the situation in that world,” he continued as he grabbed an apple.

Lyneth looked a bit down and Mykel walked back to the living room while eating his apple. “Are you going to be lonely?” he asked as he sat down next to Lyneth.

“Of course, but I won’t be holding you back since you’re our only hope,” Lyneth answered as she held Mykel’s hand so tightly and stared at it.

“It seems that we can’t spend our time together like how it used to be anymore, but you know that I won’t abandon you so you should wait for me,” Mykel said as he gently stroked Lyneth’s hair.

“I know, just be safe, okay?” Lyneth said as she frowned.

“I will,” Mykel said as he nodded his head and kept stroking her hair.

Mykel went back into the Azazel tower on his own and climbed up to the tenth floor immediately.

The eleventh floor looked different from back then, the land became green and the trees came back to life almost instantly the moment they were free from the demons. Everything looked peaceful and he saw people start to plant crops outside the Cavasi Kingdom and around it.

“The hero from another world has come back!” Alphid shouted at the villagers on the hill. Mykel looked at them running toward him and they all looked so happy.

“Hero! Thank you for saving our world!” Zulok said on his knees. “Please, accept our gratitude!” he said while taking the baked potato in a basket.

Mykel smiled and shook his head. “Just give me some once you have harvested the crops, for now just keep it for yourself because you need it,”

Zulok and the others’ eyes were glimmering when they heard it, and they were all bowing their heads at Mykel while they were on their knees. He didn’t do anything and just crouched to stop them from bowing their heads at him. He pretended to not like it but he loved it when they were bowing their heads at him.

Mykel went inside the Cavasi Kingdom and all the knights started to rebuild the roads and the houses. They looked healthy and full of energy because they had no worries on their shoulders anymore.

“Hero Mykel! You’re back!” Euros said and waved his hand with Costrezeir and Rinon next to him. “Are you here on your own?” he asked as he looked behind Mykel and saw nobody.

“Yes, I came here to check on the situation and it seems everything is starting to go back to how it used to be,” Mykel answered and looked around.

“We are doing our best to rebuild this place, unfortunately, we can’t walk out of this place because of the barrier so we don’t have enough resources to rebuild everything,” Euros said as he pointed at the buildings that had been fixed.

The reason why they couldn’t leave the place was that the Helmga world was split into four and stacked one with another to make it like a floor since their world was basically imprisoned in the tower. So they could only explore as far as their eyes could see, but the moment all the floor of the Helmga world cleared, it would become whole again.

“Are you here just to check on us?” Costrezeir asked with a weak smile on her face.

“No, I came here to talk with all of you. Can you bring the others so we can talk in the hall?” Mykel asked.

The three of them looked at each other and then Euros nodded with understanding. “It looks serious, so let’s get going and Ronin will call the others,” he said.

Mykel sat down on the sofa while he waited for Ronin to bring the others. He was busy interacting with the Constellations, he was trying to bring a few of them to his side. Of course, with the help of Hera, Aphrodite, and Loki, almost all the Gods and Goddesses who were in those three Major Arcanas already supported him.

“Is that a deal then?” Mykel asked while he looked at the notification in front of him.

[The Trickster doesn’t mind your proposal]

[The Goddess of Love is fine with that]

[The Goddess of Vengeful accepts your offer]

“Thank you for understanding,” Mykel said as he closed the notifications in front of him.

“Hero Mykel, everyone is here,” Euros said as they all entered the hall.

Mykel stood up and approached them, he looked at every one of them. Their Benefactors weren’t even powerful Gods and Goddesses, and all their Benefactor Exclusive skills weren’t even worth it and Costrezeir was the unluckiest one.

“Is something the matter?” Phirzia asked as she looked at Mykel.

“Yes, I found it concerning with your situation and I’m not talking about your world, but every single one of you is what I’m concerned about,” Mykel said with a serious expression. “I have an ability to look at your level, skills, and your benefactors. It’s unbelievable to see all of you are treated badly by your own benefactors,” he said as he looked at the ceiling and a few notifications appeared in front of him.

“What’s the problem with the Gods and Goddesses we served?” Costrezeir asked with her head tilted and eyebrows furrowed.

“Would you believe me if only those Gods and Goddesses really care about you, you all wouldn’t be in this kind of situation?” Mykel asked as he looked at Euros. “In my world, because there are thirteen towers, there are more Constellations that support us. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?” he continued.

“There are more Gods and Goddesses that exist out there?” Arvel asked.

“Yes, but they didn’t want to show themselves and help you,” Mykel answered.

All of them were devastated and furious at the same time knowing that there were a lot of Gods and Goddesses out there but didn’t want to help them.

“I think it’s already too late to be angry because everything has happened,” Euros said as he sighed.

“But that doesn’t mean you can’t get what you deserve even if it’s too late,” Mykel said with his hands in his pocket. “Let me do the honor to introduce you to the Gods and Goddesses that finally decided to help you at the last minute,” he said as he looked up.

All of them looked at each other with confusion until thousands of notifications suddenly appeared in front of them and all of them were from The Fool, The High Priestess, and The Empress Major Arcana factions.

“Choose as you please because they came to help, just like me,” Mykel said with a smile on his face.


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