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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 73 Bahasa Indonesia

“I win again,” Mykel said as he caught his breath with blood covering half of his face and stared down at Zherthlsh who was laying down below him.

“You weren’t this strong back there! How?!” Zherthlsh asked as she tried to free herself.

“What do you think? Am I strong enough to defeat your father, Zherthlsh?” Mykel asked back with his eyebrow raised.

Zherthlsh chuckled quietly and startled laughing. “You? Against my father? Your existence will disappear the moment you set foot in the same room as him,” she said and suddenly turned herself into black smoke then reappeared behind Mykel.

“Is that so? I think you’re lying,” Mykel replied while he put his shirt and blazer on. “You and Azazel are equal in terms of power. The only difference is you’re lacking in experience,” he continued as he stared at Zherthlsh who had been showing her back at him.

“Who said that?” Zherthlsh looked back and glared at Mykel with suspicion.

“I just did,” Mykel answered as he bought [Health Potion] from the Arcana Shop and then drank it immediately.

Mykel was smirking when he saw thousands of notifications in front of him. All the constellations were shocked and in disbelief that Zherthlsh was still in his world and alive.

“When was the last time you spoke to him?” Mykel asked as he wiped the blood on his forehead.

Zherthlsh didn’t respond to Mykel’s question at first and then she turned around to look at him. “Mind your own business, Mykel Alester,” she said with a bit of anger in her voice.

Mykel smirked and scoffed. “We are done here, right? Send me back already if you don’t have anything else,” he said.

Zherthlsh used her wings to push Mykel and he went back to the front of the liquor store. The sun was still up, he decided to go back to the hotel and meet with the others.

Zherthlsh had a father issue because she had never gotten any attention from Azazel. He knew exactly how to deal with her because Zherthlsh was created based on his ex-girlfriend’s personal life.

[The Goddess of Vengeful is requesting to summon you to her world, Mount Olympus]

[Do you accept The Goddess of Vengeful’s request?]

[Yes.] [No.]

“Hmm?” Mykel looked at the notification and then looked at the sky as he tapped on the [Yes] button.

The sky looked the same but when he looked down, he was in the middle of a round hall where all the 12 Gods and Goddesses of the Olympian were standing on the sides. Mykel looked at Hera who stood next to Zeus and she glanced her eyes at Zeus.

“Mykel Alester! What’s the meaning of this!” Zeus asked and the sound of thunder rumble could be heard from the distance.

“Are you talking about Zherthlsh?” Mykel asked back as he stared at Hades who looked so weak. He wondered what did they do to him after they found out that he was plotting something with Nyx.

“Of course! Why do you think we are summoning you here?” Zeus answered with his glowing blue eyes glaring at Mykel. “Explain it to us because we want to know why that demon is still alive and lives in your world?” he continued as he crossed his arms.

“I could tell you the reason but I don’t think I want to tell you that when there’s a traitor in this hall with us,” Mykel answered as he smirked and stared at Hades.

All the Gods and Goddesses of the Olympians pointed their gazes at Hades. Hades nodded weakly and he disappeared immediately, they then looked at Mykel and waited for his answer.

“Is there a problem if she lives in my world? It’s my world in the first place, so why do you even bother to look after it? Have you not seen that I overpowered her and you knew that she had no chance to win against me,” Mykel answered as he looked at them. “So, I see no problem here,” he continued.

“What’s your real purpose in letting her live in your world, Mykel Alester,” Athena asked as she looked down at Mykel.

“Of course, my purpose is to make her mine, what else do you think?” Mykel answered with his eyebrows furrowed. “If I can tame her, she will be a good asset for me and you all know that Zherthlsh is equal in terms of power with Azazel. I know what her weakness and I’m taking advantage of it,” he continued with his hands in his trouser pocket.

“You’re making a huge mistake if you think you can trust a demon, Mykel Alester,” Athena said with her eyes squinted and arms crossed, she didn’t like the idea and was skeptical about it.

“You know you’re playing with fire, right?” Poseidon asked with a bit of concern in his voice.

Mykel scoffed and smirked. “I have been playing with fire ever since the demon came to my world and right now I have become the fire itself,”

“Doesn’t that makes you the source of the problem then?” Ares asked with his eyebrow raised and glared down at Mykel.

“It depends,” Mykel said as he walked backward and looked at all of them. “If you tried to poke me, I will burn your finger, but as long as you just stay around the fire and do nothing, I can give you warmth and comfort,” he answered as he stared at Aphrodite.

[Goddess of Love wants to see you once everything is done]

Mykel looked at the notification and nodded his head without looking at Aphrodite.

“Enough, we are bringing him here to ask him about his reason for letting Zherthlsh alive and nothing else,” Hera said as she looked at Ares.

Ares shook his head in disagreement. “No, I’m not done here with him,” he said as he walked down. “You ordered us to ignore the only human that could change the fate of your world, and we agreed with it. Now, you brought a demon to your side, and not just any demon but the demon king’s daughter herself. What’s your real purpose Mykel Alester?” he asked as he stood in front of Mykel and glared down at him with his hands crossed.

“That’s none of your concern, but we had a deal before that I won’t be taking sides with the demons. Isn’t that enough to give you peace of mind?” Mykel asked back as he looked up at Ares’s giant and muscular body.

“You think we are that stupid? Our deal was that you won’t take sides with the demons but that doesn’t mean you’re going to help the humans to fight the demons,” Ares replied.

Mykel smiled and nodded his head. “You’re not wrong, and that’s true that I didn’t mention I will help the humans,” he said. “But you can hold onto my words that I will clear the demon towers,” he answered with a serious expression as he stared at Ares.

“Come on, Ares, we have seen him clear the eleventh floor and that should be enough to prove his words,” Aphrodite said, Ares gritted his teeth and Mykel could see the jaw muscles on Ares’s face popping out.

Aphrodite glanced at Hera and they both were making eye contact then nodded their head. “Since there’s no more discussion, I will bring him back,” Aphrodite said, and then clapped her hands once.

Mykel looked at his surroundings and he was in a chamber, a pretty big one. He heard footsteps that came from outside the door next to him and then Aphrodite came inside the room with her see-through white dress.

“I have been waiting for this moment for so long…” Aphrodite said as she rubbed Mykel’s cheek gently. “We don’t have much time before Ares noticed that you’re in my chamber,” she said as she pushed Mykel back onto the bed.

Aphrodite slowly removed the dress with her long fingers as she stared at Mykel with lust. “I want you to do me like how you did it with those women of yours,” she said as she threw her dress on the floor.

“What’s in it for me if I do this?” Mykel asked while Aphrodite was sitting on top of his body and rubbed his crotch.

Aphrodite giggled as she tilted her head. “You still want something even though you’re going to play with a goddess?” she asked as she sniffed Mykel’s scent on his neck. “Rather than asking me, how about I ask you what you want in return?” she said as she licked Mykel’s neck and she started to breathe heavily.

“I want your support, Aphrodite, I want you to be on my side,” Mykel answered as he flinched because Aphrodite just sucked on his neck.

“My support?” Aphrodite whispered as she moved to the other side of Mykel’s neck and started kissing it.

“I want the empty seat,” Mykel said and Aphrodite immediately stopped kissing his neck.

“Ah… I see, the empty seat,” Aphrodite whispered into Mykel’s right ear. “As long as I can play with you from now on, you will have support,” she continued and started kissing his neck again.

“Then bend over and I will do what I did to them,” Mykel said as he stared Aphrodite in the eye.


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