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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 60 Bahasa Indonesia

Gunnar and the others stood in front of Mykel and Lyneth as they were listening to Mykel’s conclusion of the situation. All of them were surprised when they heard that a demon lord roamed the world and not to mention that he said that it could be a high floor demon lord.

It was a shame that all the people that related to that demonic cult story were all deceased so Mykel couldn’t track them even if he wanted to. He had to find another way to get more information about the demonic cult.

“So we need to find this demonic cult and prevent them from sabotaging us the Awakeners to clear the tower?” Rozan asked as he raised his eyebrow. “If they summoned a demon lord from a high floor, why don’t that demon lord just do it himself since we won’t be able to survive anyway,”

“I’m not entirely sure, but one thing for sure is that we are going to do this on our own because we don’t want the Fraternity or the government to help us to avoid the attention from the public,” Mykel answered with his hands in his pockets.

“How are we going to do this, boss? We can’t just walk around and ask everyone if they’re a part of the demonic cult,” Gunnar asked as he flipped his hand and pointed at the city behind him.

Mykel shook his head and looked at Lillith then pointed his finger at her. “We are going to use Lillith’s skill to read people’s minds and memories to find the demonic cult,”

Everyone looked at Lillith and she just sighed as she fell onto the sofa.

“It’s going to take forever to find them if we only use Lillith’s power,” Agnez said as she stared at Lillith who was already dispirited from hearing that from Mykel.

“I have my own way of getting information, so just wait until I get the information that I need,” Mykel said as he looked at the notification where Loki was smiling at him with excitement.

“This pendant, is it really that powerful? Can we take it from them once we kill that demon lord?” Rozan asked with his hand raised.

“There’s a reason why it’s so powerful. I believe that it uses a life force in exchange for that magic, so if you want to use it, be my guess,” Mykel answered as he looked at Rozan. “Anyway, I’m going to rest for today because it has been a long day,” he continued as he left the suite and went to Lyneth’s apartment.

“Do you have something to say, Loki?” Mykel said to himself.

[The Trickster summoned you to his world, Asgard]

Mykel stared at Loki who was laying on the bed with men and women on the bed touching his body. Loki suddenly disappeared and reappeared behind Mykel, he wrapped his arm around Mykel’s neck and then whispered. “You should be cautious with your surroundings,”

“You know something, don’t you?” Mykel asked as he stared at Loki from the corner of his eyes.

“I know everything and it’s kind of boring, you know?” Loki answered as he walked to the front and put both of his hands on Mykel’s shoulders. “The question is, would you entertain me in exchange for that information?” he continued with a mischievous smile.

“I don’t have time to play around,” Mykel said as he removed Loki’s hands from his shoulders because it made him uncomfortable.

Loki sat down on the bed and those men and women immediately swarmed his body. “You said that but that demon is now having fun in your world,”

“Fine, what do you want from me in exchange for the information?” Mykel asked with his arms crossed and stared at Loki seriously.

“Don’t look at me like that, I’m not plotting anything, really,” Loki smiled and started to chuckle mischievously. “I will tell you what you need, but you have to do me a favor,” he continued as he stood up and walked toward Mykel.

Loki leaned his head toward Mykel’s ear and whispered something to him. Mykel glared at Loki as he took a step back, he looked surprised and in disbelief at the same time.

“Why?” Mykel asked.

“I don’t like competition and I know you want to do that as well, right? Isn’t it better to have another one who supported you in the Temple of Triumph?” Loki answered as he shrugged his mouth. “Isn’t that what she said back then? Your existence is enough make things unbalanced so I will help you to fit in that tight spot,” he continued and started to giggle.

“I see that you overheard my conversation with her. That means you heard everything don’t you?” Mykel asked and stared at Loki as if he was ready to kill him.

“My lips are sealed, your secret is safe with me,” Loki replied as his hand pretended to zip his lips. “Now, let’s leave it like that for now. Have fun with whatever you’re going find, Mykel Alester,” he said and clapped his hands to send Mykel back.

The morning came, and everyone was ready to leave to wherever Mykel want to go. He got enough information and he planned to meet with an Awakener that knew what happened.

“Where to, boss?” Gunnar asked as he walked next to Mykel.

“We are going to District 14 again and meet someone that knows what happened,” Mykel answered as he entered the car.

Mykel brought them to the other side of the city where unwanted people lived, a place where bad things happened every day. Lillith was looking at their minds and memories, she was so surprised when most of them had encountered a mysterious person in a cloak.

“You saw it?” Mykel asked as he glanced at Lillith.

“Yes, almost all of them met with a person in a cloak here,” Lillith answered quietly and everyone immediately looked around with their hands ready on their weapons.

“Don’t,” Mykel said as he looked at them. “You’re making these people scared,” he continued as he kept walking casually.

Mykel and the others stood in front of an old house and they could see weird symbols on the walls. Those symbols represented the thirteen demon kings and were used for the summoning ritual.

Mykel grabbed the handle but the door was locked, so he used a bit of force and broke into the house. He looked around and was immediately welcomed by a strong pungent smell and carcass of rats, dogs, and cats scattered around the house.

“What the fuck is this place? There’s no way someone lives in this kind of place,” Gunnar quietly said with his hand covering his nose.

While they were looking all over the house, they heard a loud thud from upstairs. Everyone looked at each other and immediately went upstairs with more carcasses on the floor. Mykel looked at the closed door at the end of the hallway where he heard the thud sound and immediately kicked the door open.

Mykel looked at a guy with long black hair who was holding a knife but he pointed the knife at himself. He looked so confused and shocked at the same time because his own hand seemed to be moving on its own.

“Please! Help me!” The guy said as he tried to push his right hand from him with his left hand.

Mykel grabbed the guy’s right hand but it won’t budge as if a tremendous amount of power was preventing Mykel from helping the guy from killing himself. Without thinking twice, Mykel grabbed the blade and snapped it then threw it away.

The guy’s right hand stopped moving and he finally could control of his hand again. “Th-thank you,” he said as he looked at Mykel but he noticed that Mykel’s left hand kept grabbing his wrist and didn’t plan on letting it go.

“Lillith,” Mykel said and Lillith immediately looked at the guy’s mind and memories.

“Hey! What are you doing! Let go of me!” The guy said as he tried to resist but Mykel kept him down while Lillith was busy looking into his memories.

Gunnar looked at the damp room and he saw a wardrobe next to him. He opened it and saw a cloak was hung inside it, he patted Rozan’s shoulder and the others so they could check it out. It was the same cloak as what those people wore, and they were all convinced that this guy was the culprit behind it.

“Did you see it? The summoning ritual?” Mykel asked Lillith as he kept staring at the guy.

“Yes, I know where it is, it’s in an abandoned building not far from here,” Lillith answered as she shook her head.

Mykel put his right hand on the guy’s face and he burned the guy with hellfire that shocked everyone. He didn’t stop until the guy turned into ashes and then a few notifications appeared in front of him.

[The King of the Underworld is displeased with your action of killing his recipient]

[The Scythe God is furious and glares at you with anger]

[The Purple Dressed Goddess is disappointed with her recipient]

[The Trickster is laughing hysterically]

Mykel stood up and turned around. “Let’s go and find the demon lord,”


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