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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 59 Bahasa Indonesia

“It’s the same here as well,” Lyneth said as she came inside the burned building. “Thirteen people wore black cloaks and one guy showed the same pendant in his hand the fire appeared,” she explained as she looked up at the building.

“So what’s actually happening here? I thought these guys are trying to stir up a problem between us and the Fraternity,” Agnez asked with her arms crossed and looked at the surroundings with Lillith to find if there was any suspicious person amongst the crowd.

“I’m honestly so confused because if they’re trying to send a message, why did they sacrifice their own people?” Rozan asked as he looked at Mykel who looked at the ground for the pendant.

“Who knows, we can only wait for the autopsy results and we can see who are these people,” Mykel said as he exhaled deeply. “The fire looked exactly the same as what happened to the Fraternity building. The pendant is the source of it,” he explained and looked at the others.

“Is that an artifact? If it is, how can there be two of them? I don’t think anyone could make something like that because Rozan can’t even make a fire that big,” Gunnar said as he looked through the debris for the pendant.

Mykel walked outside and lit his cigarette, no matter how hard he tried to find an answer, nothing came out of his mind. He couldn’t do anything but wait for the autopsy results so he could use the command system to look at their profile.

Lyneth came out of the building as she stared at her phone. “They have identified one of the corpses, let’s go and check it out,”

“Finally,” Mykel said as he flicked his cigarette and then went into the car with Lyneth, the others followed Mykel to the hospital.

“Here is the result of the autopsy, Miss Lyneth,” The doctor said as he slid the document to Lyneth.

Lyneth opened it and the first thing she checked was the identity of the corpse. “Irvine Ladia,” she said as she looked at Mykel.

Mykel checked the name on the Awakeners list but that name didn’t exist which surprised him a bit. “She’s not an Awakener, she’s just an ordinary girl,” he said as he looked at Lyneth.

Lyneth hummed and nodded with understanding. “I will make a phone call real quick, I need to give this information to the government because they could do a background check on her,” Lyneth said and immediately grabbed her phone to make a phone call.

Mykel checked Irvine Ladia on the Characters list, and her name came up, he tapped on it and read the profile.

[Name: Irvine Ladia (Deceased)]

[Gender: Female]

[Age: 22]

[Story: Irvine Ladia is a 22 years old woman… Irvine wishes to become an Awakener… She met with a stranger on the street, that stranger knows what she wants… Irvine believes what the stranger says that she can become an Awakener… She accepts the offer and follows the stranger for a “Ritual” so she can become an Awakener… She’s being lied to and now she’s a part of the Demonic Cult… [For more related story]]

“Demonic cult?” Mykel said in his mind as he looked at the related story button and then he tapped on it.

The moment he tapped on it, hundreds of lists of similar stories from different characters came out. He was so shocked that there were so many of them, and so he stood up and went outside to read every single one of them.

“This is crazy…” Mykel stared at the system screen in front of him with his hands covering his mouth. “The Demonic Cult didn’t exist in the original story, what’s happening here?” he mumbled as he crossed his arms and leaned on the chair.

Each story led to another, and Mykel finally found all the missing pieces and understood the situation. He thought about it for a moment and there was one event in the story where Agnez summoned a demon to help her fight Asmond before she became his partner in the end-game story.

“Dagger of Sacrificial, that’s the weapon to summon a demon that Agnez used,” Mykel said with his eyes squinted. “That dagger was found in the secret room on the fifth floor of Azrael tower. Does that mean someone was lucky enough to find the secret room and got the dagger instead of the scroll?” he asked himself.

The [Dagger of Sacrificial] that Agnez used later in the story and the origin of who got that dagger wasn’t mentioned in the story because Mykel made the dagger’s appearance out of nowhere and just told that Agnez got it from someone. He believed that the person who got the dagger must be the same person in the original story, but the reason why that person decided to use it this time was so unexpected.

The more the sacrifice for the summoning, the greater the demon would be and possessed a body as their vessel, that was what the function of the dagger was. After Mykel watched the footage, whoever demon gave those people the pendant must be a demon lord. Thinking about it, Mykel started to feel anxious because if it was a high floor demon lord, everything would be in grave danger.

“There you are,” Lyneth said as she came out of the doctor’s office.

“How is it? Are they agree on doing a background check on Irvine?” Mykel asked as he watched Lyneth sit down next to him.

“They’re already doing it right now, so all we can do now is wait,” Lyneth answered as she stared at the wall in front of her. “Kastor also got the result of the autopsy from the people that burned their building. None of them are Awakeners, this is really confusing right now and we have no idea what’s going on here,” she continued as she raised her eyebrows.

“I see,” Mykel answered as he sighed.

“What’s wrong? You seem anxious?” Lyneth asked as she looked at Mykel’s heel tapping the floor.

“I already know who these people are, and we are in a dangerous situation right now,” Mykel answered as he looked at Lyneth.

“Dangerous situation? Did you know something?” Lyneth asked as she turned her body toward Mykel and looked at him with a worried expression.

Mykel nodded and then he removed his glove and showed the [Ring of Fire] on his index finger. “Do you remember this ring? This ring can create fire from nothing and everyone can use it, not just Awakener,” he said and then he removed the ring and put it on Lyneth’s index finger. “Now, go and try to imagine yourself when you light a matchstick. Imagine the fire, the heat, and the size of the fire,” he said as he pointed at the ring.

Lyneth opened her hand and imagined the fire on the matchstick and the hellfire immediately appeared above her hand. She was so shocked and immediately retracted her hand, the fire disappeared and she looked at Mykel with disbelief.

“Wow, this is, amazing,” Lyneth said with a huge smile on her face.

“It is, but do you know what that means?” Mykel replied as he grabbed Lyneth’s hand and stared at the ring. “That means, those people could create fire magic even though they’re not an Awakener. They must have gotten themselves an artifact or something similar to burn the buildings which is the pendant that we saw in the footage,” he explained as he removed the ring from Lyneth’s finger.

“I understand now, so that was the reason why they can create such a huge flame,” Lyneth replied. “So, they got themselves an artifact that’s similar to that ring?” Lyneth asked with her eyebrow raised.

“It’s more like it was given to them because it was only one pendant and it moved from one place to another so quickly,” Mykel answered and put the ring and glove on.

“Given? By whom?” Lyneth asked as she shook her head slightly and furrowed her forehead.

“A demon with the authority to possess such an artifact,” Mykel answered and glanced at Lyneth.

“A demon?! How can a demon give such an artifact to them? Aren’t they unable to leave the tower except during a breakout?” Lyneth looked at Mykel with confusion.

“But that doesn’t mean they can’t be summoned outside the tower,” Mykel answered. “These people have summoned a demon and now that demon is possibly wandering around freely as we speak,”

Lyneth furrowed her forehead and stared at the floor. “A demon is summoned and now is walking among us? And you said that the demon is someone with the authority to possess an artifact?” she asked as she tried to confirm what she just heard. “Wait! Does that mean?!” she continued but was then interrupted by Mykel.

“Yes, I believe it’s a demon lord and they have summoned a demon lord to this world,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head.


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