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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 48 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel stood in front of the giant doors and they suddenly opened, the ground was shaking really badly that it made him a bit dizzy. It opened so slowly that he had to wait a whole minute so he could walk past through the gap.

The hall was so big that it was ten times the size of the colosseum, and the shape of the hall wasn’t a circle but it was a heptagon. Mykel entered the hall and looked at the space in the sky where stars were lighting the hall and everything was made out of gold. There was a heptagon table where the dominant constellations of the 21 Major Arcana sat.

Mykel walked to where the heptagon table and they could see them from the distance. It was just silence where the other hundreds of gods and goddesses were watching him walk from the spectator seat on the sides.

The reason why the shape of the hall was heptagon was because of the alliance of each Major Arcana. Mykel turned around as he walked backward and saw the bottom side of the heptagon where the god and goddesses from Death Arcana and the Devil Arcana faction sat and they stood neutral with each other.

On the bottom left side, it was the factions of the Hanged Man, Temperance, and The Tower Arcanas which the three of them were allied. On the bottom right side were for the Sun, Moon, and Star Arcanas, and the three of them were allied as well.

Mykel turned around and looked at the upper left side where the Strength, Justice, and Hermit Arcanas, the three factions were the most dominant factions because most Awakeners chose Gods and Goddesses from those factions.

The upper right side was where the Wheel of Fortune, Hierophant, and Lover Arcana factions were. The members of those factions were mostly Goddesses and they preferred to choose women as their recipients.

On the top left side was the place where the most powerful Benefactors in the story, those three factions were the Empress, Emperor, and Chariot Arcanas. Only the side characters in the story became their recipients.

On the top right side, The Fool, Magician, and High Priestess Arcanas, and were the second dominant factions in the story. They were the most neutral factions since they didn’t really bother to hang around with the other constellations including the Death and Devil Arcanas factions.

The last one was the top side of the heptagon where the World Arcana faction was. There were no spectators’ seats there since only one being that inside the World faction, and none of them worthy enough to be in that faction.

Every step Mykel took echoed throughout the hall with hundreds of thousands of gazes pointing at him. If he didn’t have [Mind Control] on him, he would get crushed by the pressure and lose his mind.

Mykel finally reached the heptagon table where all the dominants’ gods and goddesses were sitting around it. He looked at every and each one of them, he remembered all the gods and goddesses including Hera who sat next to a muscular guy with white-bluish skin and long white hair and beard, Zeus.

Mykel stood in between the throne that belonged to the Devil Arcana and Death Arcana. He looked at the empty throne of the Devil Arcana and it was obvious that the Devil Arcana was led by Lucifer himself.

Mykel looked at the empty sit and decided to sit on it. “What do you guys want from me?” he asked calmly

Mykel sat down on Lucifer’s throne that making all of them look at him with various expressions. Hera the Empress Arcana and Aphrodite smirked and giggled while Aphrodite the Lover Arcana stared at him with both her hands on her cheeks and a huge smile on her face.

Loki giggled mischievously with the ambiguous body of his or her that Mykel couldn’t tell what gender Loki actually was, but he made Loki a man in the story. He was the dominant God of the Fool Arcana.

“For a mortal to sit among us, what an unpleasant sighting,” An old man with looked similar to Zeus with a crown on his head with wings around it said and a crow on his shoulder. That god was Odin from the Chariot Arcana.

“Is there a problem?” Mykel asked as he stared at Odin with his arms rested on the throne and legs crossed.

The crow was cawing really loud as Odin glared at Mykel. “Stop it, don’t make a scene,” A gorgeous woman with dark brown hair and plump red lips with her eyes blindfolded said. She was Themis of the Hierophant Arcana.

Mykel just smirked as those two started to quarrel and then he looked to his right and saw a man with black wings and a cloak that covered his whole body and face just staring at him. He was Thanatos of the Death Arcana, and by the look of his expression, he despised Mykel.

“What? Do you think I’m going to die back there?” Mykel said and he was mentioning his encounter with Zherlthsh.

Thanatos slowly smirked at Mykel and then he looked away to look at the quarrel.

A woman with purple-ish skin and dressed in a purple dress stood up as she stared at them. All the gods and goddesses went silent since she was the strongest Goddess at the table, she was Nyx from the Tower Arcana.

Nyx with her long hair that touched the ground with her glowing eyes stared at Mykel. “We summoned you here to ask you why you let the demons break out and destroy your world?”

Mykel looked at Nyx as he furrowed his eyebrows. “It’s funny to hear that from your mouth since you wanted to see me dead. I guess like mother like son, huh? he replied as he looked at Thanatos and Nyx.

A god with a red cape on his back and around his neck slammed his muscular hand on the table which sounded like a clap of thunder. “This mortal!” he said as he stood up and showed his buffed and muscular body. That God was Ares from the Strength Arcana. “Let’s just kill him, he will end up destroying his own world!” he said as he looked at the other gods and goddesses at the table.

“If you’re asking me for a reason, that reason you must have seen it yourself,” Mykel answered as he looked at Ares. “I was planning to help them but after what they did to my woman, do you think I would stay quiet and let them have it?” he continued.

Mykel looked at Zeus and smirked. “I’m not like that God who pretended to be an animal then fucked a Goddess and forced her into marriage, and then abandoned her and fucked other women for fun,”

Zeus glared at him and just stayed quiet while Hera glanced at Mykel and he knew she was holding her smile.

“Do you even know the consequences if you let those demons roam your world? You might think that your world is fine now, but you never knew. We have seen hundreds of worlds get destroyed because of the demons, and none of them were thinking like you until it was too late,” Nyx said as she sat down and stared at him.

“If you do as what we told you to do, we can help you defeat the demon kings, and Lucifer himself,” A goddess with a golden helmet and her light-red hair could be seen on her back and a see-through white cape on her shoulder said. Goddess Athena of the Justice Arcana stared at Mykel with her amber eyes.

Mykel scoffed and started to chuckle. “Defeat Lucifer? You all know it’s impossible because if you said there were hundreds of worlds that fell under him, doesn’t that makes you guys incompetent as Gods and Goddesses?” he said as he snorted and smirked at Athena.

Mykel stood up as he shook his head and exhaled deeply. “All of you are just putting on an act but you can’t fool me,” he said as he looked at all of them with his hands rested on the table. “You don’t care about how many people that are dying down there, you don’t even care if your recipients die since you can easily replace them,” he continued.

“You’re all just scared that Lucifer and the others will step over you since they keep getting stronger and stronger while you all just sit here pretending to be almighty but the truth is you guys are nothing but an old god and goddess who can no longer get any stronger,” Mykel explained as he smiled at them. “You’re just jealous of what he’s capable of,” he said and it made all of them angry except for Hera, Aphrodite, Nyx, and Thanatos.

“You have the power to kill him, but why don’t you want to kill him?” Nyx asked calmly.

“Why? Because this is my power, and I do whatever I want with it,” Mykel answered with a smirk on his face.


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