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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 49 Bahasa Indonesia

All of them were dumbfounded by Mykel’s answer, even the gods and goddesses on the spectator seats started to murmur which made the whole hall noisy. The space made a crackling sound and Zeus’ eyes started to glow as he glared at Mykel, but suddenly the dark clouds came and immediately covered the crack.

“You know you’re not allowed to use your power here, right?” Hera said as she stared at Zeus from the corner of her eyes. “Or she might suck you in and turn you into particles,” she warned him that made Zeus’ eyes go back to normal, and exhaled deeply.

A goddess with orange hair wearing a black fur coat stared at Mykel. “Your life is so full of mystery,” Goddess Freyja of the Wheel of Fortune Arcana said as she kept staring at Mykel with confusion. “Your death is unknown and your birth is unknown, who are you?” she asked quietly.

Mykel stared back at Freyja and raised his eyebrow. “I’m someone who’s beyond your existence if that’s what you want to hear,”

Ares stood up and before he could leave his seat, a goddess with a white scarf covered her head with curly black hair and yellow eyes stared at Ares. “He’s speaking the truth…” Goddess Veritas of the Hermit Arcana said with her eyes staring at Mykel from the corner of her eyes.

“I’m the god of war! I will show him that he’s nothing but a mortal who can’t touch us!” Ares yelled as he walked toward Mykel.

Mykel smirked as he watched Ares walk toward him with his hands clenched.


[YES.] [NO.]

Mykel tapped the [Yes] button before Ares could grab him on the neck. Mykel grabbed his hand which made all of the gods and goddesses surprised.

[You have attained a new skill!]

[Open your status screen to check it out!]

[Deus Obscisor (Passive) (Benefactor Exclusive): Allow the User to do harm to the Constellations without exception. This skill will not work if the User does not have [Semideus] skill.]

[Nemesis has been activated!]

[The target is God Ares]

[Skills and Level have been equalized!]

[Duration is 5 minutes]

“What? You think I can’t touch you?” Mykel asked and then he threw a punch at Ares’s stomach and was enough to make him fall on his knee.

All of them jolt from their seats as they watched Ares bleed and on his knee, they were shocked because a human wasn’t supposed to have the power to touch a god. The reason why there was such a skill like [Deus Obscisor] was that it was the only way to defeat Lucifer in the original story that Asmond received from her, The Goddess of All with the [Semideus] skill.

Ares wiped the blood on his lips, he scoffed as he glared at Mykel and immediately charged at him but then the space turned black and the hall lost its source of light. Everyone looked up as the void started to descend and covered everything above the hall.

Nyx who had been acting superior immediately sat down and didn’t even dare to look up. Ares sighed with frustration as he clenched his teeth and glared down at Mykel.

“We have been making a scene ever since Mykel came here, you guys need to calm down,” Aphrodite said as she stared at Mykel while she bit her lips.

All of them sat down and silently looked at each other because the void didn’t leave them alone.

Loki stood up and opened his arms which made everyone look at him. “Let me handle this from now on, how about that? Any objection?” he asked with his soothing womanly voice, it made Mykel a bit uncomfortable because his body shape was like any other goddess around the table but he didn’t have a breast which was the reason why Mykel felt uncomfortable.

All the gods and goddesses just stared at him and shook their heads.

Loki approached Mykel with his smile and then he sat on top of the table in front of Mykel. “You must have a goal with those powers that you possess, right? Can you tell us what’s your goal?” he asked as he crossed his legs and rested his head on the back of his hand.

“How about you just enjoy the show like you always do,” Mykel said as he stared at Loki’s long straight hair that covered half of his face.

“Of course!” Loki replied with a grin on his face. “But at least can you give us some teaser of your big plan?” he asked as he leaned his head forward at Mykel.

Mykel could smell a sweet scent from Loki’s hair and he immediately leaned his head back on the throne. “How about we make a deal first? It’s no fun if I just tell you all about my plan,” he asked as he crossed his legs.

Loki clapped his fingers repeatedly with a big smile on his face and immediately jumped down from the seat and stood next to Mykel. “I’m listening,” he said next to Mykel’s right ear.

“You must have heard about Asmond Redfeld, or to be precise watched him during the second breakout,” Mykel said as he looked at every one of them.

“We do, and we are all interested in him,” Loki replied as he switched sides. “We are all invested with what he’s going to be in the future,” he continued as he stared at Mykel.

Myke smirked and then stood up. “Well then, it’s perfect timing,” he said. “I want to make a deal with every constellation that participated in this “Event” and that deal is I want you guys to not make him your recipient,” he said as he kept smirking and looking at all of them.

They were shocked when they heard about the deal except for Loki who started to get excited about whatever would happen.

“What exactly is the reason for you to specifically want us to not help him? And if the deal is only so you can tell us your big plan, I don’t think we are going to accept it no matter how many times you beg,” A goddess with a black veil covered her pale face with only black lips that everyone could see said. Goddess Hecate of the Magician Arcana with a big horn-like crown on top of the black veil.

“Who said that deal is about me telling you my plan?” Mykel answered as he chuckled.

“Then what’s the deal? Just tell us already,” Odin said with a bit of annoyance in his voice.

“Let me repeat it once more, I want you guys to not make him your recipient and in exchange,” Mykel paused as everyone was staring at him with curiosity. “I will not join the demon kings,” Mykel answered.

“Are you out of your mind?! That wasn’t a deal, that was a threat!” Odin said as he slammed his hand on the table.

“It depends on how you interpreted it because for me it’s a good deal,” Mykel answered with a smirk on his face. “I can easily destroy the world of mine with the power that I have now, and nothing could stop me even if you all decided to give powers to your recipient. So? Do you accept the deal or not?” he asked with his eyebrow raised.

Loki couldn’t help but laugh with excitement with his hand covering his mouth.

“I have enough of this!” Zeus yelled and couldn’t hold it any longer then thunders rumbled from the space and struck the hall through the dark clouds making damage to the hall.

All of them looked at Zeus with his glowing light blue eyes with disbelief and suddenly something descended into the hall. Something that was covered by black mist and the moment it landed on the hall, the whole hall was covered with dark clouds that it was impossible for all of them to see anything in front of them.

Nobody was making any noise even Loki disappeared and went back to his seat. Mykel looked up and it was the same place he was in when she summoned him to the void.

While Mykel was having the same eerie feeling that he had experienced, he heard loud lighting not far from him. The cloud was so thick and dark that not a single light could be seen even though the lighting was so bright. The scream of pain could be heard and he could tell it was Zeus’s voice, he was so curious about what happened to him behind those thick dark clouds.

The sound of lighting stopped and it was just silence and Mykel’s ears were ringing because of that.

Before he could recover the ringing sound in his ear, a hand was touching his face from behind. “You have taken two of my abilities without my permission,” a soothing woman’s voice whispered into his ear. “You are so bold to threaten the gods and goddesses with my power,”

Mykel couldn’t see anything but the hand was so soft and had no scent.

“Let’s make a deal,” She whispered. “If you answer my question truthfully, I will not take your life away,” she continued as she kept rubbing Mykel’s face.

“What are you going to do with my power?” She asked as her hand started to grip on Mykel’s face.


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