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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 40 Bahasa Indonesia

“This will be the last one,” Mykel looked at the earring in his hand.

“Thank you for your hard work, Mister Mykel,” Edith said with a smile on her face.

Mykel nodded and they both left the tower.

“Ever since your appearance on TV and the CCTV footage of you making all the people in the airport passed out, you have become really famous, Mister Mykel,” Edith said as she sat in the back of the car with Mykel.

“It’s a pain but what can I do,” Mykel replied. “By the way, have you checked the people that I ask you to find?” he asked and looked at Edith.

“The people you asked me to find, all of them are not an Awakener. I’m not sure if these people are really the ones you’re looking for or not,” Edith answered.

“Yes, they’re not an Awakener, at least not yet. You can bring those people to me,” Mykel replied and made Edith a bit confused with his statement.

Edith nodded with understanding. “I will bring them right away,”

Mykel and Edith went back to District 1 since they had done clearing all the towers that belong to them.

“Hmm?” Edith hummed as he looked at the crowds in front of the Guild Association building. “I don’t remember that we are having an important guest,” she continued.

Mykel get out of the car and looked at two people standing in front of the entrance. It was Kastor and Caesar, they both were just standing still and didn’t get inside the building.

Kastor looked at the car that parked next to them, and he saw Mykel staring at him with murderous intent. Kastor immediately walked past through the crown and approached Mykel with Caesar following behind him.

“Mykel, we heard about what happened to Lyneth,” Kastor said with concern written all over his face.

“Is that so? Looking at you outside the building means that she doesn’t want to see you, so you can leave before I change my mind,” Mykel said calmly and kept staring at Kastor with a straight face.

Kastor sighed and looked down while nodding his head. “I understand, see you soon then,”

Both Caesar and Kastor entered the car and then left.

The reporters swarmed Mykel but he ignored them and entered the building with Edith next to him. He went straight to his office where Lyneth waited for his arrival with Agnez and the others on her side.

“You’re back!” Lyneth said as she jolted from her seat and approached Mykel with a document in her hand. “Here, you might want to see this,” she said and gave the document to Mykel.

“You guys can leave, I will be with Lyneth from now on so you can do whatever you want until the breakout happens,” Mykel said as he grabbed the document and looked at them. “If you guys decided to go into the towers bring Edith with you,” he continued as he walked to the desk.

All of them nodded with understanding and then walked to the door. “Oh, Jeanne, here, I found an artifact that suits you,” Mykel said and showed an earring hanging on his fingers.

Jeanne looked so surprised and thrilled, she grabbed the earring and looked at the description.

[Earring of Illumination: An earring that Samael used to banish demons that didn’t follow his orders. When equipped, the User will attain a [Purify] skill]

[Purify (Active): Imbue the User’s attacks with pure energy that deal destructive damage to demons. The destructive power depends on [Critical], the higher the [Critical] skill level the more destructive power will be. (Can only be used once a day with 1 minute duration)]

“Thank you, Mykel!” Jeanne said with a big smile on her face, Mykel nodded, and then she left the room.

It was just the two of them left, Mykel looked at Lyneth and the bruises on her face. “How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine,” Lyneth answered with a smile on her face. “Please don’t look at me like that. I know that something bad happened to me, but I have overcome it, and also because this ring that you gave me makes me feel safe now,” she smiled happily as she stared at Mykel.

“So, what’s this document about?” Mykel asked and looked at the document that Lyneth gave.

“It’s a list of Awakeners that joined the Guild Association recently and I have checked every single one of them. I believe those names that I put have met your criteria, so what do you think?” Lyneth explained as she sat on Mykel’s lap and stared at the profiles of the Awakeners.

“These people are indeed good, but I don’t think they’re good enough for me,” Mykel answered as he looked at all the profiles.

“Really? I thought I have good eyes in this kind of thing,” Lyneth said while sighing. “Anyway, I have to attend a conference and you said that you will be my personal bodyguard, right? So, let’s go,” Lyneth said as she stood up and looked at the time on her watch.

“Conference?” Mykel stared at Lyneth with confusion.

“With the government and the Fraternity, we are going to talk about the second breakout,” Lyneth answered while putting on her glasses. “Come on, we don’t have time to waste,” she continued as she pulled Mykel from his chair.

They went to the auditorium room in the parliament building and there were so many people from all 14 districts including Kastor and Caesar. Lyneth was ignoring their existence and Mykel just followed her as he looked at all those people.

Lyneth stood on the podium on the stage with Mykel standing behind her. He looked at every single one of them that sat in the room, he checked their characters in the command prompt to make sure nobody would do the same thing to Lyneth.

“Good morning,” Lyneth said on the podium. “I will go straight to the point here, we, the Guild Association will not help or give any kind of support to District 8, District 9, District 11, and District 12,” she stated and made everyone in the auditorium surprised with her statement.

“You must have heard about the death of Randolph Milan on the news,” Lyneth paused and looked at everyone in the room. “That’s why I’m standing here right now to make a statement about what really happened back there,” Lyneth continued as she took a deep breath.

Lyneth told the story in detail, everyone was dumbfounded by the fact that Randolph kidnapped her and tried to **** her. Kastor and Caesar with the other association that supported them couldn’t do anything but look down. Her voice and her face were broadcasted in front of the whole world where people watch her on TV and listened to her story.

“With that being said, we, the Guild Association will not give any support to all the Districts that supported the Fraternity,” Lyneth explained. “But, we will provide places in District 1 and District 2 to those people from those districts that I mentioned that are seeking shelter during the breakout. That’s all, and thank you,” Lyneth said and then walked down the stage with Mykel following her from behind.

Kastor stood in front of the podium and he couldn’t help but keep looking down. Every eye was stabbing him and knew that something bad might happen but he had nobody else to take the blame but himself.

“I have prepared my speech, but it seems that I don’t need them anymore,” Kastor said as he looked at everyone in the room.

“I, Kastor Noble, one of the founders of the Fraternity am ashamed and I’m not going to deny what Miss Lyneth Leonis said and about what happened. I will personally take all the responsibility for all the damages that our former partner, Randolph Milan made. With that being said and from the deepest of my heart, I apologize for everything, and asking for forgiveness is too much to ask for, so we will redeem our wrongdoings by serving the people as long as the Fraternity stand,” Kastor said with a serious expression.

Kastor walked down the stage and there was nothing else but silence and the gazes of the people in the room. He walked toward Lyneth’s seat and he stood in front of her while looking at her with guilt written all over his face.

“I’m so sorry, Lyneth,” Kastor said as he looked down, Lyneth just glared at him with hatred and that was enough to tell everyone that she won’t forgive him.

The conference kept on going and everyone kept asking Lyneth to change her mind, but she insisted and they couldn’t do anything but accept her terms.

“That was tiring,” Lyneth said as she removed her glasses and leaned on the back of the car. “I need a drink…” she continued as she looked Mykel in the eye.

“Well, can we make go to some place first? There’s someone I want to meet,” Mykel asked.

“Hmm? Sure, where to?” Lyneth replied.

“District 1 prison,” Mykel answered.


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