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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 39 Bahasa Indonesia

“Boss?” Gunnar asked as he and the others entered Lyneth’s apartment.

They looked around the huge apartment for the first time and they couldn’t find Mykel anywhere. Gerrard patted Jeanne and Agnez on the shoulder, he then pointed at the door where Mykel and Lyneth could be.

“Boss? I’m opening the door,” Agnez said as she carefully and quietly opened the door.

They saw Lyneth sleeping on the bed while Mykel just sat on the chair next to the bed and stared at Lyneth while smoking his cigarette. “Oh, you guys are here,” he said calmly.

Jeanne and Agenz walked in and looked at Lyneth who was sleeping soundly, they had no idea what actually happened. They only knew what happened on the news and they saw the scene where dozens of unidentified bodies were discovered in an abandoned building and Randolph’s dead body inside a room.

“What actually is happening, boss?” Agnez asked as she stood next to Mykel.

“Thankfully nothing happened to her at least,” Mykel answered as he kept staring at Lyneth.

Agnez and Jeanne looked at each other and understood immediately what was happening back there. “Is she alright?” Jeanne asked.

“Yes, she only had small injuries on her head and face when she tried to fight back and took a few punches when Randolph tried to touch her,” Mykel answered.

“Are the boys outside? There’s something I would like to talk with you guys,” Mykel asked and they both nodded. “Alright, let’s go outside and let her rest,” he continued as he gently stroked Lyneth’s head and then left the room.

Gunnar and the others stood up from the sofa when they saw Mykel come out from the room with Agnez and Jeanne.

“Why are you guys standing up? Just sit, I want to talk with all of you,” Mykel said as he lit another cigarette. All of them sat down on the sofa while Mykel went to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of vodka.

“You must be curious about what happened from the news, then let me tell you the details so you can understand the situation first,” Mykel said at the counter as he poured himself a glass of vodka.

All of them were clenching their fists when they heard about what Randolph tried to do to her and his goal. Even though they knew nothing happened to her, they still couldn’t hold their anger toward Randolph and of course to the Fraternity as well.

“From now on, I want all of you to be Lyneth’s bodyguards for the meantime because you’re the only people I trust,” Mykel stared at them and they nodded with understanding. “Let me handle the towers on my own, and once Lyneth is feeling better, I will personally find people to be her bodyguards,” he continued as he emptied the bottle instead of the glass on the counter.

“One more thing,” Mykel said. “I said that you guys can help the Fraternity during the breakout, but now I changed my mind and I forbid all of you to help the Fraternity,” he said as he stared at them.

“But boss-” Gunnar said but before he could finish his sentence, Mykel broke the bottle in his hand and stared at Gunnar as if Mykel planned on throwing the glass in his hand at him.

“They tried to take what’s mine and I want them to suffer for what they did,” Mykel said and looked at Gunnar dead in the eye.

Rozan looked at Gunnar and tapped him on the shoulder. “It’s not like the innocent people will suffer since they have been warned and will evacuate before the breakout happens,”

“This isn’t just about Miss Lyneth, Gunnar. It’s to send them a message that he will take it seriously if someone tries to take what’s his and that includes all of us as well,” Agnez explained.

Mykel just stood there and thought about what just happened and he didn’t expect something like that to happen. There was no such an event where Lyneth got kidnapped and especially by Randolph who wasn’t even the side character of the story and could do something like that.

There were thousands of unimportant characters like Randolph and he had to start to think to prevent something similar from happening again. He looked at Jeanne and Agnez but he wasn’t worried about them since they were Awakeners while Lyneth on the other hand was just an ordinary human who couldn’t protect herself from an Awakener.

Mykel looked at the Arcana Coin shop and checked if there was something that could protect Lyneth. Unfortunately, everything in the shop was just essential items for Awakeners to progress. He then looked at his [Semideus] and noticed that he could do something and could get something for Lyneth.

“You guys stay here and don’t leave the apartment unless it’s necessary, and if Lyneth is looking for me, tell her that I will be back soon,” Mykel said as he grabbed his blazer on the chair and then leave the apartment.

“Goddess Hera, I want to ask for an audience,” Mykel said as he walked through the hallway.

[Goddess of Vengeful has granted your request]

[Goddess of Vengeful summoned you to her world, Mount Olympus]

The moment Mykel blinked his eyes, he already teleported to Mount Olympus and there he saw a beautiful dark brown-haired woman wearing a gold see-through dress sitting next to a river with a crown on her head with a lion laying next to her as she stroked the lion’s mane with her scepter.

“I know why you are here, Mykel Alester,” Hera said with her soothing voice. “You want something for me for that one of the mistresses of yours, is that correct?” she continued while kept playing with the lion and didn’t look at him.

“Yes,” Mykel answered as he grabbed his cigarette and lit one.

“But I’m not the Hera you’re looking for, is that correct?” Hero asked as she slowly lifted her head and looked at Mykel.

“Yes, I want to see the other side of yours,” Mykel answered.

Hera’s gentle smile turned into a sinister smile and suddenly the beautiful garden turned into dried land and the river dried out. Her outfit turned from gold to black, the lion changed his form into a fierce panther with yellow eyes that showed his fangs at Mykel.

“Asking for an audience and favor to me, you’re quite bold for a newly born demigod,” Hera said as she stood up, her height was twice Mykel’s height then she walked toward him while leaning her body forward. “But everything will always come with a price, Mykel Alester,” she continued with a sinister smile on her face.

“What do you want in exchange?” Mykel asked as he looked up at Hera. “But, if you’re asking me to be one of your animals, you might want to be cautious with the dark clouds,” he continued and the clouds indeed turned dark and slowly turned into a void.

Hera glared at the sky and smirked. “I see how it is, no wonder you’re so brave to come in here. It seems that the dark clouds follow you wherever you go,”

“Open your hand,” Hera said.

Mykel opened his hand then Hera dropped something from her hand and fell right onto his palm. A ring made of gold with a black gem in the middle, she then held Mykel’s arm with her fingers and then leaned her head forward.

“My hatred toward him hasn’t faded away,” Hera whispered. “I want you to make all the Awakeners that are chosen by him to suffer, every single one of them,” she continued and then leaned her head back.

“Is that it?” Mykel asked as he put the ring in his pocket.

Hera giggled mischievously and then bursted into laughter. “Such a shame Aphrodite isn’t here, she might beg for you to stay,” Hera said with giggles. “You’re indeed an interesting one. Also, I have another request…” she whispered something into Mykel’s ear and it surprised him quite a bit.

“I see, I will take care of it,” Mykel answered.

“Now, since we have no other business, back you go,” She said then snapped her fingers.

Mykel almost lost his balance as soon as he went back to the hallway. He turned around and grabbed the ring in his pocket.

[Hera’s Ring: When equipped, the User will attain a [Hera’s Blessing] skill]

[Hera’s Blessing (Passive) (Benefactor Exclusive): Protect the User from all kinds of harm under Hera’s blessing (Can only be activated 3 times a day)]

Mykel came back inside the apartment with the ring in his hand but Gunnar and the others were looking at him with confusion. “Did you forget something, boss?” Gunnar asked.

“No, I’m already back,” Mykel said as he walked to Lyneth’s room. “Jeanne, Agnez, come with me,” he continued as he entered Lyneth’s room.

Mykel grabbed Lyneth’s hand and put the ring on her right ring finger. Mykel walked back and looked at the ring on her finger that looked perfect on her. “Swing your sword at her, both of you,”

Agnez and Lyneth stared at each other and then they unsheathed their swords. They both gulped and looked at Mykel to make sure if he was being serious but his eyes were telling him that he was dead serious.

Both of them swung their sword vertically at Lyneth but their sword stopped before they could reach Lyneth’s body.

“This should be enough for now,” Mykel said and then he nodded his head with a sigh of relief.


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