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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 397: We are not fine. Bahasa Indonesia

“Three months away, Mykel,” Lyneth said as she sat on the couch and gently rubbed her belly. “I’m a bit scared and nervous when I’m thinking of giving birth to a demi-god. Especially after I listened to Hera and Gaia’s concern about my health,” Lyneth looked at the news in the living room. The news of the Fraternity Association joining hands to rescue Lilith.

“What are you afraid of?” Mykel looked at her as he leaned on the couch.

“I’m not sure, it’s just that I feel scared of something,” Lyneth answered as she leaned her head on Mykel’s chest.

“You’re afraid of not going to make it? But I can bring you back to life,” Mykel looked down and stared at Lyneth’s nose from above.

“I know, but even so, knowing there’s a chance I won’t make it still makes me anxious and scared. I’m more scared of not becoming a mother figure to her in the future,” Lyneth explained as she stared blankly at the black marble floor.

“Why don’t you spend your time with Edith? She’s the only one who can make you feel at ease in that case,” Mykel asked and gently made her look at him. “Edith barely had a vacation, so why don’t you go on a vacation with her and her children?” Mykel suggested as he looked Lyneth in the eye.

Lyneth slowly got up from Mykel’s chest and looked at her phone.

“Will you come with us?” Lyneth asked.

“If you want me to come then I’ll come,” Mykel answered.

“Alright then, I’ll tell you when and where later. You have work to do right?” Lyneth pointed at the news. “I’ll go to bed early tonight, and look for a place to go on a vacation. Good night,” Lyneth said and kissed Mykel on the cheek.

Mykel watched Lyneth walk into the bedroom, and then warped to the suite.

“Is it time?” Lillith jolted as soon as she saw Mykel appear.

“Who else wants to go other than Lillith and Agnez?” Mykel asked the others.

Everyone shook their heads since they didn’t want to kill them and were afraid of getting caught. They knew it had to be done since they were a threat in the future, but they still didn’t have the heart to kill them.

Lexus and Nexus went back to Orinca World to deal with the Awakeners in their world. They had to deal with their own problems and tried to gain influence there rather than living on Earth.

“We will stay here, and plan to train in the Lucifer Tower tomorrow,” Jeanne said.

They didn’t know that Asmond and his team were inside the Lucifer Tower, and Mykel didn’t tell Jeanne either. He still didn’t tell her about Asmond and was interested in what would happen when they met each other there.

“Alright, have fun in there. Do you want me to tell Brynhilde to go there as well?” Mykel asked Jeanne.

“Yes,” Jeanne answered with a huge smile on her face.

“Well then, should we get going?” Agnez asked as she unsheathed her sword. “This sword hasn’t tasted human blood before,” Agnez looked at her own reflection on the blade.

“Please don’t use that sword, they’ll recognize that sword… You’re going to put us in trouble, you know?” Rozan looked at Agnez with his eyes squinted. “Also, your face is quite famous among the guys, so you need to do something about it,”

“Don’t worry, Mazikeen can help me with that,” Agnez said as she changed her hair color to white, and changed her face into a complete stranger with red eyes. “How about now?” Agnez smugged.

“Nice…” Sven said as he thought that it would be convenient for a girlfriend like Agnez who could change her body shape and face at will.

Lillith looked at him with disgust, and her gaze was felt by him, and immediately looked away as he tried to think of something else.

“What about you, Lily? Do you have something to make yourself unrecognizable?” Rozan asked.

“I won’t be caught, and I always wear my mask and hoodie so that should be enough,” Lillith answered as she attached her daggers to the back of her belt. “Mykel won’t let me go if he doesn’t trust me,” Lillith explained.

Everyone couldn’t argue with that statement so they just nodded and raised their eyebrows with understanding.

“Have fun with the hunts,” Nagy said as she looked at Lillith.

Mykel whispered something into Agnez’s ear. Everyone was curious as to what he was saying. Agnez’ smirk made them more and more curious, but neither Agnez nor Mykel told them what it was about. Mykel then warped the two of them to District 2 because all the sisters were waiting for them in the hideout.

(Inside an abandoned building, basement)

“So you decide to join as well, Lillith?” Frigna asked in her oversized coat and a black hoodie to cover her pale face, but her bright red hair made her so noticeable. She looked at Lillith who had just appeared with Agnez.

“Join what?” Lilith asked as she peeked her head out of one of the rooms.

“Not you, but her,” Frigna pointed at Lillith as she stared at Lilith. “Why do you both have the same name,” Frigna sighed. “I’ll call you a kid from now on,” Frigna looked at Lillith.

“Fine by me,” Lillith answered as she stared at Lilith.

“Anything that we need to know before we go out and hunt Awakeners?” Nefarath asked as she appeared right behind Agnez.

“He only had one message for us,” Agnez said as she turned around to look at Nefarath who had half her face covered in her jet-black hair. “He wants us to give them a message on who they’re dealing with. He wants to bring back the demonic cult to the surface,” Agnez continued.

“Sounds grand, but I’m not coming with you guys. I have a client that wants to see me tonight, an important one,” Nephilim said as she sipped her coffee. “Beldathiel, Vixelleth, and Zherlthsh aren’t joining as well. So it’s just you guys with Kiersha, Deviatris, and Glasya. Have fun,” Nephilim waved and disappeared.

(Somewhere in a dark alley in District 2)

“Do you think she’s even here, Tony? If I were them, I would have run away to another district, maybe District Ten, or Eleven,” A guy with a spear on his back asked.

“Didn’t you hear what they said during the briefing? The moment those criminals killed hundreds of people, the police have been deployed to the border, and people aren’t allowed to leave. So there’s a higher chance they’re still here,” Tony answered as he pointed the flashlight at the walls. “But honestly, this is bullshit. We are not getting paid for this,” Tony continued.

“I regret joining the Fraternity. They’re broke now,” The guy with the spear said.

“Want to join us instead?” A woman’s voice could be heard from above them.

They both looked up, but then their heads fell off and they could see their own bodies for a few seconds. They saw a woman in a hoodie landing right in front of them, but they saw the long bright red hair coming out of the hoodie. Their vision then went black.

“Send the bodies to Deviatris, she can use them,” Frigna said.

Five men appeared from the shadows in black coats, and then took the bodies and the heads. Their eyes were all black as if they were possessed by demons, and then they left without making a sound.

Frigna flew up high into the sky and saw a helicopter circling around the blocks. She flew toward it and grabbed the tail. She then threw the helicopter down into the street and exploded on impact.

“This is going to be a fun night,” Frigna giggled and flew away to destroy all the helicopters in the sky.

Everyone looked at all the explosions that were happening. The police then ordered an evacuation for the people because it would be dangerous and they didn’t know what they were dealing with.

“What the hell is happening here?! There’s no way a normal human could do all this mess!” One of the team leaders said as he looked at the mess and how the cars got cut into pieces. “We are fighting Awakeners, not just any ordinary criminals, but who are they?” He continued as he walked into the mess and checked the blood that splattered on the road.

“Patt! Look up!” One of the guys shouted as he pointed at the roof of the small apartment building.

Everyone looked up and there were dozens of people in black coats started appearing on the roof.

“Why there are so many of them?” The other guy asked as they slowly grouped up. “This doesn’t look good, Patt,” He continued.

“We are fine! We have the numbers! Just get on your position and be ready to fight!” Patt said as he raised his shield and hammer up.

One of the people on the roof suddenly removed her coat. At that moment, they saw massive muscular wings and white hair blown by the wind under the moonlight. Frigna, Kiersha, Glasya, and Nefarath showed their wings at those Awakeners.

“We are not fine… they’re demons! Run!” Patt shouted.


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