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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 396: Too much pride. Bahasa Indonesia

“We, are not, a public official!” Gustav slammed his hand on the table while Asmond stood in front of him. “Let the police and people with authority do this! We are not going to do anything!” Gustav shouted and glared at Asmond.

Gustav sighed as leaned on the chair. “Our job is to protect the people from demons, not criminals. You should understand that,” Gustav explained as he looked out the glass wall.

“They killed hundreds of innocent people. Isn’t that making those criminals as dangerous as demons? We have the human resources to deal with this, let’s help them,” Asmond looked at Gustav and wanted him to understand. “We, the Awakeners are gifted with powers to protect the weak. What’s wrong with helping them when we are all sitting here doing nothing?” Asmond asked.

“You have failed to protect the four districts, and you’re still thinking about wasting time your time dealing with this? Go ahead, and waste your time by becoming their hero while you can’t even clear a single tower without the help of the Guild Association,” Gustav gave a stern look at Asmond and he sounded so irritated and angry.

Asmond clenched his fists as he looked down to hide his face.

“You’re an Awakener, your only purpose is to send those demons away from our world. Do you understand how much money we have to pay to compensate for the damages during the fourth break out?” Gustav stood up and leaned his head toward Asmond. “We had to sell more than thirty percent of the goods we have to the Guild Association. We can no longer buy all those materials that the Awakeners got from the towers. We are in a crisis, and we are barely standing, Asmond,” Gustav explained, and Asmond could feel the pain and the disappointment in his words.

“Don’t add another problem on our plate, and my decision is final. We won’t help them,” Gustav walked away and left Asmond’s office.

Asmond sat down on the couch as he exhaled deeply and covered his face with his hands. The TV was on, and it was about Kiersha and Sapphira who posted their thoughts on social media. They both were questioning the authorities about their job, and how they both were worried about Lilith’s condition.

“Asmond?” Roxanne peeked her head at the door.

“Come in,” Asmond said as he kept covering his face.

“Looks like it didn’t go as you planned,” Roxanne sat down next to Asmond. “What are we going to do now?” She looked at Asmond who was holding his frustration by breathing excessively.

“How’s everyone?” Asmond asked as he removed his hands from his face.

“The main team is fine. Everyone is resting right now,” Roxanne answered.

“We are leaving tomorrow morning,” Asmond looked at his gauntlets on the table.

“Where?” Roxanne raised her eyebrows.

“District Thirteen, Lucifer Tower. Mykel gave the green light. We are going to raise our level and skill there. Inform our best Awakeners as well because they’re going to come with us. We need to get stronger before we clear the next tower,” Asmond answered and he looked tired mentally and physically.

“Everyone is tired, and you’re as well. Why don’t we rest for a few days?” Roxanne asked.

“Didn’t you hear what I said?” Asmond looked at Roxanne and he sounded a bit pissed. “We are leaving tomorrow morning,” Asmond gave a stern look.

Roxanne was surprised and it was the first time Asmond was being strict. He used to be considering what she had to say, but then she realized what had just happened in the office and in the tower. He was being pressured from all directions and understood his feelings.

“I’ll go and tell them. You should get some rest then,” Roxanne said as she stood up.

“I’m sorry… I didn’t mean to be harsh,” Asmond massaged his forehead.

“No need to apologize, Asmond. I understand, and we will be there tomorrow,” Roxanne said as she stood in front of the door. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” Roxanne continued and then left.

(Three days later in Mykel’s office)

“They didn’t take the bait,” Lyneth said as she looked at her phone. Her belly was getting bigger and she could no longer see her own feet.

“That’s expected since Gustav is the only one who cares about his own son’s legacy. He had to make a tough choice,” Mykel answered as he looked at Lyneth’s belly which kept growing bigger and bigger every time he saw it.

“What are you going to do?” Lyneth sat on Mykel’s lap and hugged his head. “You should make a move now. The people in District Two are furious and it’s about time they will go on a riot,” Lyneth rested her cheek on Mykel’s head.

“I already sent Zherlthsh and Vixelleth to District Two. They should be there by now, and Gustav should have heard about their arrival as well,” Mykel said as he looked at Gustav’s [Character] story. “Gustav is a man with pride. Let’s see what’s he going to do now,” Mykel turned on the TV.

(In District 2, Parliament Building)

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth were meeting with the senators of District 2. It was a sudden visit, but the senators had given them permission to visit. They both had strengthened their bond with the senate and Congress of all Districts, and it was time for those two to make a move.

They both entered the meeting room and saw everyone had gathered. The senator and the Congress of District 2 were all there for Zherlthsh and Vixelleth.

“How greedy can you be to take half of the funds we gave you to rebuild the cities?” Zherlthsh asked as she sat down next to Vixelleth. “The situation is worsening, and you have no more funds. What are you going to do now?” Zherlthsh asked again and she looked a bit annoyed by those greedy people in the room with her.

“We have lived a lot longer than you two, and we are more experienced in life, especially in this kind of world. You both are lobbying to gain control over this District, don’t you? Not only us, but District Three, District Four, and District Five,” The senate said with a smirk as he looked at Zherlthsh.

Zherlthsh and Vixelleth looked at him without saying a single word. The senate then laughed and shook his head.

“We don’t really care anymore. This District is a mess thanks to that incompetent bunch of losers. Gustav, that old man really needs to die and let Asmond take control over the Fraternity so we can use him,” The senate explained as he lit his cigar.

“You’re going to give us another fund, right?” The congressman asked.

“Ten percent, you can only take ten percent this time. We will hold the funds so it will go straight to the people,” Vixelleth said loud and clear.

“How much exactly is the fund?” The senate asked with a mischievous smile.

“Fifty billion Zeny,” Vixelleth answered and stared at the senate with a sharp gaze.

“Fifteen percent,” The Senate said.

“Deal. Also, we have a message that Mykel Alester wants to deal with the current situation about Miss Lily. He said that he will come personally to deal with it with the Awakeners from the Guild Association,” Vixelleth said as she stood up and packed her things. “That’s if Gustav allowed him, if not, then tell him to use his own men to deal with it,”

“We will inform Gustav about it, I bet he would love to hear that,” The Senate chuckled.

“Our talk here is done. Your share will be transferred this evening,” Zherlthsh said as she grabbed her bag.

“Of course, Congresswoman Zeta,” The Senate smiled at her.

(In the Fraternity Association)

“Are you out of your mind?! We agreed on not letting those bastards get into our territory!” Gustav was talking on the phone with the senate.

“What are you going to propose then? We don’t have enough resources to deal with this,” The senate replied and he sounded so laid back as if he didn’t care about it anymore.

Gustav clenched his fist and gritted his teeth.

“Stop being so stubborn, Gustav. Your incompetency destroyed the four Districts. Just swallow your pride and let the more competent people deal with it,” The senate provoked him.

“Never. We can handle it on our own. I’ll prove you wrong. Just let me in, and I will deal with it,” Gustav said.

“This is your last chance, Director Gustav,” The senate said and hung up the phone.

Gustav dropped his phone and sat down to calm himself down. He then used the telephone and called his assistant.

“Jenice, send all the Awakeners we have to find those criminals that kidnapped Miss Lily. Tell them that we are going to save Miss Lily with the help of the public officials,” Gustav said.


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