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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 353 Bahasa Indonesia

Zherlthsh and Glasya turned into their true form as they stood right behind Beldathiel while Vixelleth kept in her human form. Glasya turned herself into a humanoid blueish-white dragon with four feather wings, and she wasn’t even as big as Zherlthsh’s true form. She was supposed to be surrounded by [Holy Flame] but since she lost her power, she replaced it with [Hellfire].

“If only I have my Holy Flame. I can defeat all of them easily,” Glasya said as she looked at Nefarath and her other sisters standing far in the distance.

“Not with Nephilim here with us. She’s the only threat for us right now,” Vixelleth said as she watched Nephilim hold her position while Beldathiel still held Lilith, Kiersha, and Sapphira with her [Psychokinesis] which was the strongest [Telekinesis] skill in the story.

“Just do as I said earlier, and we’ll be fine,” Beldathiel said.

The difference between [Psychokinesis] and [Telekinesis] was that while [Telekinesis] allowed one to move or control objects at a distance, it didn’t specify the method by how it was accomplished. [Telekinesis] was a general term for manipulating matter and objects from a distance without physical interaction from the user. [Psychokinesis] on the other hand, could use natural forces like gravitational energies, electromagnetic, and kinetic energy that could manipulate matter in the process.

No matter how hard they tried to free themselves, they couldn’t win over Beldathiel’s [Psychokinesis]. That skill belonged to Belphegor, but he passed it down to her when he met her in Gehenna back then.

Since Beldathiel still hadn’t gotten used to the [Psychokinesis] skill, she couldn’t use it to its fullest potential. It took a huge toll on her mind, and her head felt like being crushed from all sides even though she only used it on those three.

Nephilim suddenly flew toward Beldathiel, and nobody knew what she was planning to do. One thing that Vixelleth, Glasya, and Zhelrthsh could do was to fill the pages that orbited Nephilim’s body.

Vixelleth used her [Aquakinesis] and created a giant bubble of water to trap Nephilim inside. What made that skill so powerful was that no matter how hard Nephilim tried to move out of the bubble of water, they would resist and prevent her from leaving.

Although it was powerful in a sense, it didn’t do much but to slow Nephilim down. Nephilim then grabbed one of the pages that orbited on her body, and the bubble of water got sucked into the page. Vixelleth [Aquakinesis] skill got sealed because of that, and she could no longer use it until Nephilim used the skill.

The reason why Nephilim was feared by her other sister was that Nephilim was Astaroth’s daughter, and she had a skill called [Envy]. She could take a skill from anyone they had just used. It also dispelled any skill that was used against her, but the downside was that she couldn’t use it as well, and the skill would be sealed once it was stolen. Another problem was when she activated her [Envy] skill, she was in a mindless state which made her unable to think and act necessarily.

Although the skill and power that she stole got sealed, she had an item called [Encyclopedia] which was the book that she held. It allowed her to put the skill she stole on a page. The downside was that she could only use it once, or the pages were destroyed before the skill got sent back to its owner. Also, she could only hold six skills since it had a daily limit like any other skill.

“That’s one,” Vixelleth said.

Nephilim grabbed two pages and pointed them at Zherlthsh and Glasya. They both suddenly lost their [True Form] skill, and they both immediately turned back to their demon form.

“That’s three,” Zherlthsh said. She then cast [Hellfire] and blasted it at Nephilim, but Nephilim grabbed another page and took Zherlthsh [Pyrokinesis] skill. “That’s four,” Zherlthsh continued.

Nephilim grabbed the last two pages and pointed them at Beldathiel. Beldathiel didn’t try to stop her, and so Nephilim sealed and stole Beldathiel’s [Psychokinesis] and [True Form] skills.

“That’s six,” Vixelleth said.

Lilith, Kiersha, and Sapphira were freed from Beldathiel and then flew away to where Nefarath was.

“If it’s a big number, take my life. If it’s a small number, destroy those six pages around Nephilim and seal her Envy skill,” Beldathiel said as she rolled the dice.

The number was three, and all six pages got destroyed before Nephilim could use them. All the skills that Nephilim stole were returned to their owners, and she was surprised that she was no longer in a mindless state.

“I think the only one who can win against Nephilim is you, sister,” Vixelleth said as she looked at Beldathiel.

“It’s because of this dice. She tried to take this away from me a long time ago, but she couldn’t. Mykel tried as well, but he couldn’t steal it from me either,” Beldathiel replied as she looked at the dice in her hand. “Glasya, Zherlthsh, you both deal with Nephilim. Vixelleth and I will be dealing with the rest,” Beldathiel spread her wings and flew up high.

“Fighting Nephilim with just pure strength, it will be easy for me even if she sealed my true form and Hellfire,” Zherlthsh said.

Beldathiel was looking down, but then something just flew right past her without her noticing. She didn’t know what it was, but it went straight onto the tower’s wall. They all looked at it and were surprised the thing that just hit the tower wall was Mazikeen.

Mazikeen was unconscious, and she lost all her limbs with the Dainsleif sword in her chest. Her body was stuck on the wall, and they were curious as to what had happened to her. They all then turned their heads around and saw translucent wings spread widely, and they didn’t recognize those wings or whom they belonged to.

“Luciel?” Beldathiel raised her eyebrows as she saw Luciel flap her translucent wings, but something was off about her.

Luciel’s wings were different, and her eyes were glowing with a strange power. She hovered in the air and directed her gaze at the group, and a chill ran through everyone as they felt something divine and powerful emanating from her. She smiled ominously and flew toward them.

Those eyes didn’t belong to Luciel, and there was a subtle but undeniable difference in the way she carried herself as if someone else had taken her body. Beldathiel seemed to understand what was going on.

Beldathiel knew a lot about Luciel since she spent the most time with her back in the day. She knew that Luciel was different from the others not only because she didn’t have wings, but because she didn’t have a [True Form] or even a demonic form.

No matter how long Beldathiel looked at Luciel, she didn’t look like Luciel at all.

“Sister! Listen to me!” Beldathiel shouted. Everyone looked at Beldathiel with their eyebrows raised. “She’s no longer our sister, Luciel. Someone else is taking over her body,” Beldathiel warned them.

Nephilim and the others didn’t believe what Beldathiel said, and thought she was playing a trick on them. Since it would be hard to make them all believe her, she didn’t care if she was used as a sacrificial lamb.

Luciel swung her sword around, and Beldathiel used [Psychokinesis] skill on her, but Luciel seemed to be unaffected by it. She was shocked, and suddenly she was being sucked by an unknown force. She didn’t know how, but she ended up floating right in front of Luciel, and she felt a sting in her stomach.

Beldathiel looked down and saw Luciel’s sword had pierced through her stomach. Luciel smiled as she grabbed Beldathiel’s neck, and then she pulled the sword and she kicked Beldathiel’s body down to the ground. Beldathiel’s body hit the ground with a thud, and she lay there motionless.

They were dumbfounded when Luciel stabbed Beldathiel in the stomach because they never thought she would do that to her. Not to mention the power she possessed that could manipulate space. They started to see what Beldathiel meant, and now they were all in danger.

Luciel then turned to the rest of the group and grinned maliciously. “Now that I’ve taken care of Beldathiel, it’s your turn. I’m going to make sure none of you leave this place alive!” she declared. Everyone was stunned. They had no idea what to do and were completely terrified. Luciel had just killed Beldathiel in cold blood, and now she was coming after them. It was clear that the only way to stop her was to fight.


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