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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 354 Bahasa Indonesia

Lucifer watched Luciel swing her sword and cut off Frigna’s bones. Luciel appeared to be acting differently, but Lucifer believed that she should be fine since he only unsealed one of her powers. He didn’t want to believe that his finest creation would be that weak, but he couldn’t help but get worried since he might have underestimated his sibling’s power.

“(Luciel, stop wasting your time fighting them. Your target is the people of Aersland,)” Lucifer said to Luciel.

Luciel ignored Lucifer’s words and kept fighting her own sisters as if they were a threat to her. Lucifer felt a bit uneasy and started to get worried if his own sibling was really taking over her body. He was a bit in a dilemma because if he sealed the power again, Mazikeen and even Beldathiel would be able to stop her. On the other hand, if he didn’t seal the power, he wouldn’t know what would happen to her.

“This is my only chance, I can’t waste it by idling here,” Lucifer said as he stood up. “It’s unfortunate that she’s ended up like this, but this is a good warning that I should create something better and stronger than her,” Lucifer continued as he pulled his sword out of nowhere.

(In the Aersland World)

“Sister Beldathiel!” Vixelleth shouted as she carefully put Beldathiel down far away from the battle. “You’re fine now, I healed your wound,” Vixelleth checked Beldathiel’s stomach.

“Yes, I’m fine, but what about the others? Is everyone…” Before Beldathiel could finish her sentence, she saw a giant bone fly right past her and flattened the forest behind her.

Beldathiel stood up and looked at Luciel singlehandedly fighting all her sisters. She then looked up and saw Mazikeen coughing and still stuck on the wall since the sword in her chest was stuck on the wall.

Beldathiel used [Psychokinesis] skill and retrieved Mazikeen while everyone was busy fighting Luciel. She then let Vixelleth treat Mazikeen’s wounds.

“I have never seen her making that kind of expression before, and it’s unnerving,” Beldathiel said as she transformed into her true form. “I’ll do what I can to save the other sister, you stay here and don’t bother to think to join the fight,” Beldathiel spread her wings, and then flew away.

Beldathiel flew right into the battle and saw Glasya already lost an arm. She then sent Glasya to Vixelleth so she could treat her wound by throwing her away with [Psychokinesis].

Frigna got cut into pieces, and she didn’t have any other choice but to turn herself back into a normal demon form. She lost both her arms and her wings. She was done and no longer could fight. Beldathiel sent her to Vixelleth to get treated by her as well.

Beldathiel landed right next to Nephilim and looked her in the eye. Deviatris was surprised when she saw Beldathiel come back and stand next to Nephilim.

“I’m unsealing your Envy skill back. You might be the only option we have here to stop Luciel,” Beldathiel held her dice in her right hand.

Nephilim looked at Beldathiel and nodded her head without hesitation.

Beldathiel threw the dice and removed the seal on Nephilim. Nephilim could feel her power had come back. She then flew up high into the sky as she prepared before she went all out to fight Luciel.

“Kiersha! You won’t be able to use your power to its fullest with Zherlthsh next to you. I need you to do something else, so come here,” Beldathiel shouted at Kiersha.

Kiersha looked at Beldathiel and decided to fly to the back while letting Zherlthsh, Lilith, Sapphira, and Nefarath deal with Luciel. She landed right in front of Beldathiel, and since Beldathiel was the second oldest sister, she would listen to her in that kind of situation.

Before Beldathiel could open her mouth, a bright light came from the sky. Everyone looked up and saw a star falling from the sky, and it was similar to when Luciel came to Aersland. They all knew who that was, and they were petrified that they couldn’t think and move but look at it.

Lucifer landed right in front of the tower, and everything was flattened as far as the eye could see. No mortals would be able to survive that. Even all the Demon Princesses got thrown away and unconscious because of it.

“Only a few souls? Did they send those people far away from here?” Lucifer thought to himself as he furrowed his eyebrows and was mildly shocked by the fact only a few Empyreanian died from his arrival.

Luciel was unharmed as she floated above the ground and stared at Lucifer. Lucifer slowly stood up and glanced at her with curiosity.

“What a bothersome,” Lucifer said under his breath, and then Luciel lost her wings and fell to the ground. “What happened to you?” Lucifer asked as he looked down at Luciel who groaned in pain.

“I don’t remember,” Luciel answered as she slowly opened her eyes.

“I see, there’s no reason for you to be here. Go back, and bring all your sisters with you once you have recovered,” Lucifer said. “I will take care of the rest when I still have the time,” Lucifer spread his six feathered wings.

Before Lucifer could lift off, he heard a loud bassy growl that trembled the whole ground. He looked up and saw a black serpent coming down from the dark clouds with his eyes focused on Lucifer. Both Lucifer and Luciel were shocked to see a serpent bigger than the sky itself.

“Going somewhere?” Mykel asked as he landed on the ground.

“Mykel,” Lucifer looked at Mykel with a stern and annoyed look.

“To think you would go down here personally, then that means you have only a very short time before she realizes and will take you away,” Mykel said with a smirk.

Lucifer gritted his teeth and he looked furious as he gripped the sword so tightly. Luciel walked to the front, but Lucifer stopped her, and gently pushed her back.

“He’s mine. You take care of that serpent,” Lucifer said.

Luciel nodded and then flew away to deal with Nidhoggr. Lucifer then swung his sword around, and he seemed to calm down a bit.

“So you decided to work together with her as well now?” Lucifer asked as he stared Mykel in the eye.

Mykel scoffed as he removed his blazer. “What makes you think I want to make the same mistake as yours? I’m doing this for my own benefit since I don’t fear her anymore,” Mykel answered as he threw his blazer and loosened up his tie. “The moment you asked her for help, that was when I realized that we couldn’t work together anymore. I don’t like working with a deadweight like you,” Mykel explained as he removed his tie and unbuttoned the top button.

“So you have been using me ever since,” Lucifer said with a smirk.

“Of course, and not only that. I also bring conflict between the two of you,” Mykel smiled.

Both Lucifer and Mykel disappeared and reappeared right in front of each other. Before Luciel could look at them, the shockwave hit her and was enough to send her flying.

Mykel and Lucifer began to fight, exchanging blows that seemed to shake the world around them. Luciel watched in awe as they moved around each other in such perfect harmony that it almost seemed like a dance. She could feel the energy radiating from them, and she knew that this fight was more than just a battle for physical dominance. This was a battle of two souls of the same person, and she couldn’t tell which was the strongest, and which would come out victorious.

Lucifer swung his sword at Mykel dozens of times in less than a second and missed. The projectile attack was enough to shatter the ground and create valleys all over Aersland. Mykel countered with a punch that sent Lucifer flying, crashing into the ground and creating a giant crater. As the fight continued, she noticed that Mykel’s attacks were growing more powerful, and Lucifer seemed to be struggling to keep up.

The fight between Lucifer and Mykel reshaped the Aersland World, and all the Constellations were petrified watching them. Once all the Constellations paid their attention to them, it attracted Mara’s attention as well.

“Look at those eyes,” Mykel said as he regenerated his left arm and looked up into the sky. He could feel the gaze of hundreds of thousands of eyes pointing at them. “Looks like your time is up,” Mykel looked Lucifer in the eye.

Lucifer spread his wings and aligned them together. Mykel knew what Lucifer was trying to do, and then he chuckled. It made Lucifer squint his eyes with a confused look on his face.

“Knowing you sacrificed half of yourself, do you think that power won’t backfire on you? The chance of failing is bigger now. You might lose your own existence if you fail,” Mykel said with a smirk on his face.

Lucifer wasn’t affected by Mykel’s words, and he looked determined to use the power. Mykel could tell by the look in Lucifer’s eyes and felt a bit worried that he would use it since he seemed to be out of time and options.

Lucifer’s eyes started to glow, and Mykel’s heart was pounding a bit faster, but thankfully they stopped glowing, and suddenly Lucifer disappeared in a blink of an eye. Mykel sighed in relief as he stretched his neck and shoulders.

[Goddess of All has requested the system]

[Goddess of All has summoned you to her world, the Void Clouds]

[The User’s [Admin] skill level is sufficient to interfere with the request]

[Would you like to deny the request?]

[Yes] [No]

“Such a persistent Goddess you are,” Mykel tapped the [Yes] button as he scoffed and looked at the sky.


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