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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 349 Bahasa Indonesia

“(Sister, you can send them back, right? Can you do it now?)” Vixelleth asked telepathically to Beldathiel as she protected herself from Lilith.

“(I can, but it’s useless if the portal is still open. They can go back again immediately,)” Beldathiel answered as she controlled her dice with [Telekinesis] and blocked every Nephilim attack. “(Even if I can force close the portal, and then send them all back, Luciel can reopen the portal again,)” Beldathiel spread her gold feather wings, and then flew away to make some distance.

“(Then what are we going to do now? Just deal with them?)” Zherlthsh asked as she whipped Sapphira away from her.

Sapphira had very long black hair and dark red eyes. Her sharp and short horns were one with her ears. Her wings looked like a floating red gown. Although they looked limp and flexible, they were the strongest wings compared to the other sisters, and she could expand her wings and wrap a skyscraper with them.

“(Mykel told me to fight them, and keep them busy. If we could defeat them and weaken them, I will send them back after,)” Beldathiel answered as she threw buildings from the ground at Nephilim, but Nephilim did the same thing to protect herself.

“(Then we will do just that,)” Glasya said as she blasted the [Hellfire] at her opponent.

“I heard you lost your power and turned into a human, but what’s this? But still, what happened to your precious Holy Flame, Glasya?” A red-haired woman with all-black eyes asked.

“Fighting against you, this Hellfire is enough to kill an ugly spider like you, Nefarath,” Glasya answered as she dodged the scythe-like legs that came from behind Nefarath’s back.

Instead of horns on her forehead, there were four thin horns on the back of her head. Her white pale skin was like snow, wearing black latex that showed her cleavage and belly button. She had eight long spider legs on her back, and she could create spider webs in between her legs that could turn the legs into wings.

“Wow, you really think I would let that go?” Nefarath asked as she tried to cut off Glasya’s head.

“I have been using magic almost my entire life, and now I’m different,” Glasya said as she dodged them with ease. “I always find your legs unsettling,” Glasya closed her distance and kicked Nefarath away.

“Are you both really just playing around? If you’re not planning on killing her, then I will do it in your stead,” A woman said with whiteish-blue braided hair and all-white eyes. Her forehead had a prism crystal in her forehead.

“Don’t interfere with my fight with her, Kiersha. She’s mine,” Nefarath said as she stabbed all her spider legs deep into the ground.

Kiersha had a serpent wrapping her body, but the serpent had dark blue furs rather than scales. The serpent was covering her left thigh up to her hips, wrapped around her chest, and then rested its head on her right shoulder.

“Are you sure you can win against her?” Kiersha asked mockingly with a smirk as she watched Nefarath staring at Glasya.

The ground around Glasya started to sink, and Glasya immediately spread her wings to fly away, but then spikes made of unknown material started to rise and tried to impale Glasya.

Glasya flew up high into the sky, but the spikes kept chasing her. Slowly but surely the spikes caught up on her, and started to shoot webs at her. Glasya who knew it was coming immediately covered herself in [Hellfire] and melted the webs.

“Come up here, Nef, or are you afraid of fighting me in the air?” Glasya asked as she transformed into her true form.

Nefarath shot webs to her own spider legs and instantly created tight cobwebs. She spread her legs and started flying to fight Glasya in the air.

The battle on each side was so intense that Frigna and Kiersha were so eager to join in. They both were chilling on the tower’s stairs as they watched Deviatris fight Gunnar and the others.

“Those humans, they’re really something,” Frigna with her dark green curly medium hair. Her dark purple eyes were focused on Shelly and Rozan emblazed and struck Deviatris’ pet simultaneously with magic. “They both are easily holding off Devir with their powerful magic,” Shelly was swinging her hands around and creating strong and powerful projectile attacks as Rozan bound Devir with ice and earth magic.

“Are they the humans that Luciel mentioned back then?” Frigna asked as she tucked her hair, and her arms were covered in carvings like tattoos from her hand up to her shoulder.

Frigna was similar to Beldathiel who didn’t like to show her wings since she didn’t like how they looked. She had skull wings, and they were coming from her spine, and she also hid her horn on the side of her head by wrapping them with hair. Although she didn’t like her wings and horns, she loved her long bone tail.

Kiersha didn’t say anything as she stared at the sky and saw a giant crow circling above the clouds. She smirked as a blizzard started to happen around her, and then ice wings started to form on her back.

Before Kiersha could fly away, an arrow was coming toward her at the speed of sound. She blocked it with her right wing, but the arrow was stuck inside. She saw the arrow was covered in [Hellfire] and she immediately shattered her wing before the [Hellfire] caught her on fire.

“Hellfire. How did he get that power,” Kiersha said as she looked at Gerrard standing on the back of the giant wolf. “Looks like one of those humans is trying to attract our attention,” Kiersha continued as the freezing blizzard created a new right wing for her.

“I will take care of that guy. You’re weak against Hellfire anyway,” Frigna said as she walked down the stairs. “You take care of that crow, and the woman that’s riding it,” Frigna popped her spine and pushed her skull wings out.

Kiersha nodded, and Frigna flew up towards Gerrard. She circled around him, and the giant wolf seemed to be cowering in fear. Frigna produced the rattling sounds of her bone wings, which caused the wolf to stumble backward. Gerrard was trying to calm the wolf down, but it was no use. He was forced off the wolf’s back, and he hit the ground hard. Frigna descended and grabbed Gerrard by the collar, dragging him onto the ground and away from the wolf.

“Who do you think you are to challenge us?” Frigna asked curiously as her pupil shrank like a cat and bared her long, razor-sharp fangs.

Gerrard grabbed Frigna’s face without showing any fear and blasted her face with [Hellfire]. Frigna was surprised and removed her hand from his collar. Gerrard used that opportunity to blink away from her, and immediately drew an arrow then shot it at her.

“You!” Frigna caught the arrow with her left hand as her face was blazing in [Hellfire], but she didn’t show any pain at all. In fact, she looked so furious as she extended and sharpened her claws. “Disgusting human dared to touch me! I will kill you and tear you apart!” Frigna shouted as she flew toward Gerrard.

Gerrard breathed heavily as he managed to free himself from her grasp. He managed to get her attention, but he didn’t know what to do next. He knew he wouldn’t be able to take her on his own, and he desperately searched for a way to survive, but all the outcomes were nothing but death. Before he could make a move, Frigna was already on him, her claws ready to tear him to pieces. He closed his eyes and waited for the inevitable.

“Not on my watch!” Gunnar’s voice was right in front of Gerrard, and a loud clanking sound could be heard. Gunnar blocked Frigna’s attack and he didn’t even get knocked back by the impact. “Get away from him, you bitch!” Gunnar pushed his shield with all the strength he had, and it was enough to send her flying a few meters away from them.

Sven and Vincze came and stood right next to Gerrard, and it surprised him since they should be fighting Deviatris. When he looked back, all the demon creatures were laying on the ground dead.

“We came because we dealt with the small fries, and we let the ladies and the others take care of that woman. We thought it would be overkill to fight her with all of us together, so we came to deal with this one instead,” Vincze said as he stared at Frigna.

“Thanks for the help,” Gerrard said as he sighed in relief.

“No problem. We got your back. And now, let’s fight this bitch,” Gunnar said as he fixed his hand on his shield.


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