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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 344 Bahasa Indonesia

“How was the vacation?” Mykel asked as he walked to the kitchen counter to have a drink while Beldathiel, Vixelleth, Glasya, and Zherlthsh sat at the kitchen counter enjoying their drinks.

“For me and Gerrard, it was really nice,” Rozan answered as he stretched his arms. “But, why is Master here with us?” Rozan looked at Shelly staring at the city and was amazed by how tall the buildings were.

“I already knew the moment you gave us the Limit Break skill. You want us to fight someone strong, isn’t it?” Agnez asked as she sat on the couch while massaging her neck.

Shelly wasn’t the only one that Mykel brought to the suite. Lexus, Nexus, and their team were also there. Euros and the others were in the suite as well.

“Honestly, I don’t think there will be a more formidable enemy than what we have been through during our training,” Sven said as he sighed and walked to the kitchen table. “The Valkyries are terrifying,” Sven continued as he sat down and rubbed his face because he remembered every painful moment during his training.

“Boss? Where’s Jeanne and Nagy?” Gunnar asked as he looked at Rozan who seemed curious about the place Sven went to the moment he heard the Valkyries.

“You will see them soon enough. For now, go and clean yourself. I will tell you the details later,” Mykel said as he poured water into his glass.

Everyone looked at each other for quite a while and then went to their rooms. Euros and the others stayed in the living room and got to know each other.

Mykel looked at Beldathiel, Glasya, and Zherlthsh as he held the glass of water in his hand.

“I can turn you back to be an Archdemon if you want to. Since we have tested that you will get your Archdemon and True Form skills back once I turned you back into Archdemons,” Mykel said and then drank his water. “It will help you survive when you fight her,” Mykel continued.

“Yes, that would be great,” Beldathiel answered as she nodded her head and poured a glass of wine.

Mykel was modifying those three back into an Archdemon, and Shelly was staring at them from the corner of the room. The moment they went back to becoming an Archdemon, Shelly could feel the tremendous amount of magic running through their bodies.

“Honestly, I don’t actually remember how it felt when I had all my powers, but this feels nice,” Glasya said as she clenched her hands.

“For me, I feel a lot stronger than before,” Zherlthsh said as she looked at her body.

“That’s because of the Limit Break skill. Our Body Enhancement skill level was twenty, and now adding the Archdemon skill, it makes us twice or even thrice stronger than our original power,” Beldathiel explained.

“All of you are in fact stronger than ever since I can sense it,” Vixelleth said as she drank her wine.

“Are you not jealous, Vix?” Glasya asked with a smug.

“Not particularly since I’m not like all of you who use your power to destroy. Most of my abilities are to protect and to heal,” Vixelleth answered as she licked the last drop of the wine on the glass. “So, during the battle, I will be taking care of your wounds,” Vixelleth said.

Unlike the other Demon Princesses, Vixelleth was indeed different from the others. Her abilities, including her father, Azrael, weren’t that powerful in terms of destructive power. Their magic, on the other hand, could stop a [Hellfire] and even a [Holy Flame] if they wanted to.

Vixelleth would be invincible if she was surrounded by water, and if she was in the middle of the sea, then it would be impossible to defeat her. Not only she could control water, but she could also control blood and everything in a form of liquid.

The reason why she was bullied by Glasya and the other sisters, it was because whenever they were in Gehenna, she couldn’t use her power at all. They thought that she was the weakest compared to Zherlthsh, and they hadn’t seen how powerful she could be.

“Haah… Nothing could beat a nice and warm bath,” Sven said as he walked out of his room with only a towel covering the bottom half of his body. His body was covered in scars, from an inch scar to a long scar on the back and on his chest.

“Wh-what happened to your body?” Kirk asked as he pointed at Sven’s chest.

“Ah, these. Souvenirs from the Valkyries. They tried to kill me hundreds of times,” Sven answered as he walked to the kitchen to grab something cold to drink. “Boss,” Sven said as he nervously tapped the fridge.

“Hmm?” Mykel hummed as he glanced at Sven.

“About that time, I want to apologize for saying something like that,” Sven said as he opened a can of soda. “I realized that the girls had their hard time. How you trained Jeanne, and then when Agnez tried to fight Mazikeen. Lillith with her past, Miss Edith, and the day she tried to survive for her daughters. Nagy is cute and shy so, you just giving her the push she needed,” Sven leaned against the kitchen counter.

“The moment I fought those Valkyries for the first time. I felt powerless, and hated you for that,” Sven said with his head down. “After spending two whole months there, I realized that you put us there for a reason, and you brought us back to life over and over. That made me think that you weren’t playing favorites to anyone, you were just giving them what they needed, and it was just a coincidence that they got their opportunity first,”

“I’m going to keep these scars as a reminder that I got my power because of my own hard work and of course because you gave me the opportunity,” Sven said as he scratched the back of his head.

“Did you hit your head or something? That sounds so cheesy,” Lillith said as she walked out of her bedroom.

Sven looked at Lillith and chuckled nervously as he tapped the can in his hand. “I owe you an apology as well, Lilly. I know that I was being an asshole, but that’s because you were being an ass toward me as well though,”

“I don’t need your apology. Save it for Helen, the girl you abandoned,” Lillith said.

Sven was shocked and dumbfounded when he heard that name. He couldn’t say anything while Lillith walked toward Gladis and Nia, and offered them to use her bathroom.

“I don’t care what you think about me. As long as you’re useful, that’s all that matter, of course, I will keep my word on making you the strongest Awakener, all of you,” Mykel said.

“loud and clear, boss,” Sven smiled as he nodded his head.

An hour had passed, and everyone was prepared to go. They were still curious why Jeanne and Nagy weren’t there with them. Mykel didn’t tell them anything until he brought everyone into the Aersland World.

“Huh? Where are we?” Gunnar asked as he lowered his shield and looked around the city.

“Ah? You guys finally here,” Jeanne’s voice could be heard from one of the buildings. “Wait, why is everyone here?” Jeanne asked as she looked at Shelly and the others.

“Who knows, Mykel is the one who brought them, so let’s just wait for him to tell us the answer,” Agnez answered as she looked at how unique the Aersland World was.

Jeanne showed the way to the palace, and they couldn’t believe she had been living in a world like that. Of course, she had been training so hard, and she leveled up her [Body Enhancement] to level 16. Everyone was close to Jeanne, and the highest one was Lillith who reached level 20 on that skill.

“Listen carefully to what I have to say since everyone is here,” Mykel said as he looked at everyone sitting at the big square table. “In a week, the third breakout will happen,” Mykel continued.

Everyone looked a bit surprised, but they stayed quiet and waited for Mykel to continue his speech.

“This time it’s a bit different from the last one. The only tower that will attack us is his tower, and similar to last time, she will come down here and will attack Aersland,” Mykel explained as he looked at everyone.

“You mean, that woman with silver hair?” Agnez asked. “Luciel?” Mazikeen asked.

“Yes, and your job is to protect all the people in this world, and prevent her from annihilating this world,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head.

Sven raised his eyebrows as he exhaled deeply and looked at Gunnar and the others. They all felt nervous, but not Shelly and the others since they had no idea who they were talking about.

“So, can you tell us who this Luciel girl is? Is she a Demon Lord?” Lexus asked with a confused look.

“She’s not just a Demon Lord, she’s the daughter of Lu… The King of the Demon Kings’ daughter. She’s also our sister,” Zherlthsh answered.

“Wait, so you’re…” Nexus asked, but before he could finish his sentence, Vixelleth interrupted him.

“Yes, the four of us here are the Demon Kings’ daughters,” Vixelleth answered. “We are the same as her,” Vixelleth pointed at Agnez. “The demon that resides inside her body is also our sister. So, it should answer all your questions, and we are all serving the same person here,” Vixelleth continued as she nodded up at Mykel.

Lexus and the others looked at each other in disbelief.

“You must have so many questions about why I ask you to defend this world, and why Luciel will come to this world,” Mykel said as he sat down. “It’s time for me to tell you the story of why they’re targeting this world, and the connection between this world, and the demons,” Mykel continued as he looked at Brynhilde.


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