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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 343 Bahasa Indonesia

“Try and block this!” Sven swung his scythe as hard as he could toward Brunhild.

The tip of the scythe hit Brunhild’s shield, and both his scythe and her shield shattered into pieces. It didn’t stop Sven from attacking her and using his fist to punch her breastplate.

Brunhild was thrown away quite far, but she was still standing with both legs. She was stunned when she saw her armor bending inward because of the punch.

“Impressive,” Brunhild said, and when she was about to fly back to attack Sven, he was already on the ground unconscious. “But not that impressive,” Brunhild scoffed underneath her helmet.

Sigrid, Rangrid, Kara, and Skeggold landed next to Brunhild. They saw Sven, Gunnar, and Vincze laying on the ground unconscious. The three of them managed to kill the four of them, but failed to finish Brunhild.

“They really have an amazing talent for someone that young,” Skeggold said as she looked at the pieces of Brunhild’s shield. “He doesn’t even have a strong weapon, but he managed to break your shield into pieces is something he can brag about,” Skeggold continued.

“They have potential. It’s indeed a nice experience to make them strong,” Sigrid said. “Let’s bring them back to the village and let them rest. They deserve a day off after training a whole month nonstop,” Sigrid walked toward Sven and carried him over her shoulder.

They all nodded and brought them back to the village.

A week passed. Sven, Gunnar, and Vincze trained their physicals beyond their limit. Since they broke their scythe, spear, axe, and shield, they sparred with Sigrid with bare fists.

“Once you die, do you want to become an Einherjar?” Sigrid asked as she sat down on the log.

“Einherjar?” Gunnar asked as he wiped the sweat from his face.

“Brave warriors that will fight alongside us the Valkyries,” Sigrid answered as she removed her helmet and for the first time ever showed her face to those three. “We, the Valkyries are the ones who decide whether a warrior is worthy enough to be an Einherjar,”

Sven, Gunnar, and Vincze were stunned by her beauty. Her long brown hair with her bright blue eyes and red plump lips were so alluring. She had a sharp face like Lyneth, but she looked so calm and collected, unlike Lyneth.

“It’s the first time I heard you offer that to mortals, Sigrid,” Rangrid said as she removed her helmet and showed off her white long hair and silver eyes.

“What made you change your mind, Sigrid? I remembered you mock them for being weak,” Skeggold asked and removed her helmet as well. She had short black hair and green eyes.

“And what? Turn them into a drunkard who only eats and fuck every day?” Kara asked as she removed her helmet and showed her golden hair and bright brown eyes.

Sven raised his eyebrows as he looked at Kara with curiosity. Vincze and Gunnar glanced at him and already knew what kind of expression he was making.

Since it was the first time for those three to see Sigrid and the other faces, they admired them for as long as they could. Suddenly, Brunhild came down with a spear, scythe, and shield on her back. She then put them all down including the axe on her waist.

“Here, the dwarves had made these just for the three of you,” Brunhild said as she pointed at the weapons and the shield on the ground. “They’re all as you guys requested,” Brunhild continued.

Sven grabbed the scythe, and it was quite heavy, but could tell it was stronger than the one he had. Vincze grabbed the spear and felt the same thing while Gunnar was quite surprised when the shield he held was similar to the shield that the valkyries held.

“Now! Since you all have been training for a whole week, don’t think we don’t realize that the three of you have become a lot stronger than before,” Sigrid said as she put her helmet back on. “From today onward, we will do a different kind of training,” Sigrid spread her wings and looked at them with a serious expression.

Randgrid and the others put their helmets on and then flew up high into the sky with Sigrid. Sven, Vincze, and Gunnar looked so confused as they looked up until suddenly there were dozens of other Valkyries floating behind Sigrid.

“From this day onward, you will be fighting against all of us,” Sigrid said as she raised her sword. “Raise your weapons and fight for your life!” Sigrid pointed her sword at the three of them.

(In Orinca World)

Lillith walked in the empty and dark corridor as she hummed and played with her daggers. She was smiling and her voice echoed throughout the whole hallway.

“You can run, but you can’t hide,” Lillith said as she stopped walking and glanced her eyes at the door on her left. “I can smell your fear,” Lillith kicked the door open and saw four men and a woman hiding under the desk.

The woman screamed her lungs out and Agnez could hear it from the other side of the building.

“You know that those people are innocent people, right?” Nia asked as she looked at Agnez who was busy checking the room.

“So? They might be innocent, but everyone in this building is the one who uses people like you for their own benefit,” Agnez answered as she looked at the painting of the white palace of the building they were in. “Don’t act righteous when you kill people for your own benefits as well. So don’t talk about morality in front of me,” Agnez continued.

“We have agreed on this, Nia. She already gave everyone an option to follow or not, and now that you’re here, you shouldn’t be complaining about this,” Gladis said as she wiped the blood off her left cheek. “Though you can leave now since there’s still a chance,” Gladis looked at Nia with a straight face.

“No, I’m not worried about that, I just thought that it was unnecessary, that’s all,” Nia answered as she sighed and sat down on the couch with Lexus and Nexus.

Everyone was chilling in the circle room and listened to the screams of men and women from all around the building. Lillith was having fun hunting all of them on her own since she was the only one who didn’t mind killing those people while the rest were waiting for the main dish.

The full moon brightened the whole room, and then Lillith came in. She was dragging a man in a suit with his head covered in a sack. The man tried to say something, but it sounded like his mouth was covered by something.

“It’s quite hard to find the rat, but I got him right here,” Lillith said as she threw the man into the middle of the room.

Joshua, Arman, Darius, and Kirk walked to the middle to check if Lillith did get the right person. They removed the sack from the man’s head and looked at his face. They hummed and nodded as Kirk put the sack back on.

“Lilly, what’s your Body Enhancement skill level?” Agnez asked as she walked away from the desk and let the guys put the man at the desk.

“Fifteen,” Lillith answered.

“How could you raise it so quickly? I’m still at twelve even though we have the same kill,” Agnez asked and looked at Lillith with curiosity.

“I think it’s because of this,” Lillith showed the [Mark of Power] on her palm. “Mykel did an experiment, and I asked for power in return. I think that’s why I progress faster than anyone,” Lillith answered.

“I see, I guess I should ask Mykel to mark me with that dagger as well,” Agnez said as she looked at the man being tied on the chair. “Anyway, is it done? Can we do it now?” Agnez asked Lexus who was busy setting up the camera.

Lexus turned on the camera and Nexus gave the signal that they were live and broadcast around the world. Agnez then slowly walked toward the man as she held Dainsleif in her left hand.

Agnez removed the sack and the tape from his mouth.

“Who are you people?! Do you know who I am?!” The man asked as he glared at Agnez who stood next to him. “I’m the president of the Hedrasia! Let go of me or you will regret it because the whole world will hunt you down,”

Agnez giggled as she raised her sword.

“We know who you are, and everyone who’s watching this know as well,” Agnez said as she wrapped her arm around his neck and pointed at the camera. “As you said earlier, the whole world is going to hunt us down. That’s exactly why we are here,” Agnez continued with a mischievous smile.

Agnez cut the man’s right hand, and let him scream his lungs out. Lexus was focusing the camera on the man’s hand in Agnez’s hand.

“If you’re watching this, come and save your president because every hour that has passed, I will cut his body inch by inch. So, come here with everything you have because the time is ticking,” Agnez said, and then threw the hand at the camera.


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