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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 34 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel and the others entered the Abaddon tower while the Awakeners stared at them since they have watched and heard about the statement Mykel made. Rumors were so fast to spread and those who had seen Mykel during the first breakout told everyone that he was the one who massacred the demons from the first breakout. People started to speculate that Mykel was the one who cleared the tenth floor in Azazel Tower since his name matched the initial in the notification.

“How does it feel to be famous, boss?” Gunnar asked while he threw the dead body of a demon away from the portal.

“I’m already famous among women, what’s the difference?” Mykel replied then entered the portal.

“He’s not wrong,” Rozan said as he shrugged his mouth and raised his eyebrows.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Thoghaz, The First Demon Lord of Abaddon, The Soul Eater has been waiting for this moment]

A Demon covered with a cloak that float in the air with no legs, his skeleton fingers were so long it looked like a tree branch. He just floated and stared at Mykel and the other with his glowing light blue eyes that looked like snow.

Mykel lit his cigarette and looked Thoghaz in the eye. “Show me that you guys really can kill a demon lord,”

Gunnar walked past Mykel. “Finally we got some real action!”

The others followed him from behind with their weapons ready, Edith stood next to Mykel since she didn’t want to get attacked by Thoghaz.

Gunnar charged toward Thoghaz without hesitation while the rest of them waited until they could see what kind of skills Thoghaz had. The moment Gunnar was close enough to Thoghaz, Thoghaz flew toward him and used his massive and long fingers to grab him. Gunnar wiggled his body and freed himself as he screamed at Thoghaz then swung his axe at Thoghaz’s finger but it was so sturdy that it did nothing.

Thoghaz screamed back at Gunnar and showed his skeleton face and long tongue. Thoghaz swung his hand at him and it was enough to throw him into the air and hit one of the temples.

“Shit,” Gunnar said as he stood up and noticed that Thoghaz was already in front of him and was about to use his tongue to put it in his mouth but Gerrard threw an arrow at Thoghaz’s tongue and cut it off.

“What the fuck?!” Gunnar said as he swung his axe at Thoghaz’s face and knocked him back.

“It’s hard to predict this demon, what should we do? Are we still going to let Gunnar be that demon’s plaything?” Rozan asked as he looked at Agnez and Gerrard.

“That’s the plan, so let Gerrard protect Gunnar while we observe,” Agnez said as she kept holding the handle of her sword in the scabbard tightly.

Gunnar swung his axe at Thoghaz but it didn’t do anything at all, he couldn’t find Thoghaz’s weaknesses and Thoghaz didn’t even show a single skill. He then decided to make himself vulnerable and let Thoghaz attack him.

“Jeanne, still got nothing?” Agnez asked as she stared at Jeanne from the corner of her eyes.

“Nothing at all,” Jeanne answered and shook her head.

“Gunnar! Fall back for a minute! I’m going to try using magic at him!” Rozan said as he walked forward.

Gunnar jumped back and Rozan immediately created waves of fire and swallowed Thoghaz inside a sphere of flame. Thoghaz screeched and everyone could hear it clearly, they knew that Thoghaz’s weakness was magic so Gunnar immediately made some distance while he was still standing at the front to prevent Thoghaz from targeting Rozan.

All of Abaddon’s demon lords and minions had high resistance to physical but were very weak to magic so the only way to defeat them was by using magic. It didn’t mean they were all immune to physical, there was a threshold where it would take full damage once a physical attack passed the limit.

Rozan kept the sphere of fire and immediately cast a dome to keep Thoghaz inside the fire and burned him. Rozan didn’t stop there and immediately created two walls from the soil in between the dome and slammed them together. Once the dome broke, he cast a small whirlwind around Thoghaz and created a fire tornado.

The cold and hot air inside the tornado created an electric current and zapped Thoghaz over and over until a notification appeared in front of them.

[You have defeated Thoghaz, The First Demon Lord of Abaddon]

[You are the first to clear the tenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The portal to the eleventh floor is now open!]

Gerrard let out a surprised whistle to Rozan. “Did you just solo a demon lord?” Agnez asked as she looked at Rozan.

Rozan giggled while then screamed his lungs out with his hands in the air. “I soloed a fucking demon lord!”

Mykel smirked and already knew Rozan would be able to solo Thoghaz because in the story he was the only one who soloed Abaddon himself. He was also the reason why Asmond and his friend could defeat Asmodeus because of his [Anti-Magic] skill. He got himself a title called the Elementalist since he could control all elements without exception.

Everyone congratulated him until a notification appeared.

[A mysterious door has appeared!]

“A mysterious door?” Edith asked while she was staring at the notification.

A door appeared next to the portal and everyone walked toward the door and looked at it. Mykel grabbed the Abaddon Key in his pocket and unlocked the door while everyone watched from the side.

[Thousands of eyes are glaring at the door with murderous intent]

[Are you prepared to face what lies behind the door?]

[Yes.] [No.]

Mykel hesitated and thought about his encounter with Zherlthsh. He was planning to bring them with him into the door but he changed his mind.

Mykel turned around and looked at the others. “It’s better for me to go alone here, you guys just wait here,”

All of them looked at him and nodded with understanding then Mykel entered the door and closed it. The moment the door closed, Gunnar approached the door and tried to push it but it wonted open “What the hell, I can’t open it,”

Mykel looked at his surroundings as he kept walking forward, the place looked different from the previous one. This one looked like an inside of a temple and it was way bigger than the previous one. The moment he reached the middle of the room, thousands of eyes were staring at him from the top of the temple.

One by one, all kinds of demons jumped down and surrounded Mykel as if they were looking at a slice of fresh meat. He looked at the demons that float in the air he had a hard time dealing with those back then since they could easily fly away to avoid him. This time, he didn’t even need to do anything and just stood there since he wanted to try something that he couldn’t test in the outside world.

Mykel closed his eyes and concentrated while the demons started to run and fly toward him. He created a sphere of hellfire around him, he copied what he saw from earlier then dispersed it and made a blazing hellfire in the whole room. He looked at those demons that melted just from the heat and burned them into ashes to those demons who got hit by the flame.

Mykel couldn’t help but chuckle as the whole room was covered with blazing hellfire and since it was his own magic, he couldn’t be harmed by it and that was why he couldn’t get [Heat Resistance] by using it. He then walked toward the door and made sure there was nobody watching him from the darkness because that was how Zherlthsh came out and tortured him.

The chest was waiting for him inside the room, and he approached it and then opened the chest. It was another ring and he looked at the description of the ring.

[Ring of Possession: A ring that Abaddon used to control all things with his mind. When equipped, the User will attain a [Telekinesis] skill]

[Telekinesis (Active): The User allows to move an object or a living being. The power of controlling the target is depending on [Mind Control] skill, the higher the [Mind Control] skill level, the more objects or living beings that the User can control]

“Mind control? I need a certain skill to combine my [Mind Stability] skill to get that skill,” Mykel said as he looked at the ring on his left index finger.

Mykel looked at the chest and focused his mind on it, and he imagined tearing that chest with his bare hands. Suddenly the chest broke and tore in half immediately, he was amazed by it but his head started to spinning. His mind wasn’t strong enough to use the [Telekinesis] skill yet, so he didn’t want to use it until he got the [Mind Control] skill.

Mykel came out of the room and everyone just stared at him silently. “Are you guys done looting?” he asked.

“Yes, we are done here,” Agnez replied.

“Alright, let’s move to the next tower,” Mykel said and left the tower with the others.


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