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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 35 Bahasa Indonesia

“I’m sorry, boss, I don’t think I can keep going,” Gunnar said as he laid down on the snow.

Mykel looked at the others and they all looked exhausted, especially Agnez and Jeanne. They both defeated the two demon lords together in the Beelzebub tower and the Mammon tower. He was satisfied with their skills since none of them could even clear the seventh floor of the Satan tower in the original story in the same timeline.

They were inside the Lucifer tower which was the hardest tower compared to the other twelve. It wasn’t really a surprise if they exhausted themselves on the eighth floor because all of the servants were a pain to deal with.

“You guys can leave if you want to, I didn’t expect you guys could clear three towers in half a day so you did more than I expected,” Mykel said as he looked at the portal to the ninth floor.

“Are you going to solo the ninth and tenth floor, Mykel?” Jeanne asked while she tried to stand up.

“Of course, it’s a waste if we don’t clear it,” Mykel answered as he looked at the newly added left black metal gauntlet on his left hand and a necklace made of gold with the Beelzebub symbol hanging at the bottom.

[Gauntlet of Alchemy: An indestructible gauntlet that Mammon used during his experiment with alchemy. The gauntlet has absorbed all the substances that it touched during the experiment and became one with them. When equipped, the User will attain a [Cytokinesis] skill]

[Cytokinesis (Active): Allows the User to heal or harm anything it touches without exception. (Can only be used once a day)]

[Necklace of Travel: A necklace that Beelzebub used to wear to travel through time and space. When equipped, the User will attain a [Teleportation] skill]

[Teleportation (Active): Allow the User to travel as far as the eyes can see. The power to travel is depending on [Stamina] skill, the higher the [Stamina] skill level, the less Stamina it takes to use the skill (Can only be used once per hour)]

“Shit, I don’t want to miss this chance to watch him fight a demon lord. I’m coming with you, boss,” Gunnar said as he stood up and wiped the snow on his body. Everyone stood up and thought the same thing then they followed Mykel to the ninth floor.

“Don’t get too close to me, stay right there near the portal,” Mykel said as he walked to the middle of the floor with the snow that melted whenever it touch his body.

All of them stood still and watched the thick snow on the ground melted and evaporated.

A servant in a form of a stag with demon wings descended not far from Mykel. It summoned all the demons around it and surrounding Mykel that looked like Krampus, it then ordered the demons to attack Mykel.

Before those demons and the servant could start making a move, Mykel burned all of them with hellfire that looked like a wall of fire that reached the sky. All the demons including the servant turned into ashes and nothing remained. Gunnar and the others stared at the wall of fire with their mouths and eyes wide open.

[Congratulation you have cleared the ninth floor of Lucifer Tower!]

[The portal to the tenth floor is now open!]

“Rozan, can you do something like that?” Agnez asked as she slowly turned her head toward Rozan.

“I could but I might pass out the moment I cast that kind of magic and I don’t think I can make such a destructive fire as him even if I used all my stamina for that,” Rozan answered.

“Are you going to come or not? I have no time to waste,” Mykel asked as he stood in front of the portal. All of them ran toward Mykel and entered the portal with him to the tenth floor.

The blizzard was so fierce that all of them couldn’t handle the cold and Rozan had to cast fire around them so they could survive the cold. They couldn’t see anything but snow in front of them, it would be impossible for them to fight in that kind of weather.

[Your second trial is beginning]

[Estrel, The First Demon Lord of Lucifer, The Tenth Follower has been waiting for this moment]

A shadowy human figure with massive wings holding a spear descended in front of them, it landed and they could tell how tall that demon was. Mykel rubbed the necklace and suddenly disappeared making everyone shocked and in disbelieve, and before they could do anything, the blizzard suddenly stopped.

They started to be able to see clearly and they finally could see what just happened. Mykel stood in front of the demon that could be called an angel based on his appearance. Estrel stood and glared at Mykel with the spear in his hand, he then suddenly collapsed and they saw a giant hole in his chest.

[You have defeated Estrel, The First Demon Lord of Lucifer]

[You are the first to clear the tenth floor]

[Please enter your name]

[The portal to the eleventh floor is now open!]

Mykel stared at Estrel and saw something drop next to Estrel’s dead body. He grabbed it and noticed it was the Followers Amulet that required his party to challenge the twentieth floor. He then grabbed Estrel’s spear and it was a perfect weapon for the next Awakener he planned to recruit.

“What just happened?! Did you really just kill the demon lord in a second?” Agnez asked as she walked toward Mykel and looked at Estrel.

“Hmm,” Mykel hummed as he put the amulet in his pocket.

“Is this even a demon? No matter how I look at it, it’s more like an angel than a demon,” Gunnar asked while he checked Estrel’s wings which felt so smooth and warm.

“You should know already that Lucifer is the famous fallen angel and he went down with so many angels who fell and followed him because they are loyal to him,” Mykel explained and pulled off the wings from Estrel’s back. “Hold the wings, I’m going to put them in the exhibition of the demon lords that we defeated so everyone can see it,” he said as he gave the wings to Gunnar and Gerrard.

Agnez and the others touched and rubbed the wings and they were fascinated by them.

[A mysterious door has appeared!]

“Wait here,” Mykel said as he approached the door and then unlocked it. There was no warning when he unlocked the door, not like any other doors and there was a reason for that.

Mykel entered the door and he immediately heard screams and cries of people coming from in front of him. He followed the screams and cries of millions of people that were being tortured and ended up on the edge of the cliff.

Mykel looked down and saw people drinking the lava since they were thirsty and had nothing else that could satisfy their thirst. He saw their mouth, throat, and torso melting because of that but they kept drinking it since their body healed as soon as the lava melted their bodies.

Those people saw Mykel staring at them, they didn’t hesitate to swim into the lava as they tried to reach their hands at him and hoped that he would save them. They ended up drowning themselves in the lava and came back to life to a spot before they jumped into the lava but they kept diving and kept begging him to save them.

Mykel walked the very narrow path that could collapse at any time, but he didn’t bother about it because the path was strong enough for a person to walk on it. If he didn’t have [Mind-Stability] at level 10, he might get affected by those people down there and would join them for eternity.

Mykel reached the other side and entered the room to grab the chest.

[Earring of Torment: An Earring that Lucifer made to torture the sinner for entertainment. Whoever wears the earring will lose their sanity and start to harm themselves. When equipped, the User will attain a [Corruption] skill]

[Corruption (Passive): The User will receive a tremendous amount of brute strength in exchange for their sanity. The insanity can be reduced based on the User’s [Mind-Stability], the higher the [Mind-Stability] skill level allows the User to resist the side effect of the skill]

“I don’t like wearing earrings, I should give this to Agnez instead,” Mykel said as he held the black upside-down cross earring.

Mykel came out from the door and all of them were still fascinated by Estrel’s body.

Mykel looked at every one of them and then removed the gauntlet and looked at it for a moment. “Gunnar, you take this,” he said as he threw the gauntlet at Gunnar.

Mykel removed the necklace and threw it at Gerrard. “That one is for you,”

Both of them read the description. “Holy shit! This is fucking amazing!” Gunnar said as he looked at the gauntlet. Gerrard held his head with his mouth wide open with disbelief then he looked at Mykel with a shocked expression.

Mykel walked toward Agnez who was staring at the necklace and gauntlet with curiosity. “What’s your Mind-Stability skill level?” he asked.

“Mind-Stability? It’s level 8, why?” Agnez replied while staring at Mykel.

Mykel opened his hand and put the earring on Agnez’s left ear. She was surprised but felt so happy at the same time, and the moment Mykel put the earring in her ear, she gasped for air as she held her head and groaned in pain.

“You will get used to it, just endure it,” Mykel said.

Mykel looked at Jeanne and Rozan. “I will get you both one, so don’t worry,”

Jeanne and Rozan nodded with understanding.

“Boss, are you sure you’re giving this away to us?” Gunnar asked with the gauntlet still in his hands.

“I don’t need those since I’m already strong and also, I don’t fancy jewelry,” Mykel answered. “We are done for today, so let’s go back,” he said as he grabbed a cigarette and put it in his mouth.


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