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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 313 Bahasa Indonesia

Mykel awoke early in the morning, and Beldathiel was still asleep. He then left and went to Lyneth’s apartment so he could have a drink peacefully.

“Hi,” Lyneth’s voice could be heard from the bedroom.

Mykel glanced at Lyneth, and she was in her sleeping robe with nothing underneath.

“Did I wake you up?” Mykel asked as he poured a glass of vodka.

Lyneth shook her head as she approached him at the kitchen counter. She sat down as she watched him prepare his own drink.

“If you want to keep the baby, you shouldn’t drink this,” Mykel said, and then took a shot.

“No, I’m not thinking of that. I’m not really a fan of drinking vodka, you know about it,” Lyneth said as she stretched her arms up and showed her cleavage at Mykel. “I can’t sleep for the past few days, thanks to someone who kept everything a secret from me,”

“And now you regret it after knowing the truth. You’re the one who asked for that, so I’m not the one to blame here,” Mykel smirked as he poured another into the glass.

“You’re right,” Lyneth smiled, but she looked tired.

“But that wasn’t the case here. You were waiting for me, aren’t you? Come, let’s go to bed. You need to sleep,” Mykel said as he princess carried Lyneth to the bedroom.

The moment Mykel laid down on the bed with Lyneth, she fell asleep immediately. Mykel then checked Nexus and Lexus’s feeds as he drank straight from the bottle, and found them on their way back to the Mammon Tower.

“Planning on going back into the tower already?” Mykel asked.

Lexus looked around and realized it was Mykel’s voice.

“Yes, we have brought enough Aces with us. A hundred and four Aces, as you requested. These people are the best we can get, and I personally think a few of them are to your liking, God Mykel,” Lexus answered.

“I see, when are you going to be there?” Mykel asked as he gifted 100,000 [Arcana Coins] to both Lexus and Nexus.

“Since it’s safer during this time, we will arrive in half a day since there will be a guest that waiting for us there. We want to take care of the guest first,” Lexus answered with a surprised expression because of the gift.

“Take your time, you already did a great job,” Mykel said. “So what are you going to do next once you brought them to me? Are you going to go back and seek your revenge?” Mykel asked as he listened to the soft snoring of Lyneth’s.

“No, we want to join you, God Mykel. We want to clear the tower because we are curious about it,” Lexus answered.

“Perfect timing because my recipients are going to clear the Mammon Tower today. Wait for us there, and explain to them about who they’re going to meet,” Mykel said.

“We will be waiting, and we already told them about you. That’s why we are on our way to the tower now, God Mykel,” Lexus replied.

Mykel closed the feeds and closed the [Channel]. He then went to the balcony to smoke with a bottle of vodka in his hand. He watched the sunrise and then informed Jeanne to bring everyone to Lyneth’s apartment when everyone was awake.

Mykel leaned against the railing on the balcony, and he was watching Lyneth through the glass door. He was thinking about something and thought that it would be nice to bring her somewhere where she could make herself busy rather than having to wait for him every time.

“Zherlthsh, come,” Mykel said.

Zherlthsh appeared right in front of him, and she looked confused when she got summoned.

“Yes?” Zherlthsh asked with her eyebrow raised.

“Take care of the guild, you will be in charge of everything,” Mykel answered as he turned around to look at the city.

“Why? Are you going to bring her somewhere?” Zherlthsh asked.

“Yes, so take care of the guild in the meantime,” Mykel answered.

“Then I will need Glasya to work for me. She has been doing nothing really, and all she did was wander around the city. It’s time for her to work and I can keep an eye on her at the same time,” Zherlthsh said.

“Do what you want,” Mykel said as he walked back inside. “You can leave now,”

Zherlthsh nodded and then left without asking anything in return.

“You’re not sleeping?” Lyneth asked when she heard Mykel close the glass door.

“No, I already had enough before I came,” Mykel answered as he put the bottle on the table. “You should get more sleep,” Mykel said as he sat down on the bed.

“No. I have to go to work,” Lyneth said as she tried to get up, and then Mykel helped her sit. “I heard you’re going to clear the Mammon Tower today. It’s the last tower, right? There will be no breakout then,” Lyneth continued as she held her head because of the headache.

Mykel stood up and offered his hand. “No, you’re coming with me,” Mykel said.

Lyneth tilted her head with a confused look, but she didn’t say anything and took Mykel’s hand. He warped them somewhere, and when Lyneth looked around, she was speechless when she saw the beauty of nature around her.

“Where are we?” Lyneth asked as she fixed her sleeping robe.

“This is the place called creation. The Goddess who lives here is the primordial Goddess that created hundreds of Gods,” Mykel answered as he looked around for Gaia.

“Wait, am I allowed to be here?” Lyneth asked.

“Of course, you’re allowed to be here, child,” Gaia’s voice echoed, and it came from the valley in the distance. She then appeared right in front of them in her see-through dress. “It’s more than just allowed. I would be happy to welcome the mortal that Mykel chose,” Gaia said with a gentle smile on her face.

“Can I bring Freyja and Hera here? I want them to be here as well,” Mykel asked.

“Of course. I was thinking of bringing Hera here, and maybe Athena as well. Freyja is also welcome here. The more the merrier, right?” Gaia answered as she walked toward Lyneth.

It was the first time she saw a Goddess, and she immediately felt inferior in all aspects. Her beauty that she was proud of couldn’t be compared to Gaia. Her beautiful body, silky smooth skin, and everything that she had was nothing to her.

Mykel warped away while Lyneth was still dazzled by Gaia’s beauty. He then came back in less than a minute, and when Lyneth turned around to look at Hera and Freyja, she then started to feel that she was either lucky to have Mykel or he was a fool for choosing her over these Goddesses around her.

“So this is the luckiest woman in the whole universe,” Freyja said as she looked at Lyneth thoroughly.

“Well, ladies. I want you to accompany her while I’m not here. I want you to protect her and make her comfortable here. I don’t want anything to happen to her,” Mykel said as he looked at Lyneth with a smile on her face. “Don’t feel pressured around them. They want the same thing that you have,” Mykel pointed at Lyneth’s belly.

Lyneth looked at her belly, but then she heard giggles around her. It was Hera and Freyja who was giggling, and they were staring at her as they were nodding their heads.

“We will protect her and accompany her,” Hera said as she gently put her left hand on Lyneth’s back.

Mykel nodded and then warped away.

Mykel saw everyone was already in Lyneth’s apartment, but they were all so quiet. He looked at them as he walked to the kitchen counter.

“I can see that all of you are still thinking about the vision,” Mykel said as he grabbed an apple. “Or have you all decided to cut ties with me?” Mykel took a bite of the apple as he looked at them.

“No! We are not going to do that,” Agnez answered immediately with a serious expression. “I don’t fucking care what kind of Goddess she is, and I believe you already have the plan to fight her, right? You always have something under your sleeve, and you always get what you want. So we will stay by your side and fight for you,” Agnez continued.

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

“If that’s what you want, then there’s nothing to be worried about,” Mykel said with a smile as he walked into the living room. “Now, let’s fucking clear this last tower,” Mykel continued as he put a cigarette in his mouth.


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