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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 314 Bahasa Indonesia

“Someone is waiting for us?” Jeanne asked.

“Yes, you will see them very soon. Just chill in the castle while waiting for them,” Mykel said as he started to feel anxious because he started to have doubts that his [Admin] skill wouldn’t level up when he cleared the twentieth floor.

“Lillith, come with me,” Mykel said as he walked into the castle.

Lillith followed Mykel into the castle while the others were being entertained by the nobles. They had prepared a feast for them in the castle, so they guided them into the hall.

Mykel went into a chamber, the same chamber where Lexus and Nexus stayed. He then sat at the table and patted the chair next to him.

“Sit down, I want to test something,” Mykel said as he grabbed the [Dagger of Soul-Marking] from underneath his blazer.

Lillith hesitated for a second as she stared at the dagger. She then took a deep breath as she sat down next to Mykel.

“Here, read what it says first,” Mykel said as he put the dagger on the table.

Lillith read the description of the dagger, and she understood its function of the dagger. Mykel then grabbed the dagger as he reached his left hand to Lillith.

“Give me your hand,” Mykel said.

“But my soul? Doesn’t that mean when I die my soul will be taken immediately?” Lillith asked with a worried expression.

“And? I can bring you back to life no matter what happens,” Mykel answered. “I want to try something, and if it didn’t work, I will remove the mark,” Mykel continued.

Lillith gulped as she slowly offered her right hand to Mykel. Mykel then grabbed Lillith’s hand, and then put it on the table.

“What do you wish for? Life, power, or luck?” Mykel asked.

“Power,” Lillith answered.

Mykel cut Lillith’s palm diagonally, and he was surprised when he heard Lillith scream so loudly. He was curious since Lillith had maxed out her [Pain Resistance], but the small cut was enough to make her in pain like that.

“Now check your status screen,” Mykel said as he opened Lillith’s status screen as well.

[NAME: Lillith Mort (Marked)]

[LEVEL: 47]



[ARCANA COIN: 432,500]


“Mark of power?” Lillith asked as she stared at her status screen. “My Body enhancement skill’s level becomes level eleven? How’s that even possible?” Lillith continued as she checked the [Mark of Power] skill.

“The mark of power skill is the reason why,” Mykel answered. “But do you see something else on your status screen? Right beside your name,” Mykel asked.

“Besides my name? No, I don’t see anything,” Lillith answered as she tilted her head. “Oh, you mean this marked?” Lillith asked as she pointed at the air.

“Yes, I think that indicates if your soul is marked or not,” Mykel answered as he nodded his head. “Now let me try this,” Mykel said as he modified Lillith’s name.

Mykel got two options rather than just one. He got [Alive] and [Deceased], and that indicated that Lillith’s current condition was neither of them. He then modified her name to [Alive], and the first thing he checked was the [Mark of Power] skill. It was still there, and it turned out he could remove the mark without losing the skill.

“It’s gone now,” Lillith said as she looked at Mykel in disbelief.

“But not your Mark of Power skill, right?” Mykel asked.

“Yes, the Mark of Power skill is still here. Does that mean you just freed my soul but kept the skill?” Lillith asked.

“That’s right, and now you should go and test it out. I don’t even know what it does when the skill level reached level eleven,” Mykel answered as he stood up. “Let’s meet up with the others,” Mykel walked to the door as Lillith followed him from behind.

“Wait, if the mark is gone, can you add another mark since the soul is unmarked?” Lillith asked.

“It should be, but I don’t think you can get another Mark of Power if that’s what you want. The other two marks are not even good, but who knows? Maybe the Mark of Luck will give you something good,” Mykel answered as he stared at the dagger in his right hand.

They both went to the dining hall, and saw everyone was already diving and eating the food. Lillith then approached Gunnar who was eating a lamb leg and held it like eating a chicken drumstick.

“Gunnar! Let’s have an arm wrestle!” Lillith said as she shook Gunnar’s shoulder back and forth.

“Huh? Why? I’m eating,” Gunnar asked.

“Ugh, can you stop and just do it with me for once?” Lillith asked.

Gunnar shook his head repeatedly as he took a bite of the lamb’s leg. Sven suddenly stood up and removed his right gauntlet as he stared at Lillith.

“I’ll do it,” Sven said as he walked toward Lillith. “We haven’t really contested who’s the strongest, huh? This is a good opportunity who’s stronger,” Sven continued as he stood in front of Lillith.

Rozan looked at them while he was eating roasted corn. He then created a big square table from the ground, and it startled everyone including Vasilus, but he didn’t complain even though Rozan made a mess in the hall.

“Nice,” Sven said as he walked toward the table.

Sven put his right hand on the table as he waited for Lillith. She then approached him and put her hand on the table. They both stared at each other while everyone in the hall was looking at them with curiosity.

“Let me be the judge,” Agnez said as she walked toward them.

Lillith and Sven were ready in position, and Agnez was standing right next to them. The moment she gave the signal, Sven didn’t hold back, but Lillith took him down so easily like it was nothing.

“Wait, you activated Harmony beforehand?” Sven asked as he stretched his hand.

“No, I don’t have it right now,” Lillith answered. “You can try and use it, and see who’s stronger,” Lillith said with a smirk.

“No, that would be unfair,” Sven said as he shook his head.

“Jeanne, do you want to have a match with me?” Lillith asked.

“Sure,” Jeanne answered as she walked to the table.

Everyone was curious about the result since Jeanne appeared to be stronger than the others. Not because of the sword, but because her pure strength was stronger than the others since she had so many passive skills.

Agnez gave the signal, and it was different this time since they both were stuck. Jeanne used all her strength to put Lillith down, but instead, Lillith was the one who pushed her down.

It was a bit more intense, and the table started to crack because of the pressure from both of them. In the end, Lillith won, and everyone in the hall was clapping their hands in excitement.

“You were holding back, didn’t you?” Jeanne asked with her eyes squinted and a big smile on her face.

Lillith shrugged her shoulders and mouth as she hid her smile.

“Now this is interesting. Let me try,” Agnez said as she replaced Jeanne. “I wonder how did you get this strong so suddenly, and I want to test it out myself if it’s really that significant or not,” Agnez continued as she put her hand on the table.

“I know you would be interested in this,” Lillith said with a grin on her face.

“But there’s an important question that I want to ask you first. Would you test my strength or hers?” Agnez asked with her eyebrow raised. “Never mind, let’s bring her in,” Agnez said as she transformed into Mazikeen.

“I can see the mark in your hand, and I know exactly where it’s from,” Mazikeen said with a smirk.

Lillith got pumped up and immediately grabbed Mazikeen’s hand.

Jeanne looked at both of them as she prepared to give the signal. The moment she gave the signal, the whole table was split in half, and everyone was surprised when it happened.

“Looks like I will need a bigger and sturdier table. Hold on a moment,” Rozan said as he created the table more seriously. “Alright, that table should be unbreakable,” Rozan looked at the table.

Jeanne gave the signal again, and the ground shook mildly so that only a few of them could feel it. Lillith was struggling to move Mazikeen’s hand, and she didn’t even manage to move a millimeter of Mazikeen’s hand. She then activated [Harmony], but it didn’t do anything.

“How’s this possible,” Lillith said as she clenched her teeth.

“That’s not too bad though, but looks like you’re still not strong enough,” Mazikeen said as she giggled, and then slammed Lillith’s hand on the table.

Everyone was dumbfounded but then they clapped their hands as they cheered for Mazikeen.

Mazikeen looked at Mykel and raised her eyebrows. “While we are at it, I would love to use this opportunity to test my strength on you,” Mazikeen said.

Lillith and the others looked at Mykel, and they were all thinking the same thing. Mykel then scoffed as he nodded his head.

“Alright, let’s get this over with,” Mykel said as he walked to the table. “If you don’t use everything, you might regret it,” Mykel continued as he put his hand on the table.

“I know that already,” Mazikeen stared Mykel in the eye. “Rozan, give me the gemstones you have,” Mazikeen reached out her hand to Rozan.

Rozan was confused, but he gave four gemstones to Mazikeen. She then put them all in her mouth and crushed them all with her teeth. She activated [Brute] and transferred all the magical power into brute strength.

“Use it, Agnez,” Mazikeen said.

Agnez activated her [Harmony] skill, and then Mazikeen grabbed Mykel’s hand so tightly.

“Let’s see the gap between us,” Mazikeen said with a smirk.


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