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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 300: Isn’t that obvious? Bahasa Indonesia

301 Chapter 300: Isn’t that obvious?

“Wow, I almost forgot about this world. What’s it called again? Caspea?” Gunnar asked as he stared at the city that was no longer covered in fog. “This place looks a bit nostalgic, don’t you guys think? Not because we have been here before, but the theme of this world is like we are in a really old movie,”

Mykel walked to the front and saw the tram moving in front of them. People seemed to be living normally, but their expressions were all grim. Something must have happened, and it would be because of Clancy since he was the one who took over the city.

“A commoner took over the nation. I wouldn’t trust him either,” Mykel mumbled to himself. “Let’s go to the pub, and see if Brandon is working,” Mykel said as he walked to the side of the road.

They followed Mykel from behind, and the people were staring at them weirdly, but they didn’t bother about those stares. They entered the pub and saw it was crowded as the last time Mykel had visited the pub, and Brandon was behind the counter laughing with his customers.

“How’s business, Brandon,” Mykel asked as he walked to the counter.

“Mykel?!” Brandon looked at Mykel with a huge smile on his face, but then his smile immediately disappeared. “It’s doing great, as you can see,” Brandon answered as he nodded his head. “Have seat, all of you,” Brandon said as he pointed at the empty table on his right.

“Just bring me a bottle of Vodka, Gin, Whiskey, and Wine if you have them. You seem busy so just focus on serving your customers,” Mykel said as he walked to the table.

Brandon nodded, and immediately grabbed a bottle of each.

“So, what did you see?” Mykel asked Lillith.

“Everything is fine, the people live normally as you can see, but the people are unhappy about their current situation. The royalty is gone or so what they believe because Ralph is still alive, and Clancy locked him in prison,” Lillith answered as she looked at Brandon bringing four bottles as Mykel requested.

“Here you go, four kinds of booze and they’re the best quality we have. Enjoy!” Brandon said with a smile and then left to serve the other customers.

“I thought they wanted to revenge, but why did they keep him alive?” Sven asked.

“Just because they have the power to control others, they don’t have the knowledge to run a nation and keep things running. So, they still need Ralph’s guidance in exchange for sparing his life,” Lillith answered. “But, it appears there’s a certain group of people that knew about Ralph’s whereabouts, and they’re trying to take over the nation again,”

“The nobles?” Agnez asked as she poured a glass of whiskey.

“Yes, and they keep growing and growing. They’re really good at talking and persuading the common people,” Lillith nodded her head as she looked at the bottles and thought about which one she wanted to drink.

Mykel took the bottle of vodka from the table and then stood up and he opened the bottle. Everyone was silently staring at him, but then he suddenly walked away.

“Enjoy your time here, we will be leaving after midnight,” Mykel said, and then left the pub.

Mykel crossed the road as he drank from the bottle. He went straight to the parliament building, to meet Clancy.

A lot of people or thugs were patrolling around the building with guns in their hands. They didn’t even look threatening at all, and they didn’t even know how to hold guns properly.

They all looked at Mykel and immediately lowered their guns and stared at him respectfully.

“Where’s Clancy?” Mykel asked one of them.

“He’s in the office. I will inform him,” The guy said.

“No need, I will go there myself,” Mykel replied as he entered the building.

Mykel entered the office and saw Clancy sitting at his desk with piles of papers in front of him. There were a few empty bottles and an ashtray filled with cigars inside.

“Enjoying your new job? Looks like someone has been enjoying all the good stuff here,” Mykel asked as he closed the door behind him.

“Mykel?” Clancy jolted from his seat and stared at Mykel with a surprised expression. “This is… not what it looks like,” Clancy answered as he pulled his hair back. He looked so stressed out and he looked tired.

Mykel looked at the cigar inside a small box and then grabbed it as he sat down on the chair in front of Clancy’s desk. He lit it and smoked it as he stared at Clancy who looked so stressed out and overwhelmed by the work.

“Then what’s this? I thought you were capable of running a nation with all those talks back then. You even changed your mind about killing Ralph. Do you care to explain?” Mykel asked as he stared right through Clancy’s eye. “And you’re still as weak as the last time I saw you,” Mykel said as he stood up.

Clancy couldn’t reply and accepted that he was a failure.

“Not only that, everyone isn’t happy about the whole situation because the common folk and the nobles were living in peace and happy life back then. The only one who suffered was you and the people like you, and so now you fighting against innocent people who aren’t satisfied with this,” Mykel said as he looked at the piles of papers on the desk.

“I tried my best, and I was wrong,” Clancy said as he nodded his head.

“I really have high hopes for you, but looks like it’s not going to happen,” Mykel sighed as he sat down and smoked the cigar. “Bring Ralph here, let me talk with him personally,”

Clancy nodded his head and left the office.

It didn’t take long until Ralph was brought to the office. He looked clean and fresh with the proper clothing he was wearing. No wounds and as healthy as ever.

“What do you want?” Ralph asked as he stared at Mykel’s back, and enjoyed the cigar. Ralph’s hands were cuffed behind his back and tried to shake it off.

“I want you to take back what’s yours,” Mykel said as he kept smoking his cigar. “Remove the handcuff, let him sit on his desk,” Mykel said to Clancy.

Clancy looked surprised, while Ralph looked excited with a smirk on his face. Clancy looked at Ralph as he breathed heavily, but he followed Mykel’s order and freed Ralph.

Ralph massaged his wrists as he walked toward his desk and then sat down to see the papers on the table. He then looked at Mykel with a smirk as he made himself comfortable in his chair.

“I know this day will come. Nobody can run this nation as I do,” Ralph said as he sighed.

“I thought so too,” Mykel nodded his head in agreement. “Since we have made a mistake, what do you want as compensation for the trouble?” Mykel asked as he crossed his legs and rested his hands on the armrest.

Ralph smirked as he stared at Clancy.

“I want him dead!” Ralph pointed at Clancy.

Mykel lifted his left hand and then clenched it. Clancy’s body got crushed into pieces in an instant, and it scared Ralph. Ralph then looked at Mykel and he was petrified by it.

“Done, what else?” Mykel asked with his eyebrow raised.

Ralph shook his head, and he was terrified of Mykel.

“Does that mean we are good now? Or do you still have a grudge against me?” Mykel asked as he stood up and leaned forward.

“No, we are good,” Ralph said as he kept shaking his head.

“Then, I have a favor to ask. Let these freaks live, and I will take good care of them. I can guarantee you that they won’t do anything to you again as long as you don’t poke your nose at them,” Mykel said as he stared at Ralph.

“Fine by me,” Ralph said.

“Perfect, then there’s nothing that we need to discuss,” Mykel said as he walked away and took Clancy’s head with his right hand. He then warped and went to the pub.

The moment Mykel entered the pub, all the customers screamed in fear when they saw a head in his right hand. They all left the pub hurriedly, and Brandon’s eyes were wide open when he saw Clancy’s head.

“Who did that to him?!” Brandon shouted.

“I did,” Mykel said as he threw Clancy’s head on the ground.

“What? Why?” Brandon asked in disbelief and he sounded devastated.

“Just watch carefully,” Mykel answered as he modified Clancy’s [Character].

Clancy went back to life with a full body and unscratched. He jolted and stood up immediately as he checked his body and face. He then looked at Mykel with a perplexed look and breathed heavily.

“How was it? Being dead?” Mykel asked with a smirk.

“I…” Clancy didn’t know what to reply. “Who are you? How did you bring me back to life?”

“I’m a God, isn’t that obvious?” Mykel answered. “Now I want you to listen to me carefully,” Mykel said as he walked toward him.


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