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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 299: Dead weight. Bahasa Indonesia

300 Chapter 299: Dead weight.

“The twentieth floor is already in front of us. I should have let Mazikeen deal with the demons,” Agnez said as she stared at the portal. “By the way, why are you guys so quiet? Did you guys eat something bad?” Agnez stared at the others who looked pale.

Everyone stared at Agnez in disbelief, and they were still trying to recover since they had been listening to Mazikeen’s [Call of Chaos] four times in a row. It was a miracle that all of them were still sane, and didn’t kill themselves because of it.

“Looks like I will deal with the Demon Lord myself,” Agnez said as she walked toward the portal.

(On Earth, The Fraternity Association’s building)

Asmond and his team just got back from the Abaddon Tower, and suddenly a notification appeared in front of them. Mykel and his team just cleared the Beelzebub Tower, and they were all shocked by the fact it took them so fast to clear the twentieth floor. It was just silence for a brief moment.

“Are we really a dead weight to them, Asmond?” Roxanne asked.

Asmond didn’t know what to say because even he felt like a dead weight to them sometimes. He wanted to say that they were not, but the truth had been told, and it was right in front of them.

“You don’t have to say anything. The answer is obvious. Although, I don’t know if they were being considerate when they were with us or they’re mocking us right now,” Glen said as he sighed and he looked a bit pissed.

“I’m thankful for them, and I will always be indebted to them, but I think we should think to not join them anymore, Asmond. You know, if we keep doing something like this, we won’t get anywhere,” Rufus looked at Asmond.

“Do you think we can clear the tower without them right now?” Arum asked.

“Huh? What makes you think that way? If you don’t believe in yourself, go ahead and join them instead,” Silas said as he pointed at the road.

“Silas, chill,” Rufus said as he gently pushed Silas’ hand down.

“I’m just asking if we are ready for this. You should think that we are risking our lives out there and we don’t have anyone to depend on except for Asmond. He can’t handle everything on his own if we ended up being a dead weight. I was about to ask what should we do first before we decided on clearing the tower,” Arum explained as she glared at Silas. “What’s wrong with you?”

“That’s enough, don’t fight over this. Let me think what should we do now,” Asmond said as he approached them.

Asmond was trying to calm the two of them down, and then Enma came into the building with Vixelleth.

“Oh, you guys are back already, good work,” Enma said as she kept walking and looked at Asmond.

They were surprised when they saw Vixelleth walking next to Enma. They knew who Vixelleth was because the rumor had been going around about her and Zherlthsh in the Asmodeus Tower.

“Why is she here? Isn’t Miss Vix Miss Lyneth’s personal assistant?” Roxanne asked Asmond.

“I don’t know, I didn’t hear anything about this either. I will go and talk to Enma. For now, just rest, and I will call you once I found the solution to our problem,” Asmond said, and then he walked hurriedly to catch up to Enma.

Enma and Vixelleth entered the lift, and then Asmond came in in time to stop the door from closing. He entered the lift while Enma looked at him with a confused look.

“What’s wrong?” Enma asked.

“Uh, why Miss Vix is here?” Asmond asked as she looked at Vixelleth in her dark purple suit and trouser.

“Miss Lyneth knew how hard it is to run this whole business, and so she lend me Miss Vix to be my personal assistant. She has been with Miss Lyneth for months, and she recommended her because she’s really good at it,” Enma answered as she pointed her hand at Vixelleth. “And to be honest, she’s really a big help,” Enma continued as she chuckled in disbelief.

“Why you didn’t tell me?” Asmond asked.

“I was planning to, but when I saw you and the others had a quarrel, I decided to tell you later,” Enma answered.

Asmond raised his eyebrows and nodded his head with understanding.

“No, it wasn’t a quarrel, it’s something else,” Asmond said.

“Well, whatever it is, that’s something that you have to deal with. I’m no longer in the team, and I don’t want to get involved in that either because I have more important things to do here. I would love to help, but my hands are already full,” Enma replied as she sighed and stared at her phone.

“Yeah, I understand and thank you for doing this for me,” Asmond said.

Enma closed her eyes as she exhaled deeply, but then she nodded her head.

“A piece of advice. Don’t quarrel in the public, everyone was watching you down there, and you should know about this already. Your public image is more important than anything else. Keep that in mind,” Enma said as she kept scrolling through her phone.

Asmond nodded, and then the door opened. Both Enma and Vixelleth left the lift without saying anything else afterward. Asmond then decided to go back to his office to find a way for them to become stronger.

“You sounded so harsh back there. I like it,” Vixelleth said as she giggled. “You poured all your stress on him, that’s really efficient,” Vixelleth sat down in a chair in front of Enma’s desk.

“You know, I have been thinking,” Enma said, but before she could finish her sentence, Vixelleth put her index finger on Enma’s lips.

“Stop, I don’t care about your problem. If you have something to say, talk to someone else, I’m here not to listen to your nagging. I’m only here to help you run this place, and nothing else,” Vixelleth said as she stared Enma in the eye.

Enma stared at Vixelleth’s finger on her lips, and then looked at Vixelleth. The scent of Vixelleth’s finger made her feel a bit weird, and she couldn’t stop staring at Vixelleth’s eye as her mind slowly turned blank.

Vixelleth removed her finger from Enma’s lips as she chuckled, and it made Enma snap back to reality.

“For now, just get some rest. I will deal with the rest of your work. Good work for today, Enma,” Vixelleth said as she stood up.

Enma stood up and she nodded her head, but when she tried to walk past Vixelleth, Vixelleth grabbed her right wrist. She was pulled closer to Vixelleth, and Vixelleth wrapped her left arm around her waist.

“On second thought, I don’t think I can’t play the game like how Mykel did it. Too much effort with less reward,” Vixelleth said as she giggled mischievously. “I prefer a quick way, and get all the reward immediately,” Vixelleth continued as she manipulated the blood inside Enma’s body.

“Let’s go to your place, Enma,” Vixelleth whispered into Enma’s left ear. She then started kissing Enma’s neck. She could tell how warm Enma’s body had become, and how aroused she had become thanks to her.


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