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Destroying My Own Novel – Chapter 276: Kastihel World. (6) Bahasa Indonesia

277 Chapter 276: Kastihel World. (6)

They entered Nenhaz Castle and were immediately welcomed by the knights. It took them a while to clear the paths, and it was the same as before. The knights were the loyal followers of Lord Avello, but had been cursed and became Ministress Convael’s soldiers.

After exploring the whole castle and purifying the souls of the dead, they rested for a moment. They couldn’t find Ministress Convael anywhere in the castle, and the last place that they hadn’t checked yet was the tower.

“Well that was a lie, saying that she’s waiting for us in the castle,” Agnez said as she sheathed her sword. “I guess we shouldn’t trust demons in the first place,”

“Should we rest for the night? I honestly feel exhausted from all of this, and I think I’m not the only one,” Gunnar asked Agnez as he looked at everyone who seemed out of breath.

“Okay, let’s rest for the night,” Agnez answered as she nodded her head with understanding.

The morning came, and the castle became more eerie than before for some reason. One of the reasons might be because of the sudden fog that appeared when morning came.

“Is everyone ready to leave?” Agnez asked, but then she looked at everyone who looked a bit down for some reason as if they lost their energy even though they rested well.

“Yeah, we are good to go, but it looks like everyone was still a bit tired,” Brynhilde answered as she looked at the Lord Knights.

“Same here, my team is also still a bit tired,” Asmond said as he nodded in agreement.

“We can rest a bit later after we took care of Convael. Let’s go,” Agnez said as she led the way to the tower.

They all found the entrance to the tower, and the tower was at the far back of the castle, standing on its own with a garden decorated the tower’s surroundings. They felt a bit better, but not much, and so they started to walk up the stairs which could take a while to reach the top.

“I will be flying outside, and will wait for you guys up there,” Rozan said as he looked at how big and tall the tower was.

Agnez nodded, and then Rozan flew away on his own. Gerrard couldn’t fly yet because he hadn’t mastered and understood the magic itself like Rozan.

They all climbed the tower and it took them almost half an hour because of how spacious the tower was. Once they reached the top, they saw Rozan waiting for them in front of the gate on his own.

“I can hear humming from behind this door, it’s a woman’s voice, but I’m not sure what she was humming,” Rozan said as he pointed his thumb over his right shoulder.

“I don’t fucking care what she’s humming,” Agnez said as she walked past Rozan and kicked the door open.

They saw Ministress Convael sitting in a chair while holding a person in her lap. They didn’t know who that was because her robe covered the person’s body, and her sleeve covered the person’s face.

Agnez looked at the weapons shattered around the big room and hung on the walls, and even on the ceiling.

“You finally came, I’m tired of waiting,” Ministress Convael said as she stood up and saw a man in her arms. A man looked dead, and his body was preserved as the priests in the cathedral.

“I think that’s Lord Avello,” Rozan said quietly but loud enough that Agnez and the others could hear him.

Ministress Convael put the body on the chair very carefully because his body could break at any moment.

“Don’t move around too much, my love,” Ministress Convael said as she slowly put her hands away from Lord Avello’s back. “I will be back for you,”

Ministress Convael spread her arms as wide as she could, and the moment she turned around to look at them, the swords on the ground floated as they pointed at them. The swords flew so quickly, and they all blocked and repelled them easily.

Gerrard shot his [Hellfire] arrow and managed to travel all the way to where Convael was standing, even though there were dozens of weapons flying around. Convael grabbed the arrow with her right bare hand and looked at the [Hellfire] on the arrowhead. She then threw it away before the fire touched her hand.

“My master has given me power, and I won’t make the same mistake as Kilneg who underestimated his enemies. Now, let the fate decide who will be the winner of this battle,” Convael said as she threw the weapons toward them.

Everyone was busy protecting themselves from the weapons, and no matter how many times they blocked or repelled the weapons, they would come back again a second later. They were so overwhelmed that it was impossible to move forward, and even though they managed to break them, the pieces kept coming back and became hard to target because of how small they were.

“I’m sick of this bullshit already,” Rozan said as he created a fire barrier around everyone and melted all the weapons that tried to fly through it. “Now just take care of the ones that are inside the barrier. I will hold this and take care of the ones outside the barriers,” Rozan continued.

“More and more annoying things came,” Convael said as she lifted her hands and combined all the weapons into one. She then created a massive blade from dozens of weapons and then threw it toward the fire barrier.

Agnez took care of the weapons on her side, and then she walked out of the fire barrier to see the giant blade coming toward her. She cut them into pieces as she casually kept walking toward Convael.

“You’re not even a demon lord, and you think that you’re strong enough to stop us? If you’re talking about fate, then you already know what kind of fate that’s waiting for you right now,” Agnez said as she transformed into Mazikeen and ripped her back to pull out her wings.

“What are you?!” Convael asked with a shocked expression.

“I’m someone that you should fear and bow your head down at!” Mazikeen answered as she flew away toward Convael.

Before Convael could protect herself, Mazikeen was already in front of her with her sharp and long claws. Mazikeen ripped Convael’s body apart and killed her in an instant before the others could realize that Agnez was outside the barrier.

The weapons stopped floating, and fell to the ground, making everyone confused. Rozan then dispersed the fire barrier and saw Agnez was already on the other side of the room.

“Is it over already?” Rozan asked with a bit of disappointment.

“Thanks to you, yes,” Agnez answered as she sheathed her sword and stared at Lord Avello’s face. He had a beautiful face for a man with his golden hair, and she could see why Convael liked him.

“Anything on the book, Gunnar?” Jeanne asked as she sheathed her sword.

“After his marriage with Ministress Convael, he disappeared from the public. He hadn’t been seen for years until one day, Ministress Convael was raging in the castle. Nobody knew what happened, but her eyes were red, and she sometimes screamed in the middle of the night,” Gunnar said.

“Some of Lord Avello’s men decided to investigate what happened to their lord. I was there with them, but I was too scared to join them because whatever they were doing would only put me in trouble,” Gunnar flipped the page.

“It was a night like any other night, but then someone was screaming something loud enough before his voice turned into a gargle. His last words were, Lord Avell has died. His message was heard, and everyone in the whole kingdom knew about his death,” Gunnar flipped the page again.

“The people made a song for Lord Avello and Lord Delenise, and it was called Lacrimosa. People sang that song to mourn for their deaths that soon became our anthem,” Gunnar continued.

“Until now and writing this message, we haven’t seen him. So, if you read this, please bring Lord Avello back and bury him with the orphans that he loved,” Gunnar said, and looked at Agnez as he closed the book.

Agnez looked at the man in the chair, and then she carried the body with her.

“Let’s bury him,” Agnez said.

They walked down the stairs, and they heard people singing. They didn’t know what song it was, but based on the book, those people might be singing Lacrimosa.

Once they reached the bottom, they saw hundreds of spirits standing in lines as they watched the body of their lord being carried by Agnez. The spirits were singing as they cried but smiled at the same time to show their gratitude for saving their lord.

Gerrard was walking right in front of Mykel on the back, he then heard Mykel humming again. He turned around to look at Mykel. “Do you know this song, boss?” Gerrard asked.

“Yes, I also played this song when I lost someone back then,” Mykel answered.

Gerrard raised his eyebrows with a confused look, but he didn’t say anything and kept walking and minding his own business.


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